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Le Coq Rico, which opened a few months ago in the Flatiron district, has an absolutely unique menu. The chef basically serves farm-style eggs and poultry, accompanied by fresh organic salads and vegetables. The cocktails are delicious, the wine selection judicious and the staff friendly. It’s a feel-good place, it’s great, and you leave wanting to come back very soon. LUXE talked to its chef, Antoine Westermann.


Cuisine is perpetually in motion, and like any other professional practice, or any other passion, it keeps changing. After being awarded three stars you want to go farther and explore new culinary territories as well as new terroirs. I like New York. If I hadn’t become a cook I would have been an architect, so this city is a paradise for me.


I like to cook poultry. One of my long-time favorite dishes is poulette en baeckeoffe, cooked using a very local method. It has various textures, white meat, wings, thighs, drumsticks… And it’s flavored by the terroir and by what the hen has eaten. It has an elegant flavor and the juices are just right. It’s a festive dish, made to be shared, and I like that about it. But I also appreciate the animal, and I want it to have a good life and live as long as possible in the true farming tradition. At Le Coq Rico, we work hand in hand with the farmers. We want to respect the animal we’re eating. When an animal has had a good life, its flesh tells us so.


In my opinion, sharing is integral to the pleasures of the table. Always in a festive spirit, poultry (ducks, geese, roosters, chickens, guinea fowl, hens, turkeys) are to be shared among several people. I can’t speak about the culinary experience. I know what I offer them, but the response is what the customers make it. What I can say, is that I’ve always liked to focus on the product and to build around it. For me, Le Coq Rico is again the idea that the product is king, that we are paying homage to the fowl by celebrating it and thanking it for giving up its life to us. Chef Antoine Westermann


Farmers are extraordinary, they’re open, they like it when you respect their work and their animals. A good farmer, even though he kills the animal, respects it and takes care of it. If he knows that it will be treated properly on the plate and will be in the place of honor, he gets involved and he’s happy. I have close, friendly relationships with the farmers I do business with. We see the animal the same way.


For emotion to exist, there has to be communion and trust between us. I opt for simplicity, obviousness and showcasing what I love: the product. Sharing is also an emotion, so going to a restaurant and sharing a fowl among friends can be an emotional moment.






Text: Barbara Stehle

Ariane van Dievoet is part of a new generation of young designers who are bringing craftsmanship, quality and a sense of luxury back to our lives.


Young, bright and pretty, Ariane van Dievoet rose like a shooting star out of RISD to the famous Milanese design fair in 2014. Fast forward 3 years and she is now the designer behind Avandi, a Brooklyn-based studio from which she exports her designs all around the world.


Van Dievoet favours geometrical lines and explores material textural relations. Her aesthetic roots are clearly in modernism, but she brings to it a contemporary youthful flair. A number of Avandi’s creations explore multiple identity and movement.


The AdapTable side tables are particularly versatile and modular. The series of small triangular tables can be used individually or in clusters. You can pick from several woods and stones for the top and from several colours for the legs and mix them! The design evolves with your space, events and moods.


Ariane van Dievoet knows there is a real need for designers to respond to the client’s personal definition of space. So she has made time for custom projects, reviving the old idea of tailored work. The creative inventions possible within this structure are endless. Avandi is part of a new generation of young designers who are bringing craftsmanship, quality and a sense of luxury back to our lives.









Text: Barbara Stehle


Since its opening in 2011, Arsenal Contemporary Montreal, has been diligently defusing the promotion of both intimate and monumental exhibitions that include both Canadian and internationally known talent. This private art centre is the largest of its kind in Canada, and sets a fresh tone from one show to the next, in every reincarnation of its commitment to the contemporary art forms filling a mandate with dynamic cutting edge events and cultural activities. The space includes a hall dedicated to its permanent collection, in addition to large, spacious rooms showcasing perennial shows and hosting Division Gallery.


Arsenal Contemporary Montreal has presented works by renowned artists. The centre encourages the influence of our artists such as Jon Rafman, David Altmejd, Wanda Koop, Shary Boyle, Marc Séguin, Julie Favreau, Michel de Broin, Scott McFarland and Chloe Wise. For example, the space dedicated to the permanent collection includes the iconic work Eternity by Nicolas Baier. This particular work allowed the artist to stand out at the Biennale de Montréal, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal in the fall of 2014, winning the Loto-Québec public’s choice award. The scintillating curves and mirror surface construct Eternity as a majestic sculpture, centrally positioned in the exhibition space.


