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A Journey through the British Virgin Islands with Virgin Charter Yachts

Virgin Charter Yachts is the epitome of luxury crewed charters, offering an unparalleled vacation experience. Imagine a five-star hotel where you unpack one time and the view out your window changes every day, combined with a full-time chef who crafts every meal to your liking, and an array of water toys for the adventurous. Steered with love by husband-and-wife team Gary and Alexia Lucas, who are equally passionate about yachts as they are about the British Virgin Islands. Your dedicated crew navigates, prepares exceptional meals, and caters to your every desire, even arranging surprises like beachside dinners on deserted islands. With a fleet of 25+ yachts, Virgin Charter Yachts ensures a variety of options for exploring the British Virgin Islands in the epitome of luxury.


Founded in 1996, the company has since become a beacon of exceptional service, with a remarkable 70% repeat customer rate. As they approach their third decade, the company continues to grow, expanding their fleet while maintaining their commitment to personalized service. With a devoted team of nearly twenty, many with over two decades of tenure, Virgin Charter Yachts is not just a charter company; it’s a legacy of passion for yachting and unparalleled customer experiences. Gary and Alexia’s love for the sea and dedication to their guests infuse every aspect of the company, making them the ideal stewards of this maritime dream.


Virgin Charter Yachts is not just a charter company; it’s a legacy of passion for yachting and unparalleled customer experiences.

Smooth Sailing: Why BVI is the Ideal Charter Vacation Spot

The British Virgin Islands offer a uniquely protected haven for your charter adventure. Navigating in a counterclockwise direction around Tortola, you’ll find yourself in the serene embrace of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. This strait, nestled in the heart of the BVI, ensures calm waters and line-of-sight navigation. Unlike longer crossings in other regions, here you’ll spot your destination from Tortola, making it ideal for first-time sailors. With most islands a mere 30 minutes to an hour apart, travel time is minimized, granting you more precious moments to revel in the distinct charms of each island.


According to Alexia Lucas, Director of Virgin Charter Yachts, “Every island has its own flavor, so every day you get to have a different experience.” This boutique, family-owned company, based in Tortola, curates yacht charters and sales with a personal touch. It offers an enticing alternative to cruises, where you can explore a variety of destinations on your own, with a personalized itinerary and without thousands of other cruise ship passengers, allowing you to savor the beauty of each place. The BVI beckon, promising not just a vacation, but a series of enchanting, distinct experiences waiting to be savored.


BVI Bliss: A Week with Virgin Charter Yachts

Embark on a week-long voyage through the breathtaking British Virgin Islands aboard Synergy, a magnificent 86’ Sunseeker luxury motor yacht that was just awarded 1st Place Motor Yacht in the BVI Charter Yacht Society Boat Show. Picture it as a floating five-star hotel, where every morning reveals a new, awe-inspiring panorama just beyond each traveler’s window. It’s akin to the concept of a cruise ship, yet instead, it’s an intimate party of eight friends, with a remarkable one-to-two staff-to-guest ratio, ensuring a truly personalized adventure. The beauty of this voyage lies in its flexibility; each traveler sets the course. Prior to departure, you consult with the captain to tailor the journey to your unique travel style. Speak with your private chef about your individual dietary requirements, food preferences and she will tailor each meal around the individual requests of each guest. Whether your group yearns for a dynamic array of activities or simply desires to bask in the sun and revel in leisurely swims, every preference is accommodated. This is an experience designed exclusively for each traveler, with Synergy serving as an opulent floating sanctuary.


This sample itinerary, meticulously crafted by the crew of Synergy and Virgin Charter Yachts, unveils a curated experience that transcends the ordinary.


Day 1 – Norman Island

As the clock strikes noon, guests step aboard Virgin Charter Yachts’ exquisite Synergy, greeted with a refreshing welcome drink and delectable snacks. A comprehensive orientation familiarizes everyone with their luxurious abode for the next seven days. Once settled into their cabins, the voyage kicks off towards our inaugural destination – the captivating Norman Island, the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s, ‘Treasure Island.’  We drop anchor in the sequestered haven of Privateer Bay, just a brief tender-ride away from the island’s myriad of treasures. Afternoon delights include snorkeling in the enigmatic depths of The Caves, an idyllic visit to Pirate’s Bight for beachside relaxation and an inland hike. Then, it’s off to the renowned Willy T, a floating bar shaped like a pirate ship, where taking the leap from the top deck becomes an indelible memory. Evening descends with a breathtaking sunset over St. John, followed by your chef’s inaugural culinary masterpiece, beef short ribs braised and served on homemade gnocchi with butternut squash puree and broccolini, and followed by coconut rum infused creme brulé, setting the tone for an extraordinary week ahead.


