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Everything at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore is outside the bounds of moderation: 2,561 rooms and suites, three 55-storey buildings and 8,000 employees. However, what really makes it stand out is the Sands SkyPark, an immense infinity pool two hundred metres up in the air atop the three buildings.


Imagined by architect Moshe Safdie, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a daring architectural marvel: the roofs of its three 55-storey buildings are joined by structure supporting a botanical garden that is home to multiple species of trees and plants. Beside this oasis of greenery, the world’s highest infinity pool offers a breathtaking view from 200 metres up in the air. Swimming in the fresh air and sunshine with a fabulous panorama of the Singapore marina before you is without any doubt a unique experience.


Opened in 2010, the luxurious hotel is said to have cost eight billion dollars. And with good reason: it has absolutely everything, including a shopping centre, a pharmacy, a casino, restaurants, deluxe boutiques, a conference centre, theatres, concert halls and even a lotus-shaped museum.


Among its many restaurants, DB Bistro Moderne, run by internationally famous chef Daniel Boulud, promises a treat for even the greatest gastronomes.


Finally, as if the buildings’ spectacular futuristic architecture wasn’t enough, there is a sound and light show at dusk. For a quarter of an hour you’ll be swept into the 22nd century…


  • Footprint: 15.5 hectares
  • Area: 6,258,137 sq. ft.
  • View: 360 degrees
  • Capacity of the conference centre: 45,000 persons
  • Casino: 500 gaming tables and 1,600 slot machines
  • Meeting rooms: 250
  • Two 4,000-seat theatres
  • A chandelier 6.4 metres tall adorned with 132,000 Swarovski crystals!


Text: Diane Stehle

After a career in modeling, Ruby Brown had the bright idea of launching a business creating made-to-measure perfumes. Today, the SME that bears its founder’s name offers a range of scented candles, perfume creation workshops and a range of services to professionals. Encounter with a young woman who is passionate about her craft.

Today you create perfumes. What brought you here?  

I started modeling when I was 15. That took me to Paris, where I lived for several years. My Parisian women friends taught me the importance of perfume. Some of them went back home to put more on, the way we do here if we’ve forgotten our cell phone! In summer I often went to Grasse, the true centre of perfume in France. Then I took a number of workshops with famous master perfumers around the world. When I retired from modeling at 25, I wanted to go into business. When I came back to Montréal in 2008, I saw that Québec was behind the times in the field of perfumes, and I got the idea of creating made-to-measure perfumes.

Tell us about your made-to-measure perfume workshops.

First there’s a little bit of theory to initiate you to the olfactory world. Then you create your own fragrance by choosing your raw materials from a perfume organ that contains over eighty essences of all sorts. Of course, someone is with you all the way. After two hours, you leave with your vial of perfume. The formulae are stored so you can reorder your perfume.

Who are your workshops for and where are they held?

Our workshops are for men as well as women. Actually, whether a perfume is more for women than for men is often just a question of marketing, because it depends on individual personalities. Our organ presents a very broad range of raw materials, from classical essences like jasmine or rose to less common notes such as leather, tobacco, grass or even maple syrup. The workshops are held every first Saturday of the month in the magnificent Ritz-Carlton Montréal, and we also organize sessions for special events like Valentine’s Day or Mothers’ Day. We recently launched a special offer for bachelorettes!

You also make scented candles. What makes them special?

Before we brought out our own range of scented candles, we had made a lot of them for different projects. One day, we wanted to create our own line. All our candles are made in Canada. They are luxury candles that burn to give you 60 hours of pleasure. They are made from soy wax, which burns only half as fast as other waxes and is environmentally friendly (no black smoke). They also contain a 14% concentration of perfume, twice as much as is in most major brands of scented candles. In only 20 minutes, your room will be filled with a delicious odor. It’s an exceptional product.


You provide services for businesses. What are they?

We’ll go right to a business’ offices to give an all-inclusive workshop. The price is very competitive because the group rate is $99 a person for a minimum of 15 participants. We also offer a perfume bar for conferences. Like a cocktail bar, it presents a variety of fragrances. Each person selects what she wants and chooses a vial. The perfume can be personalized to the business.

Tell us about an olfactory memory that sweeps you away.