Cory Arcangel Photoshop CS: 65 by 109.5 inches, 300 DPI, RGB, square pixels, default gradient “Spectrum”, mousedown y=1250 x=15000, mouseup y=18500 x=15000; tool “Wand”, select y=1900 x=15600, tolerance=60, contiguous=off; default gradient “Spectrum”, mousedown y=2016, 2016, chromogenic print, 66 1/4 x 37 3/4 x 2 po (168,3 x 95,9 x 5 cm) © Richard-Max Tremblay

Jessica Eaton Revolution 23, 2016 ed. 5/5, inkjet print, pigmented ink, 50 x 40 po (127 x 101,6 cm) © Richard-Max Tremblay  – Jessica Eaton Revolution 28, 2016 ed. 1/5, inkjet print, pigmented ink, 50 x 40 po (127 x 101,6 cm) © Richard-Max Tremblay

Arsenal Contemporary Montreal also welcomes the work of brilliant artists on the international scene. For example, Ugo Rondinone, Ai Weiwei, Cory Arcangel, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Amalia Ulman, Aleksandra Domanovic and ed Fornieles occupied the walls of the gallery. By juxtaposing the work of international artists with the works of Canadian artists, Arsenal Contemporary Montreal stands out for its unique mandate on the visual arts scene.


Arsenal Contemporary Montreal revives an iconic space in Griffintown that was once home to an old shipyard. The art centre’s façade posters a modern sensibility while the interior boasts a vast and magnificent presence that let appear the allure of a museum. established in this once-industrial neighborhood, the building was erected in 1853 by the entrepreneur Charles-Auguste Cantin for Montreal Marine Works company. The latter produced ships for almost a hundred years. After the closing of the factory, the building fostered a few different industries before Arsenal Contemporary Montreal opened its doors. Cement bricks, exposed beams and steel columns were preserved emphasizing the heritage of another era in Montreal’s rich manufacturing history. Bridges that were used to transport the machined parts, cross the four large exhibition halls. Their saffron yellow colour gives them a distinct and particular character, making these architectural elements the signature of the project.


Arsenal Contemporary Montreal is located in one of Montreal’s most upbeat neighborhoods. Griffintown was once considered a key artery in the heart of the town’s industrial revolution era, with its buildings close by the banks of the Lachine Canal and a stone’s throw away from the large and impressively beautiful Atwater Market. Today, the paths leading to the centre let the visitors encounter many of the surviving architectural remnants of a great era in industry. The stables of the old port stand alongside new residential condominiums and old factories give way to trendy restaurants. in this neighborhood, a dialogue is taking place between the habits and customs of yesterday and those of tomorrow. These subtle changes are taking place right in front of our eyes and are sculpted with pragmatic projects of today. Through its activities, Griffintown stands out as a must-see cultural hub with Arsenal Contemporary Montreal at the centre of the district.


Ugo Rondinone Let’s Turn Back Time, Let’s Start This Day Again, 2009, cast aluminium and white enamel, 177.12 x 219.25 po (449,9 x 556,9 cm) © Richard-Max Tremblay

Since fall 2015 Arsenal Contemporary Montreal has presented TD Cultural Tuesdays, offering a vast program of cultural activities with diverse disciplines: musical and artistic performances, a variety of launches, in theatre, screenings and readings, with as special emphasis on contemporary dance. The latest form of expression is presented through a partnership with Danse Danse, an organization that actively contributes to the advancement of contemporary dance companies both locally and internationally. Through the diversity of its program, TD Cultural Tuesdays wish to strengthen the bonds that unite different forms of creation, in addition to offering magical moments, through unique encounters. These evenings are always dynamic and well attended.


Janet Werner Yellow Bow, 2008, oil on canvas, 55 x 66 po (140 x 168 cm). Nicolas Baier Eternity, 2014, steel, 120 po (305 cm) © Richard-Max Tremblay

Modern-day museums strive to distinguish themselves by architecturally innovative installations—moving toward digital and service orientated buildings. These places dedicated to art have become real landmarks and help to forge and strengthen the identity of the city. They merit popular destinations of choice for travellers, as well as being meeting points for citizens. By presenting contemporary art in the former factory of the Montreal Marine Works, Arsenal Contemporary Montreal contributes to the identity of the neighborhood and its international influence, as well as the preservation of Montreal, Quebec and Canada’s richly flavoured artistic culture.




