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Essex House used to be the tallest tower in New York. Built at the same time as the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, it is definitively one of the most beautiful examples of 1930s Art deco style in the Big Apple.


This imposing building, with its name inscribed on its façade in gigantic red letters, hasn’t lost anything of its air of importance. Located a short stroll from Columbus Circle, Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, the theatre district and the MoMA, Essex House still reigns over Central Park alongside its neighbours, the Ritz-Carlton, Plaza and Park Lane.


Today, 160 Central Park South in New York is home to the JW Marriott Essex House New York, named Best Hotel in the United States a few years ago by Global Traveller Magazine. The building also holds exceptionally elegant condominiums, some of which belong to Lauren Berger Collection and are available for rent.



Lauren Berger, one of Condé Nast Traveller’s Black Book Worldwide’s experts for 2013, is the CEO and founder of Lauren Berger Collection, luxury rental properties around the world, which was recently crowned one of the best rental companies globally by Vacation Rental Travel Guide. Mrs. Berger is renowned for her warmth and integrity. She welcomes her guests – from royalty, high profile entrepreneurs, Hollywood – with class and discretion. Lauren Berger Collection provides VIP concierge service 24 hours a day.


Lauren Berger decorates her properties to ensure that her guests will enjoy the maximum of comfort and calm.


This huge luxurious two-bedroom, two-bath apartment is furnished with refinement and is perfect for up to eight persons. Located on the 11th floor, it offers a Central Park view from an impressive living room.


The second bedroom has its own entrance to the hotel corridor. A third bedroom is also available, but is not connected internally. Its access is from the corridor, right beside the apartment.


The care Mrs. Berger’s handpicked staff lavishes on her guests is second to none. She has been dubbed Queen of Hospitality of New York City. Her guests come back not only for the Lauren Berger Collection experience, but for what she has made of it.



Lauren Berger Collection
917-306-5600 646-629-9669


Text: Renée Senneville

Exclusive report: an incursion into the universe of Montréal’s DAC Jet Internationale, a subsidiary of Groupe DAC Aviation International, which offers an experience unique in North America and Europe.


Imagine the feeling. A Rolls Royce is waiting at your door and drops you off two metres from an elegant jet – a Cessna Citation CJ4, the perfect blend of high performance, safety and comfort – ready to whisk you to the destination of your choice. New York, perhaps? No problem, you’ll be there in about 50 minutes. A Customs officer will meet you when you land in New York and everything will be arranged in five minutes. Your private chauffeur, at the wheel of a Cadillac Escalade ESV, can then take you wherever you want and bring you back to “your plane ”. No. you’re not dreaming!


After flying over the most dangerous places on the planet, helping stop human catastrophes and redefining the parameters of transporting perishables and people in Africa, Emmanuel Anassis, the founder of Groupe DAC Aviation Internationale, is launching the DAC Jet Experience. Since September 2014 residents of Montréal have had access to a luxury private aviation service of unparalleled luxury leaving from Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport and founded on over twenty years of experience in the field and expertise at the leading edge of knowledge and technology.


Emmanuel Anassis is a Canadian whose name is associated with the highest levels of air safety. He was a bush pilot for twenty years and sometimes still flies into spots where few people dare to go, on board one of the Dash 8, CRJ or Cessna Grand Caravan EX in his fleet of around thirty planes based in Nairobi, Kenya. But he always comes back. The greatest specialists in humanitarian aid, top executives of international organizations or businesses and heads of state know it, and they often call upon him to take them to dangerous places. Kofi Annan, Angelina Jolie and Jimmy Carter are just a few examples.


LUXE was privileged to meet with and interview Mr. Anassis.

You’ve flown all over the world in the service  of humanitarian aid. Where did you get this idea of private flights?

On a trip to Europe in 2012, I became very ill with a virus  I had caught in one of the airports I passed through. I had to get back to Montréal urgently. The world of private aviation was indescribably disorganized and the prices I was quoted seemed to be totally arbitrary. The planes were so poorly maintained that I was afraid to get on them. Not only was it a terrible experience for me personally, my company lost a lot of money during the 18 months I was off work. I told myself that I was never going to go through that sort of nightmare again. The idea of launching a high-class private flight service out of Montréal just came along naturally.

How does DAC Jet Internationale stand out?