I have a lot of them, but the strongest is definitely the scent of leather. I adore leather, and its odor takes me back to the leatherwork shops in Paris. I lived for quite a while in an area where there were a lot of them. We offer a scented candle, Perfecto, with this scent. The smell of oranges also brings back a lot of memories for me. It takes me back to my childhood, when my mother forced us to eat Florida oranges to get enough vitamins. We had to swallow tonnes of them!

What are your medium-term plans for your business?

We’ve only been developing the Ruby Brown brand for six months and the response is extraordinary! And the adventure is only beginning. Our goal is to manufacture our products in a scientific yet personal and eco-friendly manner. I’m lucky enough to have a magnificent team around me, and I aspire to be the Canadian Jo Malone!

Text: Diane Stehle

To coincide with Universal Children’s Day, UNICEF Canada held a gala last November 20 to raise funds for a cause dear to organizer Bita Cattelan’s heart: child refugees.


Held at Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, it was a successful soirée, raising $60,000 — an amount matched by the federal government under its program to provide aid to Syrians. The $120,000 total raised is enough to supply hundreds of children living in refugee camps with clothing, medical care, access to education and life-sustaining supplies.


Cattelan, a UNICEF Canada board member, and her husband Paolo hosted the event with the help of sponsors DAC Aviation International and the Torriani family, who own the Ritz. Among those present at the event — the first of what Cattelan hopes will be an annual fundraising event — were the head of UNICEF Canada, David Morley, chef Antonio Park, Sandra and Carlos Ferreira of Groupe Ferreira, entertainers Karine Vanasse, Anne-Marie Withenshaw and Ariane Moffatt, as well as UNICEF Canada ambassador, Miss Canada 2006 and former child recipient of UNICEF aid Solange Tuyishime.


The concert portion of the event was marked by world-class musicians with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, who performed Carnival of Venice and Andante Con Moto Tranquillo. UNICEF ambassador and composer Steve Barakatt performed The Lullaby (UNICEF Anthem) with the MSO musicians.


The event also allowed guests to experience the charity’s recent foray into virtual reality, UNICEF 360. On hand were several sets of virtual-reality viewers which, when paired with a mobile app, show 360-degree virtual reality videos of areas where UNICEF operates.


Cattelan was motivated to host — and personally co-sponsor — the gala after her own experience visiting the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan prior to becoming a UNICEF Canada board member. There, she met a woman who had escaped Syria with her young children.


Cattelan said the woman showed her cellphone photos, wanting her to know her children weren’t always “dusty” — that they had once had school uniforms and nice outfits to wear to birthday parties.


Cattelan knew that once she returned home, she had to do whatever she could to help refugee families. “These were women like me, who had a home and a life in Syria before they had to pick up and leave with two backpacks,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine myself in that position.”

Daniel Boulud comes from a village near Lyons in France. Today he heads a gastronomic empire that includes seven restaurants in New York (including DANIEL, with a star in the Guide Michelin) and a number of other establishments around the world. LUXE met him last February when he was visiting Maison Boulud, his restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Montréal.


Despite being busy all the time, Daniel Boulud is always smiling and gives off a serene energy. “I love my job, even if it can be exhausting,” he said. Now the word is out: passion. You could even call it a vocation, because at fourteen, while still on his parents’ farm in Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu near Lyons, the lad was already dreaming of becoming a chef, even though he never went to a restaurant. “On the farm, we produced everything we needed. Milk, cheese, vegetables, chicken, duck. I cooked a lot with my grandmother. This education taught me very early to respect products and use them in season,” he explained.


Young Daniel didn’t like school. By a lucky chance, a neighbor pulled some strings and got him an apprenticeship in a grand restaurant in the region. That’s all it took to launch the career of the future favorite French chef of New Yorkers.

The American Dream

After working with the greatest chefs in France (Roger Vergé, Georges Blanc, Michel Guérard), Daniel Boulud decided in 1980 to leave for the United States. He made his mark in famous restaurants, in particular Le Régenceat Hôtel Plaza Athénée. But he made a name for himself when he became chef at the legendary Le Cirque. “It was a chance to show what I was capable of. The New York Times gave me four stars.” In 1993, he opened DANIEL in Manhattan, and quickly became a great success. “I prepare contemporary French cuisine inspired by the seasons and impregnated with New York’s cosmopolitan culture,” he said. Over the years, he opened six other restaurants in the Big Apple alone, each with its own ambiance and unique specialties. Today Daniel Boulud is an accomplished businessman managing a gastronomic empire extending from Montréal to Singapore by way of Boston, Miami, Washington, Las Vegas, London and Toronto. It’s no surprise that the chef has five cellphones. “One for France, one for Canada, two for the US and one for Asia,” he said with a laugh.