Cover: Graham Caldwell Compound Eye, 2008, mirrors and steel hardware, 92 x 98 x 50 po (234 x 249 x 127 cm) © richard-max tremblay

LUXE magazine readers are familiar with Lauren Berger Collection, as Ms. Berger has been active in the real estate and hospitality business for a few decades. Her superb properties have been reviewed by LUXE magazine and expert travel guides, and the consensus is unanimous: luxury in the hands of Lauren Berger is an exquisite experience. LUXE magazine met with her for a conversation about herself, her business and her inspirations.

The memorable Lauren Berger

Meeting Ms. Berger is always a pleasure and a promise of fun. Her reputation as New York’s queen of hospitality sums up her undeniable business acumen, but does not begin to describe how lovely a person she is. She is charming, and her presence has star quality: her hair up like Katherine Hepburn, with the petite body of Audrey and her natural refinement. Energetic and warm, Berger would win over the most difficult person. She has a sense of decorum and a sense of humour. It is not uncommon to see her make a spectacular entry with a Bentley, smiling as she dismisses the driver and offers to chauffeur you herself for a bit and take you to one of her favourite places while you converse. By the end of the ride, you will feel the same way about her as everybody else who has ever met her: she is as close as it gets to family.


The philosophy

Lauren Berger has built a professional career on her love for people and caring for them. She puts the same dedication into her luxury hospitality business as she puts into taking care of her family. Being an industry leader takes more than business sense; it takes a deep human quality. Berger feels her greatest business assets are loyalty, honesty and a great sense of responsibility. She feels very strongly about the philosophy at the core of her business approach. Berger speaks of her parents as her primary source of inspiration and is following in their footsteps when it comes to hard work and devotion. She saw them fare through the ups and downs of life, insisting on keeping a beautiful home and comfort in their lifestyle, a source of joy and pride. Lauren has always remembered the fun that luxury brings even when it is made of simple things.Thanks to her education and life experience, Berger runs her business with efficiency, but also with kindness and generosity. This applies to the way she delivers her services to her cherished guests, and the way she treats her partners. She also loves to extend invitations to her guests who cannot afford luxury, simply because she knows the joy it will bring.


“Hospitality has given me the opportunity to be charitable.”

From the hostess to hospitality

Lauren Berger Collection finds its origin in a series of personal events and commitments. Lauren Berger and her husband, oral surgeon Sidney Berger, led quite an exciting life. He was busy with his practice and research, and they travelled a lot and enjoyed having visitors. Lauren quickly developed a reputation as a great hostess. Their places in New York City and on the French Riviera always attracted interesting people, mixing family and royalty. Fine food and wines with friends in a beautiful setting always made for the best of times. Soon, Berger extended her hospitality to her wider circle and began organizing all the details for her husband’s international patients. Her skills had turned into a business, and she was acquiring high-end properties to host guests.


“There is no limitation in what we do: scheduling services, organizing events, ordering from around the world.”

Today, the queen of hospitality manages over 200 luxurious rental properties all over the world. Lauren Berger brings her professionalism and legendary sense of care to each project. LBC has in place a wonderful team of ambassadors who can take the reins and ensure that all a guest’s wishes are addressed. You will find the same standards of hospitality in each of the residences LBC has chosen. The services reflect the gestures Lauren Berger herself would have extended to her intimate circle.

The destinations

In the last nine years, the collection has greatly expanded. Lauren Berger Collection can find you a home on any continent and any island. The geographical coverage is impressive, as it remains committed to offering the same luxury standards wherever you go. The property catalogue rivals an architectural digest. Casa Kimball in the Dominican Republic is a stunner with spectacular design and fantastic views. The Chalet des Sens in Megève is another unique destination LBC offers. Exceptional properties are lined up, with multiple choices for destinations like Saint Barts, Turks and Caicos and Bali, each more beautiful than the last and offering the promise of an idyllic getaway.