Definitely by the exceptional level of safety and reliability of its planes, Groupe DAC Aviation owns a large fleet of aircraft and offers integrated transportation services around the world. We maintain our own aircraft following a very strict protocol for aeronautical safety. Our safety standards are much higher than the usual ones in the industry, for human resources as well as for equipment. This makes us able to reach areas where access is extremely difficult. That’s the reason for our success. We have never had a losing year since 1995.

Tell us about the DAC Jet Experience.

We want it to be the kind of experience that nothing can ever top.Right out of the factory, our plane can hold up to eight passengers as well as its crew. It has then most advanced technologies, especially in the area of telecommunications (Wi-Fi, telephone, Sirius XM radio, satellite, etc.).Safety expertise. For example, with DAC Jet they don’t have to set foot in the airport and thus they avoid the risk of catching a virus the way I did in 2012. That’s something right there, when you consider recent epidemics. Also, we talk all the risks related to bad weather. Our customer service is the direct responsibility of the President of DAC Jet Internationale, Ms. Jane Potapova. Customers speak directly with her – and sometimes with me! – to make a reservation. DAC Jet also offers concierge service throughout your trip.Since the day we launched the service, this past September 10, not a week goes by that we don’t fly to New York, the Midwest, Miami or California. Our intuition steered us right: the need really exists in Montréal.

Why charge a flat hourly rate?

We were looking for a way to make this experience affordable for all businesspeople, so our price structure had to be uniform. We supervise the maintenance on our own aircraft, so we could calculate a very reasonable flat rate. For example, DAC Jet charges $9,400 CA all-included (except the tax) for a two-way Montréal-New York trip and a chauffeur to pick you up and bring you to the airport on both legs of the journey. The price is the same for up to eight passengers. Figure it out: what would a traditional airline charge you? How many hours would you spend waiting at the airport?

How does this experience fit in with the rest of Groupe DAC Aviation?

We’ve been serving the humanitarian aid sector for twenty years, in what are often very difficult weather, geographical and political conditions. We’ve decided to explore another market – perhaps a more restful one! – by creating our own luxury brand, DAC Jet.You’re a bush pilot and also race cars for Ferrari. Should we see a connection between these two passions? My passion for humanitarian aid has led me to spend most of my life on dangerous missions. I slept in a tent for ten years, a kilometre from war zones. I got calls in the middle of the night and set off on a mission, often in a hail of bullets …Another passion, this time for speed, introduced me to automobile racing. Driving my Ferrari is a way for me to relax and let off steam. Of course, it’s also another form of excessive luxury. But the decision to join the Ferrari network in 2003 was also a studied marketing gesture. As a member of this exclusive circle formed mainly of businesspeople I am now extremely well placed to make them aware of the immense needs for humanitarian aid.Also, Ferrari is one of the best brands in the world. I want to associate the DAC Jet Experience with a top product that is the synonym of perfection!

What led you to hand the reins of DAC Jet Internationale to Jane Potapova, the Vice-President and Director of Groupe DAC Aviation?

No one was better suited than Jane to lead DAC Jet. Jane has been my right hand “man” for a long time. She joined DAC when she was studying marketing and doing her MBA. She has exceptional knowledge in the field of aeronautics, especially aircraft maintenance. Above all, she understands viscerally that when a plane is maintained properly the pilot will get it to its destination, along with the passengers. You’d be surprised how many airline executives have no practical idea of how the industry works. All they know is numbers. Like many of our employees, Jane will soon be able to pilot a plane.


LUXE also met Ms. Potapova.

Ms. Potapova, what is DAC Jet Internationale’s business model?

We want to convince people who own private planes to get rid of them and adopt the DAC Jet Experience for a fraction of their current costs. We want to convince businesspeople to align themselves with our services and transform the intangible into the tangible. Success in business is based on good communication. Nothing is better than meeting people face to face by going where they are in an ultra-safe, luxurious airplane at an affordable price.

How do you keep up with a boss with so many passions?

It’s true that Groupe DAC Aviation is based on dreams and passions. Emmanuel is extremely passionate, but he is also firmly grounded in reality and he always finds a way to make things work. He’s an expert in the art of taking risks and then mitigating them.