Day 2 – Cooper Island and The Baths, Virgin Gorda

Following a sumptuous breakfast of lobster eggs benedict and freshly baked blueberry lemon and poppyseed muffins, we enjoy a snorkel at The Indians, keeping an eye out for graceful sea turtles, French Angelfish and the many Caribbean lobster hiding in the nooks and crannies of the coral.  Our voyage continues to the tranquil shores of Cooper Island.  Here, guests can unwind on the beach or indulge in the largest rum bar in the Virgin Islands.  With hundreds of different rums to try, guests can enjoy various rum flights, and homemade rum-infused chocolates. After a delightful lunch, our path leads us to Spanish Town, where an afternoon of exploration at one of the BVI’s most renowned natural marvels, The Baths, awaits. Here, nature has crafted a mesmerizing maze of boulders and caverns, unveiling hidden rock pools and the legendary Cathedral Room, a serene pool nestled within a small cave. As we conclude our journey, indulge in some well-earned relaxation on the enchanting shores of Devil’s Bay. For an unforgettable dinner ashore, the captain’s top pick is Coco Maya, a beachfront gem serving tantalizing Latin-Asian fusion tapas-style cuisine, complete with live music or a DJ and some of the best sunsets in all of BVI.


Day 3 – North Sound, Virgin Gorda

Embarking on an adventure to North Sound, Virgin Gorda’s cherished yacht haven. Discover a variety of amazing resorts and shore stops including, Saba Rock, Oil Nut Bay, Bitter End Yacht Club, and Leverick Bay, each offering a plethora of activities. North Sound is the perfect place for the active members of your group to engage in all type of water sports.  Head out on a scuba diving adventure from The Bitter End, learn to kite board off Saba Rock and Necker Island, enjoy soaring around on an eFoil board, or cruise on a jet ski outside Leverick Bay.  Be sure to witness the thrilling tarpon fish feeding at Saba Rock at 5 pm. As the sun sets, enjoy a gourmet meal of surf and turf on the aft deck, featuring beef tenderloin and fresh caught grilled lobster with, asparagus, caramelized onion puree, and garlic lemon compound butter followed by key lime pie on a graham and toasted pecan crust with burnt meringue. Following diner, enjoy a handcrafted cocktail while you soak in the hot tub on the flybridge, gazing at the millions of stars in the perfectly clear sky.


Day 4 – Anegada

Embrace the dawn for an early embarkation, seizing every moment on the pristine white-sand shores of Anegada. The boat will set off with the sunrise, relishing a hearty breakfast upon arrival of creme brulé french toast with mascarpone honey, charred peaches, and candied bacon, served with eggs to order. After arriving to the island of Anegada, home to fewer than 200 people and the second largest barrier reef in the world, prepare for a snorkeling odyssey led by a local guide on a private boat, uncovering hidden gems of Horseshoe reef and Conch Island. Try your hand at catching live lobster and conch and enjoy the freshest conch ceviche prepared right before your eyes.  Post-adventure, your captain will orchestrate a safari truck tour, unveiling Anegada’s finest beaches and charming bars like Anegada Beach Club, Tipsy’s, and Cow Wreck Beach, dotted all around the island.  Come evening, an Anegada voyage is incomplete without savoring the famed Anegada lobster. A sumptuous lobster BBQ on the beach awaits at one of Setting Point’s exquisite restaurants, a perfect culmination to an extraordinary day.

Day 5 – Jost Van Dyke

After a delightful breakfast, of Mediterranean inspired frittata with sundried tomatoes, feta, spinach, caramelized onions and a side of pancakes and raspberry coulis, we set off for White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, one of the most popular stops during the week. We start at the famous ‘Soggy Dollar Bar,’ named for the ‘soggy dollars’ guests pull from their swim trunks after swimming to the beach bar from their yacht (you can make the voyage in the tender if you prefer).  Order the famous BVI ‘painkiller,’ a cocktail created at Soggy Dollar.  Wade into the warm, turquoise blue seas of White Bay and sip your drink, admiring the picture-perfect surroundings.   As evening descends, the choice is yours: venture to the lively Great Harbor for post-dinner drinks and dancing at Foxy’s or opt for a tranquil retreat in the serene Diamond Cay.


Day 6 – Little Harbor, Peter Island

Seize our final full day on board and explore the pristine solitude of Sandy Spit and Sandy Cay Island and be immersed in an authentic ‘deserted island’ experience. After exploring the islands, we make our way to the calm embrace of Little Harbor on Peter Island. This sheltered bay offers tranquil waters, perfect for enjoying an outing aboard a stand-up paddleboard. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the many sea turtles that call Little Harbor home.   Relax after your paddle with a leisurely float behind Synergy in the inflatable party cabana, while the crew serves you freshly made mango margaritas with a side of homemade guacamole and twice fried plantain chips, all without ever leaving the comfort of your floating island.  For a breathtaking panoramic view of the bay and the neighboring island of Tortola, embark on a short walk to the hilltop of the harbor, where the remnants of an old mansion await, providing commanding vistas of this coastal haven.  Spend your final evening aboard reminiscing about the amazing adventures and once-in-a-lifetime memories you have made during the week.


Day 7 – Nanny Cay, Tortola

Savor our final morning on board with a traditional ‘English Breakfast’ in honor of our wonderful BVI adventure; fresh eggs, bacon, ‘bubble and squeak’, sausage, baked beans, black pudding and roasted tomatoes, served with a side of fresh baked scones.  After breakfast we enjoy a final relaxing snorkel and swim, enjoying the warm waters and tropical breeze one last time.  As we wrap up this unforgettable journey, we embark on a short trip back to Nanny Cay for our midday drop off, bidding fond farewells and arranging for your water taxi or private car to whisk you to your next destination.


If this itinerary has ignited your imagination about the adventures in store aboard a luxury yacht charter with Virgin Charter Yachts, contact Alexia to discuss the boundless possibilities.

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