Lauren herself resides in New York City and in Westchester. She loves the excitement of the Big Apple and all it has to offer, but cherishes the quiet natural setting of her home in Westchester. The Hamptons is high on her list for a summer retreat out by the sea. But if you want to travel, Lauren herself would advise you to go to France or Italy. There is no sweeter vacation in her memory. Especially the South of France, where she discovered her vocation in hospitality.

Conde Nast Traveler specialist

The impeccable collection of luxury rental properties has been the work of a lifetime. Conde Nast Traveler has recognized Berger’s talent and attention to detail in naming her a top travel specialist. The collection offers superb accommodations all over the world. Decorated with taste, each is unique and meets the high standards all seasoned luxury travellers are looking for. Berger’s interest in design and architecture leaves its imprint on the collection. Her love for warm and relaxing atmospheres finds its expression in each home, individually interpreting the style of international modernity and luxury design.


“I love nothing more than architecture and design. To me it means peace and harmony. i must bring that feeling to my guests so they never feel anywhere but home.”

Berger’s specialty is to respond to all the traveller’s needs and surpass their expectations. LBC’s locations all have prime access to all concierge services and a full staff for organizing special events.

The partners

“We hire so many people in the luxury service industry. It is essential that we trust them completely,” confides Lauren Berger. A firm like LBC cannot function without the certainty that the jet will be arriving on time, that the food will be outstanding, etc.


“Finding good partners means finding people you trust.”

With time and experience, business associations have been created in the property rental industry. LBC is also associated with local agents and businesses internationally. So everywhere you go, Lauren Berger will know where to refer you. A massage? A chauffeur? The best florist or restaurant on the island? Sometimes it is all about a person, sometimes it is all about a place, sometimes it is all about a specialty trade. Lauren Berger’s address book is hard to get into and easy to drop out from. It’s tough, but excellence is maintained.


A number of important associations are in the making: LBC is joining forces with key strategic figures in the luxury business. It seems that the air transportation industry will be at the centre of the new development. LBC will be proudly announce new partners in the spring. For now, Berger is enthusiastic. She speaks of Samia El, Luxe’s President and Editor in Chief, in the warmest terms. The magazine and LBC will find much to share in the future. They have big projects, she tells me. Stay tuned!



Text : Barbara Stehle

Event producer and promoter evenko creates and produces large-scale festivals and events. This year, Pollstar, America’s most respected entertainment industry magazine, ranked evenko as the largest independent promoter in Canada and the 10th largest in North America. Each year, the independent Quebec company produces more than 1,200 musical, family and sporting events across Quebec, the Maritimes, and the Northeastern United States. evenko presents shows by the biggest international artists and invests in the development and promotion of artists from Quebec. We sat down with Chief Operating Officer Jacques Aubé.

Why does Montreal attract so many international artists?

Montreal is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. It can host any musical genre. The people here like to go out and have fun. Artists often tell us that our city is home to the best audiences they’ve ever had. Plus, it has to be said that we’re very lucky to have the incredible Bell Centre as a venue.

With which artist have you had your most successful collaboration?

Céline Dion. When she comes here, she’s home. Last time she came to Montreal, we organized nine sold-out shows at the Bell Centre. We’ve also collaborated closely with U2. Their shows, which took place at the former Blue Bonnets Raceway, were quite a production feat.

What project are you the most proud of?

We’re very proud of the Osheaga festival, which has been held for twelve years now in Jean Drapeau Park. It’s an audacious music festival. In 2006, this kind of festival only existed in California and Chicago. Each year, 135,000 people attend Osheaga. U2’s visit was also memorable, as I said, but that was in 2011. They’ll have to come back!

Lets talk about food. What is the YUL EAT festival?

It’s a festival for foodies. It showcases local cuisine by bringing together local chefs, artisans and producers for three days. We also co-produced the Lolë White Tour, which brings together communities from around the world for spectacular yoga sessions dedicated to peace. We’ve presented pre-season Blue Jays games at the Olympic stadium since 2014. That’s creativity: bringing all kinds of incredible events to our city!


“evenko is now the fifth largest entertainment producer in the world. That’s something to be proud of!”

What is your short-term goal?

We’ve started developing festivals in the Laval area to reach audiences from the north of the city. We still have work to do. I would also like to discover the next big international artist. evenko’s roleis to promote and produce shows, but also to help artists grow with their audiences by presenting them in bigger and bigger venues. My passion, which I share with my team, is to create an environment favourable to large-scale projects. evenko is now the fifth largest entertainment producer in the world. That’s something to be proud of!