Jane Potapova
514 876-0135, 345
1 877 876-0135


Text: Renée Senneville

Photos: Patrizia Castiglione

Barely fifteen minutes by boat from Cancún, Isla Mujeres (the Island of Women) seems a thousand leagues away from its noisy, party-going neighbour. Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, this little island is a true oasis of calm and beauty, an ideal spot to recharge your batteries under the coconut palms.


Cancún is a mere ferry ride away from this little Eden, but if you want to make a grand entrance, fly in. You’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of kilometres of sand dunes, luxuriant nature and coral reefs peeking through the turquoise waters.


Discovered in 1517 by a Spanish conquistador, the Island of Women got its name from the figurines of Maya goddesses discovered in one of the island’s sanctuaries. The most frequently visited of these today is on the cliffs of Punta Sur. Some people say, perhaps to inflate the legend, that Spanish pirates left their women here to keep them safe while they were off pillaging the coast.


The fact is that the Mayas held Isla Mujeres sacred to the goddess Ixchel, the mother of the gods and goddess of the Moon and of fertility.


Today the island still seems to be blessed by the gods, offering deep serenity and boundless treasures to those who seek to discover it.

Swimming and lounging

Isla Mujeres is barely eight kilometres long and has a picturesque port lined with a host of small restaurants offering a few local specialties, like ceviche or pollo frito (fried chicken), or the morning’s catch of fish, grilled to a turn.


Its main attraction is still its white sand beaches, including the famous Playa del Norte, definitely one of the most beautiful in the world. How sweet it is to laze in the sun, far from humankind, with only the blue of the sea and the transparent water for a horizon… You don’t need to be a skilled diver to admire the ocean floor and thousands of multi-coloured fish: only a few metres off shore, sergeant majors, angelfish, parrotfish, barracudas, and even rays and squid allow themselves to be observed easily, a delight for children.



In the daylight hours, exploring the island is a great way to visit other, almost deserted, beaches and especially to make the acquaintance of the Mexican people, who are friendly and warm, even though they all make their living mainly from the tourist industry. More adventurous hikers will go on foot, while others can rent a bicycle or, even better, a golf cart.



In the evening, the main street with its low, colourful houses, is a pleasant place to stroll. You’ll surely find the perfect souvenir and leave with an ice cream.

A multitude of activities

Despite its small size, Isla Mujeres offers a wide range of activities. Snorkelers and divers will certainly want to go to the Garrafon Natural Reef Park with its magnificent undersea vistas. A zip-line crosses the water, and is a fun way to admire the scenery.



The Cave of the Sleeping Sharks (Cueva de los Tiburones Dormidos) is another must-see for divers, and a chance to get up close and personal with the famous dogfish.


If you want to go a little farther, a number of boat and catamaran deep-sea excursions are on offer, especially to little Contoy Island, a nature reserve that is home to over 90 species of birds and to remarkable aquatic flora and fauna. The Musa, the largest undersea museum in the world, is also worth a detour (see the sidebar). Most of all, you can’t visit Isla Mujeres without meeting the whale sharks. A swim with these ocean giants will leave you with unforgettable memories.



Yes, Isla Mujeres truly is blessed by the gods!

An undersea museum

Inaugurated in November 2009, the Musa is the largest undersea museum in the world. Four hundred sixty cement sculptures, most created by English artist Jason de Caires Taylor, were sunk in ten metres of water off Isla Mujeres. These incredibly lifelike statues  ?  one man who is crying and another watching TV, a woman praying, etc.  ?  trace the history of the Maya people, one of the most mysterious civilisations on the planet.


Besides its artistic merit, this project aims to make tourists aware of the fragility of the coral, which is suffering from the massive influx of visitors to the Cancún region. You can visit the park by swimming, diving or snorkelling, or in a glass-bottomed boat. More experienced divers can also visit the site at night.



Text: Diane Stehle

Switzerland is an absolutely marvellous country that is worth exploring. I went there for the first time this year and I’ve fallen in love with it.


The Québécois have a lot in common with the Swiss. First, we love to laugh! We take our work seriously without taking ourselves seriously. We are very open to the world. In short, the culture and lifestyle are similar.


The Swiss are definitely world-famous for their watches, cheeses and chocolates, but their wines are almost unknown: only 2% are exported internationally. Nonetheless, the Société des alcools du Québec offers around 18 products, a nice selection with which to discover the taste profile of Swiss wines.