A Generous Man

All this success would mean nothing to Daniel Boulud if he wasn’t able to use it to help others. “It’s all very well to have a great reputation as a chef, but it’s even better to use it to help worthy causes. That’s real personal fulfillment,” he said. It’s also why he is co-chair of Citymealson Wheels and the creator of Chefs Deliver, a movement within the foundation. His mission? To serve meals prepared by chefs to seniors who can’t get out to a restaurant or even cook at home. Every month, Daniel Boulud and fifty of his peers take turns preparing hundreds of meals for home delivery.


Another activity dear to the heart of the chef from Lyons: supporting the next generation in order to pass on culinary traditions. He and two of his close friends, renowned chefs Thomas Keller and Jérôme Bocuse (son of Paul Bocuse), created Fondation Ment’or BKB. This non-profit helps young professionals to improve their practice by offering grants for internships all over the world. Every year, it also selects the candidate who will represent the United States at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary competition in France. “Last year was the first time the US won a silver medal,” Daniel Boulud said with pride, adding, “And we fully intend to take home the gold one of these years!” To hear him, this French chef has really found a new homeland in the United States. Yet when you ask him what is his favorite restaurant, his heart is still definitely in France. “It’s Paul Bocuse’s restaurant in Lyons. I’ve known it ever since I started my career, and it will always be my reference.”

His favorite things in Montréal

Of course, when he is in Montréal Daniel Boulud visits talented chef Riccardo Bertolino, who runs the kitchen at Maison Boulud, but he also likes to discover new foodie addresses. He mentioned having recently succumbed to the sandwiches at Olive et Gourmando and to the food and wine pairings at Pullman. He also takes advantage of the opportunity to visit restaurants owned by his chef friends in the city: Le Toqué!, Ferreira Café or the Montréal Plaza.


For more information:

Fondation Ment’or BKB:

In Montréal:

Text: Diane Stehle

The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation as we know it today resulted from the 1987 merger of the Fondation Justine-Lacoste-Beaubien and the Fondation Sainte-Justine. For twenty years, thanks to the generosity of the business community and the general public, not to mention the expertise of its staff, it has actively fulfilled its mission: healing more children better.


“Forty years ago, 85% of children with leukemia died. Today, the opposite is true, and we are continuing to reduce the impact of side effects from treatments,” Maud Cohen, CEO of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, is proud to say. “The situation is the same in cardiology: we used to do open-heart surgeries that were very hard on children with cardiac malformations. Now we do the same operations with simple catheters. The field of genetics has made huge progress in the past fifteen years. We can diagnose these disease so rapidly today that soon we will be able to concentrate on healing them,” she continued.


This extraordinary progress is due largely to major investments in research, proving that pediatric institutions are essential. The various aspects of CHU Sainte Justine’s mission include injecting funds into research, providing specialized healthcare services and training generations of pediatricians and specialists.

Major campaigns

One recent initiative from the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation is the ambitious Growing Up Healthy campaign to modernize and expand CHU Sainte-Justine by the end of the year. “Here we take in children and families who often have agonizing decisions to make. It’s important to provide them with a positive environment,” Maud Cohen commented. The new building will hold a modern research centre, the intensive care and neonatology departments and operating theatres, not to mention two teaching amphitheatres. Patients, staff, instructors and researchers will have the advantage of a space in which to live, to be hospitalized and to work that suits their needs.


In 2012, the Foundation also launched the Healing More Better campaign with the goal of investing in new approaches to research, teaching and care in order to heal a greater number of children better. The objective is raising $150 million over six years. “Many children survive leukemia today, but the side effects of treatments, which were often developed for adults, affect children’s growth. This campaign will let us invest in research to adapt the treatments for children in a number of areas,” the CEO explained.