Text: Diane Stehle

Photo: © Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

After nine successful years, the famous contemporary art event is back to take over Montréal’s underground pedestrian network from March 3 to 25, 2018. The only of its kind in North America, the festival offers an artistic circuit that showcases the works of local and international artists.


For its tenth edition, the Art Souterrain Festival is bringing together 79 works on the theme of remunerative work.


The artists on display include international figures, such as famous British documentary photographer Martin Parr, as well as Finnish artist Pilvi Takala, whose work has been presented in prestigious museums like the MoMA PS1 in New York and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. New York native Adad Hannah, a visionary on the contemporary art scene, will also be featured in this year’s festival. His works can be found in several public collections, including those of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the National Gallery of Canada.


This exhibition is an opportunity to explore the cultural heritage of Montréal’s underground city from a new angle, thanks to a 6 km path that gives free access to extraordinary artworks—sculptures, photographs, digital installations and performance pieces—carefully selected by Frédéric Loury, Curator, Founder and CEO of Art Souterrain, and by two guest curators who specialize in public art.


© Neldy Germain, Diaspora

The event will extend beyond the basements of Montréal; satellite exhibitions will also be held at other cultural venues in the city, like the Grande Bibliothèque and Arsenal Contemporary Art Montréal. Teams of cultural mediators will be present to explain the artworks on exhibition and host fun art education activities for families. Guided tours, lectures and conversations with the artists are also on the agenda.


By choosing Montréal’s underground city for his festival, Frédéric Loury made a commitment to the genuine democratization and desacralization of contemporary art. This bold choice aims to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of its traditional exhibition spaces. “If we want to make contemporary art more accessible, we have to take it out of the institutions and the white cubes,” he says.


This avant-garde concept makes use of a unique urban space that a hundred thousand people pass through every day. “Art Souterrain is born from a desire to entrench contemporary art in this space, where people will come across it,” adds Loury.


Although Art Souterrain organizes a major event that has received many awards, including one from BOMA for the best Canadian exhibition in 2014, it remains a nonprofit organization that contributes to Montréal’s cultural influence on the international scene.


Text : Laetitia Ramamonjisoa

Cover: © Neldy Germain, Jersey girls

Founded in 1984 in Baie-Saint-Paul by two former street artists, Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier, Cirque du Soleil is now a multinational company with operations on all continents. Since 2015, TPG Capital has majority ownership of the company, while the Chinese company Fosum Capital Group and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec have minority ownership. However, the company’s mission remains the same: to appeal to people’s imagination and stimulate their senses and emotions. Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO, tells us about it.

How do you explain the worldwide success of Cirque du Soleil?

To this day, Cirque du Soleil offers a one-of-a-kind show. From the very beginning, its creators had the good sense not to include any spoken language in the shows, enabling the company to gain universal recognition. Over the years, we have developed a unique global network of partners and sponsors who have contributed to making Cirque du Soleil into the international brand it is today. What’s amazing is that it was created from scratch by Quebecers.

How would you describe a Cirque du Soleil performance?

It’s hard to say! If you were to ask people, they would begin by saying it’s not a traditional circus performance, nor is it theatre. It’s not just dance, music or clown shows. The explanation would be a long one, because this circus is different from anything else that exists in terms of its form and artistic content. It is its own category.


“Our creators keep working in the same way, without any internal interference.”

When you become a large-scale entertainment company such as Cirque du Soleil, how do you preserve your creativity?

It’s our biggest challenge and we are doing a number of things to preserve it. First, our human resources department allocates many resources to seeking out the best talent in the world. Next, we are heavily investing in research and development of new acrobatic equipment technologies and inventions to enhance artists’ performances. In fact, we own a lab dedicated to such research. Finally, through our global network, we have an intelligence department that keeps an eye on what’s new, not only in the entertainment industry, but also in fashion, architecture, music and film. That way, we ensure that our creators have access to the best artistic content in the world to stay ahead of the curve.

What do spectators expect at a Cirque du Soleil show?

They expect to be wowed and surprised and to watch a performance with unparalleled quality. For our part, we want to continuously surprise and move them, to make them laugh and experience emotions.

How would you describe a Cirque du Soleil performance?