If you’re fond of matching wines to food, the country will be featured at the Montréal en Lumière festival, scheduled for February 19 to March 1, 2015 ( This will be a unique opportunity to discover the virtues of Swiss wines and to savour traditional dishes in participating restaurants, like Auberge Saint-Gabriel, which will be serving signature Swiss cheese fondues and dishes.



As well, world-champion sommelier Paolo Basso from Switzerland will be in Montréal for a few days to give public presentations. Wine lovers won’t want to miss this event.


If you want to travel, Switzerland should be on the top of your list! I’ve never seen such lovely countryside, vineyards as far as the eye can see on terraces like rice paddies! I met great wine producers, like the Rouvinez  family, and I visited magnificent estates, like Provins, Bonvin and Cave St-Pierre.


If you’ve ever been to Switzerland and you like light white wines, you know that they say that Fendant is good! The
Fendant is a sort of grape that produces appetizing wines. Carbon dioxide is often added to make them a bit bubbly
and festive, ideal as an aperitif. Bur if you want to taste the quintessence of Swiss white wines, try La Petite Arvine instead. It tastes of peach pits, giving it an unequalled uprightness and style. Absolutely delicious with filets of perch, a regional speciality.


I have to smile when people ask me if Switzerland produces good red wines, because in reality the Valais region is quite near the Rhône Valley, so the Syrah is sublime! In Neuchâtel they make an excellent Pinot Noir, as delicate as what comes from Burgundy, which isn’t very far away. There are also local vintages that will pique your curiosity, including Cornalin and Humagne Rouge. In short, Swiss wines have a lot to offer. Cheers!



Jessica Harnois
Twitter : jessicaharnois

A native of Hull, Georges Laurier started working at the age of 15 for a well-known local caterer. Later, he enrolled in the education programme of a university but then changed his mind, deciding to pursue his first passion: cooking. He left school to work full-time on his career of choice as a chef.


After internships at established restaurants in Switzerland, France, and New York, Georges Laurier participated, as a member of the support staff for the Ottawa-Hull team, in a series of cooking competitions at the regional, national and international levels, including the World Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt. Over the course of his career, Georges Laurier has been the chef at a variety of renowned establishments, such as the iconic Café Henry Burger, the American ambassador’s residence, Auberge le Moulin in Wakefield, the Canadian Museum of History and C’est Bon Cooking, the Ottawa cooking school.


In 1995 he opened his own restaurant, Laurier sur Montcalm. His establishment would go on to win many Grands Prix du Tourisme awards and a Four Diamond rating from CAA-Quebec. Turning to other challenges for a time, chef Georges spent about a decade with Rational, a company that makes high-tech combination ovens. Eventually, however, the lure of the kitchen drew him back.


Chef Laurier now oversees the magic in the Restaurant la Quintessence kitchen, where his creations are an artful blend of styles and flavours. His culinary style can be defined as regional cuisine with a contemporary Nordic influence and firm roots in French gastronomy. “It has to have taste,” he likes to say. Always on the lookout for the finest local or regional ingredients, he keeps close ties with the area’s producers.

Since this past June, Québec City has provided tourists and businesspeople an exceptional opportunity for a different sort of stay: short-term rental of a luxury condo or penthouse in the best possible location. Situated on Parliament Hill right next to Old Québec, performance venues and the businesses on Saint-Jean Street, only a few minutes away from the ski hills and the entranceway to Charlevoix, 760 Honoré-Mercier is perfectly located not only for tourists wishing to discover the area but also for artists and businesspeople who want to spend some time in the capital.


The building holds 82 condos, 60 of which are available for short-term rental from their owners. The latter have been fully involved in the project and have put a great deal of effort into finalizing the design of their apartments and ensuring that they are decorated with care and refinement, under the guidance of Les immeubles Charlevoix, the agency that manages the tourist home. With over 35 years’ experience in real estate management in the Québec City and Charlevoix regions, this was the perfect firm to manage developing the apartments and make sure that this tourist home exceeds the quality and esthetic standards required by the Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec. Besides luxury and comfort, all tenants are guaranteed that their condo will be equipped with all the furniture, appliances and accessories they could possibly need during their stay. Whether they stay for a few days or a few months, tenants can expect an extraordinary experience based on an uncompromising practical tourism formula: the joys of city living and fresh air all in the same place.



