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Batimat’s Montreal showroom is a place of pleasure and discovery, housing the world’s finest fixtures and furnishings for extraordinary bathroom design. Cultivating expertise since 1977, Batimat stands out as the only full-service outlet of its kind in the province. LUXE sits down with General Manager Magali Tocco to talk about enhancing a home’s most intimate spaces and what it takes to be a leader in the field.

What are the latest trends in luxury bathroom renovation?

There is a shift toward classic, organic shapes with timeless allure, punctuated with a colour that reflects the spirit of the client. The home spa experience is in high demand, especially as people are becoming more aware of the importance of wellness. Steam, built-in rain shower heads, light therapy, chromotherapy, and heated towel racks are all elements that integrate sumptuous pampering into the home.

Tell us about some of your most extravagant client requests.

At Batimat, extravagance is our everyday. Our solution-driven approach transforms our clients’ dreams into reality, whether that means consulting on a private airplane project, sourcing a toilet seat in a novelty shape, overseeing the custom design and fabrication of a focal piece, or installing side-by-side showers to accommodate the preference of each family member. We once worked with a client who requested a lavish, one-of-a-kind bathtub for the sole purpose of respecting the project’s aesthetic—he prefers taking showers!

What are the different considerations for bathrooms in luxury homes versus condominiums?

Condominium projects are typically smaller—often no more than two bathrooms—but they often present technical constraints; concrete floors, for example, often dictate the placement of drains for sinks and stand-alone bathtubs. Luxury homes can have up to 17 or 18 bathrooms, so the scope of work is much larger, but there is much more freedom in the design and in the choice of products.

How would you collaborate with a client seeking your expertise for a project outside of Quebec?

Many of our clients own real estate abroad, in addition to their homes in the province. Batimat has worked on projects in Mexico and Barbados, as well as in Florida, Vermont, and Massachusetts. We are pleased to collaborate with our clients’ designers in navigating foreign building codes and customs clearance. Our team is available to travel for such projects upon request. 

How does Batimat choose its exclusive collections?

I travel extensively to explore and discover and stay ahead of the trends. When meeting potential suppliers for new high-end plumbing component lines, quality, innovation and the company’s values are always considered. We keep our finger on the pulse by listening to the insight and desires of clients who might have encountered something truly unique.


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How has Batimat positioned itself as a leader in luxury plumbing in Quebec?

Batimat’s success begins with celebrating our team, ensuring their wellbeing, and supporting their professional growth. We nurture our view that each person has something to contribute by offering continuing education opportunities, as well as benefits such as resting areas and gym access. A team that is well cared for is motivated to excel and provide extraordinary knowledge and service to our clients. Experience, innovation, and exclusive products from suppliers who share our values, housed in a spectacular showroom, contribute to our reputation as the leader in Quebec’s luxury plumbing sector. My vision has always been to differentiate ourselves; Batimat’s leading positioning is meant to be an ongoing endeavour.



Writer: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Cover photo: © Angeliki Argyrakos

Passionate skiers and active nature lovers alike have a new mixed-use real estate project to covet on the Versant Soleil of Mount-Tremblant, in the Laurentian mountains. The ski-in/ski-out resort project is the first of its kind, and the first YOO-branded resort project in Canada. YOO and Brivia Group will develop 500 single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums over 34.6 acres of carefully preserved forested land, a stone’s throw from the panoply of year-round services and activities offered by the internationally acclaimed Station Mont Tremblant. Units from the first two phases are set to be delivered in time for the 2024 ski season.

Immersion in nature: a new vision for Tremblant living 

L’Hymne des Trembles is designed to allow its residents to benefit from the full expression of nature both inside and outside of the home.


With MSDL Architects at the helm, in collaboration with Projet Paysage, the architecture and positioning of each unit draw on the naturally occurring features of the site, with angles and facets mirroring the unique topography of the mountainside. Each dwelling is equipped with a majestic windowed facade, garden, terrasse, and spa to engage the senses and embrace the forested views throughout the year. A second facade on the opposing side offers luxurious private quarters.


YOO’s interiors are the pinnacle of elegance, bringing together clean lines, high-quality natural finishings, and contemporary European touches. Homeowners can choose from three different aesthetics—modern rustic, featuring stone and mountain; a warm forest retreat; or the delicate embrace of a serene snowscape.