How you can help

There are several ways to help the Foundation fulfill its mission. Of course, the first is to donate through the website. You can also organize benefits for the Foundation, as do many community groups such as the Young Leaders Circle, a group of very dynamic young people. “Over 270 organizations host activities each year. All these volunteers are of extraordinary assistance to us. We give them tools to organize fundraising, in particular a website.” Businesses can associate themselves with the Foundation with a donation or by partnering in a specific event. Various types of partnerships are offered. Le Grand Sapin and activities by the Young Leaders Circle are very successful examples.


“Our institution is extraordinary and we’re spoiled by the business community and the general public. But the needs keep growing. For research projects, just buying cutting-edge equipment may cost a million dollars. Plus, medicine is changing so fast that we must be constantly adapting if we want to giver our children the hope of a healthy future,” Maud Cohen said in conclusion.

A few figures

Each year:

  • 74,595 emergency room visits
  • 1,348 newborns admitted to neonatal intensive care and to specialized units
  • 887 children admitted to hematology-oncology
  • 433 children admitted to pediatric intensive care
  • Current average survival rate of premature children treated at Sainte-Justine: 93% (89% in 2003)
  • 72% of severe trauma cases are treated at CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Current average survival rate for leukemia patients: 85% (15% in 1960)
  • 5 children out of 10 are referred to Sainte-Justine for specialized care
  • 5,000 children seen each year at the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre, the only pediatric rehabilitation centre in Québec


To find out more or donate:

Text: Diane Stehle

Nestled among the greenery between Rivière des Mille Îles on one side and the golf greens of Club Laval-sur-le-Lac on the other, L|L Laval-sur-le-Lac will soon be established on the west end of Île Jésus, in the heart of centuries-old woodlands. A setting to die for, clean lines and contemporary design, welcome to one of the most prestigious real estate projects of our time!


The area is already famous for its opulent dwellings and emblematic golf club, one of the oldest in the country, yet the L|L Laval-sur-le-Lac project is the first of its kind in the neighbourhood. “It’s the one and only condo project in Laval-sur-le-Lac,” according to Maxime Laporte, Director of Real Estate Development for Groupe Quorum.


What really sets it apart is its absolutely exceptional site. Judiciously set between the emblematic golf course and the river – “between green and blue”, as the promoters say – mere moments from Lac des Deux-Montagnes and near the Laurentians, the L|L condominium complex will offer its residents an absolutely incomparable environment and quality of life. Groupe Quorum and Groupe Marsan, promoters of this upscale project, had a grand vision, and the results are truly impressive.


A talented team

The quality of the professionals who contributed is certainly a major factor. Joanne Godin, architect with Lemay, and Alain Desgagné, designer with Innédesign, pooled their efforts, talent and creativity to design a first-class real estate project. The fruit of their teamwork is remarkable: the four seven-storey buildings literally fit right into their natural surroundings. They seem to float lightly in the air, poised on a recessed transparent base. “They truly represent the Bauhaus artistic movement, which is still a reference in art and architecture: simple lines and fitting inspiration, leaving space free to be arranged however you want,” explained Alain Desgagné.


An exceptional living environment

Each of the four buildings contains 24 to 30 apartments, from 1,650 to 3,978 sq. ft. in area, which explains why the total number fluctuates. Each condo or penthouse has floor-to-ceiling windows. Since the ceilings are high, light penetrates generously and nature invites itself indoors. Peace is a guarantee! The vast cantilevered balcony-patios are enclosed with glass railings for optimum transparency. It’s an ideal spot to drink an aperitif in good company while admiring the beauty around you. Esthetics and refinement guided the designers in every detail. “We tried to create something timeless,” Alain Desgagné noted.


Anything is possible for the interior configuration of the apartments, so long as structural integrity is maintained, of course. Swap the kitchen and living room? No problem. “We can be very flexible,” said Maxime Laporte, “and buyers who so desire can modify the basic plans however they like, with the help of our designers, to get a living space that suits them. Our goal is to never say no to our clients and to do everything to give them their dream apartment.”


Condo owners will enjoy common spaces worthy of a deluxe private club, including an outdoor tennis court, a high-tech fitness studio and a superb indoor infinity pool that literally looks like it’s spilling over outside. They will also have the use of a large private lounge with patio for impromptu gatherings or private parties (with reservations).