What sets the building’s geographical location apart the most is certainly the way it overlooks Old Québec, the lower town and the Laurentians in the distance, not to mention the roofs of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood. In the evening the view consists of a panorama of tiny scattered lights and of stars, a real-life perpetually changing screen saver. It’s simply magic!



Impressively, there is a wide choice of apartments: one, two or three bedrooms; one or two bathrooms; size (from 600 up to 2,000 square feet); loft or penthouse with a stairway and rooftop patio. Most surprising of all, each condo has its own signature, design and cachet, depending on its owners’ choices of decoration and material. One thing, though, is guaranteed.



Everything is top quality: wood floors, unique ceramics, granite countertops, large glassed-in showers, top-of-the-line appliances, high-tech lighting, huge windows with sophisticated blinds. Nothing has been left out in the search for the perfect atmosphere. Another important detail in this very desirable neighbourhood: almost all the condos come with at least one indoor parking space.



We mustn’t forget that Les immeubles Charlevoix also  provides first-class service in the tourist home. This includes 24-hour service at the reception desk, peerless housekeeping service and a certified concierge (member of Les Clefs d’Or), available to provide tourist information, suggest itineraries or guided tours, make various sorts of reservations (restaurant, theatre, show, sitter) and provide any other personalized services tenants may need. This is truly the only ideal place to stay on vacation, for work or when visiting family, in Québec City or the surrounding area.


Louise Bédard
418 692-2908


Text: Sylvie Lamothe

GM Développement, a promoter and manager in the Québec City region since 1992, specializes in residential and commercial real estate. The firm is known for its leading role in revitalising and constantly promoting the Saint-Roch neighbourhood. The opening of the Benjo store, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is one of a number of major accomplishments that highlight the drive and passion of GM Développement’s owners.


What makes a GM Développement project special is mainly its prime location. GM Développement manages to bring a breath of freshness and modernity to popular urban neighbourhoods. Condos right in the downtown, close to everything and with a spectacular view, are among its projects. Three recent examples: Tandem condos sur cour, Les Suites de la Colline and District 03.

Tandem condos sur cour

Located on Saint-Jean Street in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood, the Tandem project now being built includes 82 condos right in the bustling heart of the downtown. Near Cartier Street and Grande Allée, Tandem offers its residents a superb location looking out over both the Laurentians and the cityscape. The ground floor on Saint-Jean Street will also include commercial spaces. Everything is designed to make this a key project for the neighbourhood’s future.


Tandem’s interior courtyard and system of suspended walkways are major assets, giving each condo an outside entrance. No long interior corridors or extra maintenance in the winter: all the walkways will be heated. Most of the condos are floor-through units, so owners will benefit from a degree of natural light and ventilation seldom found among condos currently available. These characteristics are a good fit for the ecology-friendly Saint-Jean-Baptiste area, as are the vertical gardens in Tandem’s interior courtyard.


Les Suites de la Colline

Located just across from Parliament Hill, the Les Suites de la Colline project consists of 29 condos in a magnificent location. With the Plains of Abraham and the main routes through Old Québec nearby, Les Suites de la Colline means modern living in the heart of the city, and an exceptional view besides.


Luxurious interior finishing, leading-edge heating and air conditioning systems, high-quality material in the cabinets and quartz countertops are just some of the signature luxuries you’ll find in the Les Suites de la Colline condos.


District 03

Always in the forefront, GM Développement is currently executing the first solid-wood six-storey project in Québec. District 03 will contain 53 loft-style urban condos with numerous windows, nine-foot ceilings and a spacious, modern open-plan design. This project in the heart of Nouvo St-Roch continues GM Développement’s efforts to revitalise the neighbourhood.


GM Développement worked with the architects to design condos that are all different. The fact that they are being sold based on the floor plans promises buyers a certain exclusivity, as well as a result that meets both their tastes and their expectations.



The Céleste condo project in Mont Sainte-Anne also has the advantage of an unmatched location near a major tourist attraction. The Céleste project is an interesting option for residents of Québec who spend the winter elsewhere and want to make their investment work for them by renting their condo to skiers during the winter. The project is also located near a number of summer activities, including golf courses and hiking trails. Condos may also be rented for short, medium or long periods to enjoy the mountain right next door. Only around fifteen apartments are still available.




