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A family home in Sainte-Adèle

Twelve years ago, Lyse and her brother Richard bought this property from Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s father, not knowing it would one day become their home year-round. The magnificent property located in Sainte-Adèle in the very private Domaine Deauville was initially an investment for Lyse and Richard. It has now become a shared dwelling for her, her brother and his wife, as well as their dog. The home has served as an anchor for the family and helped its inhabitants nurture close ties.


“My father would often remind me of how taking on projects with my brother would be the only way to maintain our bond,” Lyse recalls. When her parents passed away, days apart from one another, she decided with her brother Richard to purchase the property, along with the hundred- acre virgin forest surrounding the home, bordering a private lake. “Richard loves nature and the great outdoors. He was looking to set up bicycle paths and cross-country ski trails, which he would share with anyone living nearby.” As time passed, what was originally planned as an investment ended up turning into a home base for both owners. Since they often travelled abroad, they decided a shared residence would be the way to go. “We built our lives around our respective trips and even adopted a dog in joint custody,” says Lyse, laughing.


For business purposes, the clothing designer then moved to Asia for a few years. Later on, two years ago, she returned to Quebec to settle down. The home in Sainte-Adèle proved to be the best option. Its two storeys were designed as separate apartments, making it perfect for the two siblings to both move in under the same roof while maintaining their private lives. “My brother and his spouse live in the loft on the second floor, and my apartment is on the first. We always end up together in the living room or kitchen, even on Valentine’s Day!” Lyse and her brother, both interior décor aficionados, enlarged all the windows in the house. They built a veranda alongside the master bedroom and kitchen so they could enjoy the fresh air up until fall while being protected from the elements. The floors were also painted white, which gave the space a distinguished look and enhanced its luminosity.



On the four-acre lot, there is a small century-old house adjoining the main residence that had been abandoned by its former owners. Lyse and her brother, who both have a soft spot for old homes, decided to renovate it while preserving its charm. “We converted it into a workshop. Since I work with colour, I need light. So, we opened up the walls and redid all the windows. However, we left the floors and fireplace intact,” says Lyse. She goes on to say, “Ironically, the place used to be a smoking room for businessmen, barred to women. Yet today, it belongs to me, and I use it to sew clothing for women!” During weekends, the cleverly designed space turns into an apartment for hosting friends. Although Lyse and her brother have struck a perfect balance with this home located in Sainte-Adèle, they are currently looking for new owners who, like them, have an unconditional love for beautiful homes. The siblings still have many more dreams to turn into realities…together, of course!



To visit the home or for further information, please contact:
Nathalie Mercille, Realtor
514 867-8104


Text: Diane Stehle

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