The site offers residents a privileged view of Mount-Tremblant National Park—Quebec’s first national park—boasting 1,510 square kilometres of forest, rivers, and lakes. The breathtaking expanse can be explored by canoeing, hiking, and climbing. A private mountain bike trail is also accessible via a scenic belvedere overlooking Lac Tremblant.


A skier’s dream

Residents of L’Hymne des Trembles will be able to start the day by donning their skis at their doorstep, making their way to the private-access Doppelmayr Quad lift—the only privately owned lift on the mountain—and admiring the expanse of the Laurentian forest below as they are lifted up Versant Soleil. Those seeking a quieter downhill experience can opt to ski the project’s exclusive-use top-to-bottom run. After an afternoon navigating the slopes or exploring Tremblant Village on the opposite side of the mountain, residents will return to a warm, welcoming home, with boot dryers on hand, and enjoy a relaxing evening, slipping into a private jacuzzi before capping the night on the heated terrasse with a warm beverage in hand.


Four seasons of dynamic living

Tremblant residents looking for something new for themselves or their growing families, nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts seeking exceptional dwellings, young professionals and retirees will all find an abundance of attractions and activities, no matter the season.


John Hitchcox, Chairman of YOO, asserts that the firm strives to enhance lives through original design and generate communities with an emphasis on conscious living.”


Designed as a village that promotes connection among its residents, L’Hymne des Trembles will feature a network of paths linking gathering spaces for recreation, rest, and play. A hammock zone, a thermal relaxation experience with hot and cold baths, restaurants and terrasses lining a vibrant pedestrian path, a gazebo, and a play area are just some of the features that can be enjoyed year-round. Families will also appreciate a treehouse with stunning views of the site and integrated play area for children.


Off-site adventures are easily accessible via a gondola that directly connects Versant Soleil to the iconic Tremblant Village, bustling with restaurants and boutiques, myriad sports and entertainment options, a casino, and nearby golf courses. The resort is also home to cultural festivals including the Tremblant International Blues Festival.


“L’Hymne des Trembles is an unprecedented resort project that will welcome nature lovers. It is in this spirit that we have named our project.”

Kheng Ly, founder-president and CEO of Brivia Group

YOO and Brivia Group: in harmony with community and the environment

YOO and Brivia Group are working closely with the Mount-Tremblant community to ensure L’Hymne des Trembles is harmoniously integrated into the unblemished natural landscape of Versant Soleil. Brivia Group is collaborating with local elected officials, artists, and designers in service of its mission of ensuring eco-responsible development that will add value for residents and visitors to the surrounding area.


Of the project, founder-president and CEO of Brivia Group, Kheng Ly, says, “L’Hymne des Trembles is an unprecedented resort project that will welcome nature lovers. It is in this spirit that we have named our project; its name reflects the enchanting and colossal side of the mountain.”



YOO and Brivia Group are expanding on Mount-Tremblant’s 30-year legacy of spectacular tourism and economic growth by working with some of the talented players involved in the original development of the mountain. L’Hymne des Trembles is poised to become a leading example of dynamic living immersed in nature with reverence for the historic importance of the site.


Delivery of the first residences starting in 2024


Phase I – Condominiums

  • 36 units
  • 2–3 bedrooms
  • 1,264 – 1,600 sq ft

Phase I – Townhomes

  • 28 units
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2,090 – 2,173 sq ft

Phase II – Single-family homes

  • 15 units
  • 3–4 bedrooms
  • 2,378 – 3,589 sq ft


    • Doppelmayr Quad lift (delivery 2024)
    • Ski trail with direct links to Mont-Tremblant resort (delivery 2024)
    • Hiking and mountain biking trails that connect to Mont-Tremblant National Park
    • “Club des Montagnards” eligibility
    • Treehouse with outdoor fire pits and living spaces
    • Thermal spa
    • Outdoor pool
    • Shuttle with connection to the Village (South Side)
    • Access to the gondola connecting to the Village (South Side)
    • Landscaping included
    • Ski storage included


Presentation Centre

131 chemin de Kandahar, Mont-Tremblant







Writer: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Photos: © Commonground Studios

International tourist destination Mont-Tremblant is the perfect place to take a break from your daily routine and truly enjoy the moment. Recharge your batteries on a weekend stay with nature as a backdrop, breathtaking panoramic views and plenty of outdoor activities, whatever the season. And if you fall under its charm, the town is a wonderful place to put down roots. The area offers stunning luxury homes with prices ranging well into the millions.