GM Développement, which is also developing the Quartier central project, a business complex that includes a hotel and office buildings near the new Québec City Amphitheatre, doesn’t lack for ideas. Like all of GM Développement’s other successes, Quartier central stands out for its prime location and will provide excellent visibility for future tenants. The next few years will be very busy for the owners of GM Développement as they continue to consolidate their expertise by improving real estate development in Québec City.


Text: Joannie Langlois

Since last January, Carlos Ferreira, owner of renowned restaurants Ferreira Café, Taverne F and Café Vasco da Gama, has handed over the daily running of the Groupe to his daughter Sandra, the new Director of Operations. He is still very much on the scene to manage the transition. Sandra is a dynamic and creative young professional who intends to fulfill her father’s dream: make Groupe Ferreira into an ambassador of Portuguese culinary culture.


Sandra Ferreira was seven when Ferreira Café opened its doors. She spent all her weekends in the restaurant with her father. “I helped serve patrons, I ate and then… I fell asleep under the tables!” she recalled. “When I was older, going to CEGEP, I worked there part-time as a hostess. I loved it!” Travel is a formative experience for young people. Sandra spent three years studying in Pennsylvania and then worked for Macy’s in New York for two years as a department manager. She then had a marketing job in a start-up before coming back to Montréal last year.


”When I came back I was ready to be 100% involved in my father’s business.” The first months were spent working on opening Taverne F, launched last February. Located in the very heart of the Quartier des spectacles, it introduces a new restaurant concept in a friendly atmosphere. “We serve petiscos, traditional Portuguese small dishes to share. Each person chooses three or four and they are set in the centre of the table for everyone to share. Foodies can have a taste of everything for a reasonable price,” she explained. The restaurant is an ideal place to stop in before or after a show, but it’s also great for a date or for a night out with friends.

Change and Continuity

Taverne F is up and running, and now Sandra and her father are devoting their time to restructuring Ferreira Café with their new chef, João Dias, in the hope of keping the business remains solid in a tough market.


Faced with heavy competition and increasing costs, you have to be passionate and have an iron will to manage a restaurant. Carlos Ferreira has always had these qualities, and it is obvious that he has passed them on to his daughter. “Like my father says, there is always room to improve and innovate.”


This entrepreneurial philosophy that keeps Ferreira Café, nineteen years after it opened, one of the best tables in Montréal, is one Sandra has adopted.


It has also pushed her, in collaboration with João and Cristina Garcia, the Events Director, to develop a catering service. Ferreira Café offers fully personalized menus for large events. This year, for example, it cohosted the benefit evening for the Sainte-Justine Foundation, the patron of which is Céline Dion.


Carlos Ferreira was confident in saying, “Having a vision is also believing in a promising new generation and knowing how to hand over the reins when you feel the need to. Today, my daughter is there looking after the day-to-day stuff. I can work on developing new products, and of course I’m around if she needs me.”


A Promising future

Carlos Ferreira has just created a range of top-quality wines and olive oil that he wants to develop. The wines, which are from his native Douro Valley in Portugal, are currently offered for private import in all the Groupe’s locations.


“Our wines are flavourful and accessible to the public. As is also the case with our olive oils, we control quality from A to Z. Every time we manufacture a product that bears the seal of our brand, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied,” he said.



Sandra also makes strengthening the Groupe’s brand a priority. Indeed, when we asked her where she expects her company to be in ten years, she replied, “I’d like our brand to be recognized by all Québécois and to have greater visibility.”


More restaurants? More products? Sandra doesn’t know yet what shape this expansion will take. For now, she is at the centre of the winds of renewal blowing through Ferreira Café. And that’s what’s important. Born of the dream of a Portuguese immigrant who wanted to introduce his culture to the Québécois, it’s certain that the restaurant has a promising future and broad horizons in sight.

For information

Ferreira Café
1446, rue Peel
Tél. : 514 848-0988


Café Vasco Da Gama
1472, rue Peel
Tél. : 514 286-2688


Taverne F
1485, rue Jeanne-Mance
Tél. : 514 289-4558


Text: Diane Stehle

Photos: Patrizia Castiglione