Advance sales

“The price of apartments varies from $600,000 to $1.6 million approximately,” according to Maxime Laporte, and the advantages are in proportion: quality, beauty and serenity will be yours.


According to the project timeline, construction of Phase 1 containing common areas will begin this spring and sales are going well because half of this first building is already sold. The promoters expect to deliver the first apartments in summer 2017. A fully furnished 1,749 sq. ft. model condo designed and decorated by designer Alain Desgagné awaits you in the sales building (address below). Inviting, isn’t it?


  • Four separate buildings each holding 24 to 30 apartments with river or golf course view
  • 2- or 3-bedroom condos, 1,650 to 2,528 sq. ft. in area
  • Penthouses on one or two levels with mezzanine, 3,328 to 3,978 sq. ft. in area
  • Ceilings 9 to 10 feet high with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Balcony-patios with unobtrusive railings
  • Common areas: indoor infinity pool, large private lounge with patio, ultramodern fitness studio, outdoor tennis court and peaceful landscaped private garden
  • Prices from $600,000 to $1.6 million
  • Work to begin in spring 2016

For more information

Sales Building
1000 Les Érables
Laval, Québec
Tel.: 450 627-7277

Business hours

Mondays and Wednesdays: 12 noon to 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays: 12 noon to 5:00 p.m.


Text: Sylvie Lamothe

Located on René-Lévesque Boulevard West, only a few minutes on foot from the main downtown businesses and restaurants and the Bell Centre, the Roccabella luxury condominiums combine Italianate elegance and comfort for an exceptional lifestyle. 


The Roccabella complex consists of two slender 40-storey towers and has always been a huge success. As proof, almost all the condos in the first tower have been sold and sales are booming on the second tower.


Italianate elegance

How can you explain such attraction? It must be the project’s unique nature and ideal location. Roccabella is near the main businesses and restaurants in the downtown and moments away from several metro stations, Montréal’s Central Train Station and access to the highways. It also has direct access onto René-Lévesque Boulevard, so residents can come home without being bothered, even when there’s a major event at the Bell Centre.


The condominiums (298 including two penthouses) start at the third floor, some 47 feet above René-Lévesque Boulevard, giving them an unbeatable view of the city. Their sophisticated Italian design gives them a charm all their own. They are from 736 to 2,600 sq. ft. in area (with a 1,100-sq. ft. patio for the penthouses) and have one to three bedrooms and superb kitchens with top-of-the line furnishings and marble, quartz or granite countertops straight from Italy. The bathroom and huge closet echo the kitchen’s elegant Italian touch.

Shared and commercial spaces

From the ground floor to the second storey you find an extension totally given over to shared and commercial spaces. It contains a majestic indoor pool that opens to the outside in good weather, a well-equipped fitness rom, a yoga and Pilates studio, a spa, a multifunctional room, a cinema, a sauna and a whirlpool bath. On the roof of the extension, huge shared patios welcome residents whenever the sun comes out.



In short, Roccabella is a dream come true for those who want to enjoy the lively side of downtown life in a comfortable, peaceful abode within a refined and luxurious complex.


2nd tower: occupation late 2017

298 condos, including 2 penthousesover 40 storeys

Area: 1 to 3 bedrooms, 736 to 2,600 sq. ft.

Price: starting at $350,000


Main characteristics

  • Secure building access with security officer 24/7
  • Indoor parking on 5 levels
  • Fitness rooms
  • 17,000 sq. ft. of shared patios
  • Indoor salt water pool
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Reception area and conference rooms
  • Cinema, billiard room
  • Commercial spaces

Sales office

1059 De la Montagne
Suite 250
Montréal, Québec H3G 0B9
Tel.: 514 838-2000


Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon to 5:00 p.m.


Text: Diane Stehle

What would you say about an elegant, modern building that combines luxurious apartments, a boutique hotel and a magnificent art gallery – all in an ideal setting in downtown Ottawa? That’s what DevMcGill is offering, in collaboration with the Ottawa Art Gallery, the University of Ottawa and Groupe Germain. Lovers of culture as well as seekers of a unique lifestyle in the heart of urban hustle will be delighted.