History in nature 

Nestled in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, Parc National du Mont-Tremblant is the oldest provincial park in Quebec and teems with nature. If you dream of wide-open spaces and extraordinary wildlife, this is the place for you—a convenient one-hour drive from Montreal or two hours from Ottawa. Whatever the season, this Canadian landscape offers a spectacular view. An immaculate white expanse in winter, Mont-Tremblant is reborn verdant in spring, and its lush summer emerald turns to a fiery display of foliage come autumn.


© Rouge marketing / Tourisme Mont-Tremblant


The colourful roofs of its buildings and its ski resort create a uniquely charming atmosphere. Steeped in history, the picturesque pedestrian village is lively with shops and restaurants. Many accommodations lie just a stone’s throw from the village—not to mention the golf courses and other attractions. Pop by former railway station Place de la Gare to admire the work of local artists and enjoy the not-to-be-missed Circuit Patrimonial, a self-guided heritage tour.


© Tremblant

Year-round activities

Mont-Tremblant attracts more and more tourists each year, thanks in no small part to the plethora of activities in every season. Its legendary ski resort is family friendly, and winter sport lovers get the chance to enjoy one of North America’s top ski destinations. Sit back and admire the panoramic views from the gondola—or if you’re feeling more adventurous, check out the Via Ferrata, which lets you safely walk along rock faces to enjoy equally stunning views. Cyclists of all levels will rejoice in the P’tit Train du Nord, a 200-kilometer-long rail-to-trail in the middle of nature.


© Tremblant

© Rouge marketing / Tourisme Mont-Tremblant

© Parc linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord


A true outdoor playground, the area offers plenty of options for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating and sledding when the ground is covered in snow. In warmer weather, you’ll be hard pressed to choose between hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, ziplining, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming. The gorgeous greens of Mont-Tremblant’s many golf courses also attract a number of visitors. For a unique experience in nature, you can also explore the Treetop Walk, a brand-new ecotourism destination. Marvel at the breathtaking view from the panoramic tower perched 40 metres above the trees. At nightfall, go see the Tonga Lumina, an immersive sensory experience that will delight young and old alike.


© Tremblant

© Tremblant

© Daniel Desmarais


Many art and music events are also held in Mont-Tremblant. The Casino puts on spectacular shows, offering an excuse to savour grilled meat and seafood in their chic restaurant lounge. In the Village, you’ll find a range of culinary fare, from the refined, locally focused cuisine of sEb l’Artisan Culinaire to gourmet boutiques and caterers that tailor their offerings to your taste. The town’s many cafés offer plenty of options for the perfect après-ski or a hearty lunch. The village boasts many quaint shops, as well as complementary activities including a ceramic café, a VR arcade, the Brind’O waterpark, art galleries and fabulous spa and wellness centres.


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© Tremblant

An unparalleled quality of life 

Mont-Tremblant is one of Quebec’s leading tourist destinations, topped only by the province’s urban centres. The town has accordingly invested in impressive infrastructure such as Espace Public (an outdoor park and gathering spot) and the aquatic complex. While tourists and locals alike enjoy the area’s dazzling landscapes, residents also see the town as the perfect place to live and thrive. There’s no lack of professional or investment opportunities. Young professionals are particularly drawn to Mont-Tremblant for its quality of life and proximity to nature, along with great career prospects and a tight-knit community. The people here are warm and friendly; you’ll quickly sense their genuine spirit of hospitality. Though the community is largely French-speaking, you’ll feel welcome in Mont-Tremblant wherever you’re from.


© Rouge marketing / Tourisme Mont-Tremblant

© Rouge marketing / Tourisme Mont-Tremblant


Unsurprisingly, all these benefits are motivation for many to relocate here, and as a result, Mont-Tremblant’s real estate is flourishing. A number of people who intend to come for just a short visit end up establishing a part-time residence by renting or buying a second home in the area. Others fall completely under its charm and settle here for life. One thing is certain: you can’t visit Mont-Tremblant without wanting to return.


Evens to look out for


  • Salomon Tremblant Classic trail run
  • Ski and snowboard shows


  • Ski season begins


  • 24h Tremblant fundraiser


  • Parent-child cooking workshops


  • Holiday season celebrations


  • Spring break activities


  • Spring music weekends


  • Caribou Cup


  • Tremblant International Blues Festival
  • Festival Stradivaria


  • La Fête de la Musique de Tremblant


Writer: Alexandra Wegliszewski

Cover: © Rouge marketing / Tourisme Mont-Tremblant