It’s hard to say! If you were to ask people, they would begin by saying it’s not a traditional circus performance, nor is it theatre. It’s not just dance, music or clown shows. The explanation would be a long one, because this circus is different from anything else that exists in terms of its form and artistic content. It is its own category. Since 2015, foreign investment funds have majority ownership of the company.

Does Cirque du Soleil remain as Québécois as before?

Yes, it does. The management team, myself included, has not changed its way of doing things. The only difference is that we now have greater financial resources and access to a worldwide network of contacts. With the recent acquisition of Blue Man Group, we have a number of ongoing projects, but our creators keep working in the same way, without any external interference.

What are your upcoming projects?

Right now, we first have a 14-month tour in Shanghai with Kooza. We will also soon be opening a permanent show in Hangzhou. The Chinese breakthrough is very important to us. On December 20th, we will also be presenting the world premiere of Crystal, our show on ice, at Montréal’s Centre Bell and shortly before that, on November 16, the NFL Experience will take place in Times Square in New York. Thanks to new technologies, NFL fans will experience a complete immersion. It’s a massive project. With the new owners, Cirque du Soleil’s expansion is skyrocketing.


Text: Diane Stehle

Private Banking 1859 opened its doors in 2009, the year National Bank celebrated its 150th anniversary. Éric Bujold, a team player whose passion and vision helped to establish this landmark institution, became its president. This Gaspé native knows a thing or two about success. Before joining the top ranks of National Bank Financial (NBF) in 2006, Bujold and his team made NBF’s Rimouski branch the number-one brokerage firm in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. With Private Banking 1859, the businessman and his team of experienced specialists offer National Bank clients a one-stop-shop for all of their wealth management needs. Meet the man behind the vision.

What was the goal of Private Banking 1859 when it was established in 2009?

National Bank has always worked with businesses. For our 150th anniversary, we wanted to offer our clients wealth management solutions that would round out our services. Our target clients are business owners and CEOs, as well as wealthy people in general—professional athletes, business executives, and more.

What makes Private Banking 1859’s services stand out in the financial market?

We offer completely integrated services and our team of multidisciplinary experts is able to meet all client needs: financing (loans, banking services), estate and financial planning, insurance, philanthropy, business transfers, and more. Private Banking 1859 is one of the rare industry players that can offer all these services.

Describe your typical clients.

They are people who have had successful careers and/or have accumulated a fortune. They are looking for a trustworthy expert to manage all aspects of their wealth. Quite often, our clients are well-versed in wealth management, but they just don’t have the time to take care of it themselves. When you’ve built up a significant amount of wealth, you need to be able to rely on expert counsellors, because a single mistake can have major repercussions.

What are the advantages of doing business with Private Banking 1859?

We build a close relationship with each of our clients, and we are wholly devoted to their needs. Our senior counsellors are available day and night, even on weekends, and they are supported by financial experts, a bit like a family doctor working with a team of medical specialists. Whether their careers are in full swing or they’re retired, our clients can count on us to make the most of their wealth.

How does the advice from Private Banking 1859 experts go beyond the financial?

We are very close to our clients. They come to us with their challenges and their ideas, seeking advice for big moves like transferring their business or organizing their estate. They need to bounce ideas off someone, to get a second opinion and come up with a winning solution. Our specialists do more than manage finances, they are our clients’ close confidants.

What can Private Banking 1859’s concierge services do for clients?

Our clients are busy people. We want to make life easier for them. Our concierge services can help them plan a trip, reserve a restaurant, buy concert tickets, access exclusive events and much more.

You are Chairman of the Board for the Fondation Jeunes en Tête. Why is this role important for you?

I have a very privileged life and it feels good to give back to the community. I’m especially drawn to helping young people, because they are our future. The Fondation Jeunes en Tête is particularly dear to my heart because it works to prevent psychological distress among youth. A lot of our work is with schools and our program makes a big difference where it matters most.

You are also a board member for the Fondation du Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the Toronto-based organization Business for the arts. Are you an art lover? Is there a connection between a love of the arts and private banking?

For me, art is a beautiful way for us to express ourselves. In addition to being on National Bank’s acquisition committee, I’m a passionate art collector myself. National Bank has one of the largest private art collections in Canada. This supports artists, and it also opens up more personal discussions between me and my clients. The artwork in my office stimulates deep conversations that strengthen our relationships.


Text: Diane Stehle