DevMcGill, which has been crowned Entrepreneur of the Year and is the winner of the prestigious Montréal Architectural Heritage Award, is a key real estate promoter in Canada. The Arthaus project combines its unmatched savoir-faire and standout audacity. For the first time in Canada, a residential tower will combine luxury condominiums, an art gallery and a boutique hotel. Residents are immersed in culture in the heart of Ottawa.


Sumptuous condominiums

The 89 condos located between the 15th and 23rd floors (including four penthouses) offer a breathtaking panorama of Ottawa and the surrounding area, no matter where the apartments are located. On the east are vistas of trees, houses and historic buildings, as well as University of Ottawa campus; on the west, the view of downtown, Parliament and its magical evening spectacles is unbeatable; and finally, on the north the hills surrounding the Ottawa Valley to the north of Gatineau rise proudly on the horizon.


All the condos have at least one bedroom, a living room, a dining room and a bathroom (two in the two-bedroom units) with glassed-in showers and rainshower showerheads. They also have an elegant open-plan kitchen, the work of Toronto designer U31, with built-in European appliances. Two condominiums can be joined together to provide three bedrooms.



The penthouses have two or three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a shower room (convenient for guest!), along with a gas stove in a kitchen and an outdoor gas fitting that makes barbecuing easier. A gas fireplace can also be installed. In order to personalize the décor to their own tastes, owners are invited to chose from a range of top-end finishes selected by famous designers. Besides the choice of materials, they get expert advice on how to configure and personalize their space. On request, an ultramodern home automation system can be installed in the penthouses to control lighting, music and the alarm system.


Another characteristic of these condominiums: exceptional lighting, featuring immense bay windows and ceilings 9 to 10 feet high (14 in the penthouses). Most of these apartments, and all the penthouses, have a balcony or loggia terrace. You’ll feel like you’re practically in the clouds, with the City of Ottawa at your feet!

Exclusive spaces

Besides a uniquely comfortable apartment, residents have the use of beautifully designed common areas. On the 15th floor you find the Firestone Room, a private recreation area with a kitchen and dining room where you can host official events or evenings with friends. It also has a fitness centre with cutting-edge equipment, spaces for yoga and a weight room. The rooftop terrace with outdoor fireplace and places to relax is a true haven of peace. No matter what the season, nothing is more pleasant than lounging under the stars or admiring the exceptional view. Most condos come with an indoor parking space.


For residents’ security, the building entry has a high-tech virtual concierge system, an intercom and round-the-clock security cameras. Day or night, your peace of mind is guaranteed!

Art gallery and boutique hotel

The ArtHaus residential tower is a true architectural jewel, but it also stands out because of the art gallery on the ground floor and its boutique hotel, Le Germain, above the gallery.


The Ottawa Art Gallery holds vast exhibit halls for the works of leading artists, as well as a multidisciplinary projection space. It also houses the Canadian Film Institute. A warm and welcoming café gives visitors a place to rest between exhibits. The cherry on the sundae is finding several works from the gallery on the walls of common areas of the building, making a unique environment for residents. They can even take advantage of an avant-garde program to rent a painting at low cost and admire it at home.



The Le Germain boutique hotel, a brand famous for elegance, comfort and personalized service, will be an unforgettable place to stay for those who are passionate about design or who want to conquer Ottawa.


To prolong their urban and cultural experience, ArtHaus residents, hotel guests or visitors to the Ottawa Art Gallery can discover the many restaurants, bistros, nightclubs and cafés in the Byward Market and Rideau Centre. And if the want to get to the other end of the city, the new LRT (light rail transit) line is already at their disposition!



Address of ArtHaus: 20 Daly Avenue, Ottawa


  • 85 contemporary style condos between the 15th and 22nd floors starting at $250,000
  • 4 penthouses on the 23rd floor, 1,500 to 2,200 square feet (prices starting at $1M)
  • Fitness room on the 15th floor
  • Rooftop winter garden and terrace
  • Indoor parking
  • Secure private entry with concierge service
  • Room with fireplace, kitchen and dining room available to residents
  • Eco-responsible approach to construction
  • Near public transit
  • Bordering the Byward Market, near the Rideau Centre

Sales Office

264 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5Y2
Tel.: 613 909-3223

Text: Diane Stehle