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Alexandre Beauregard: Watch-Jewelry Creator

Well known in Switzerland and amongst a very select few in the high-end jewelry world, BEAUREGARD fuses watchmaking and jewelry in an unprecedented fashion. Founded by Montrealer Alexandre Beauregard and based in Geneva, the company offers exceptional Swiss timepieces with bold designs, beautifully set hand-polished stones, among other unique elements. As veritable works of art, these breathtaking time pieces can cost up to $250,000. LUXE met with the talented artist to find out more.


Alexandre Beauregard (centre) next to François Ruel, 3D designer (on the right), and Yves Saint-Pierre, lapidary artist (on the left)

When did your passion for watches begin?

 My first experience with watchmaking dates back to my adolescence when I was working with a friend on creating atypical watches in my father’s garage.

 Yet, you didn’t immediately pursue it as a career?

No, life took me in different directions. I created three businesses: a laundry service for major Montreal hotels, a gemstone business, and a property management company. But, ten years ago, my passion for watchmaking came back full force. So, I decided to go to Geneva to meet industry professionals to present my project and seek their advice. For five years, I travelled back and forth every month between Montreal and Geneva. I learned the craft in the field, because given my family life, it was impossible for me to go back to school. Finally, in 2014, I founded the company in Geneva, BEAUREGARD SA.

Your workshop is in Montreal, but your watches are made in Switzerland. Can you explain the creative process…

Switzerland has a unique and mature watchmaking industry and is the only place in the world that possesses all the necessary skills to manufacture luxury watches.

All of our collections are produced and assembled in Switzerland. As a native Montrealer, I chose to set up a stone-cutting and development workshop which allows me to design the pieces and perform the high-end jewelry work in Montreal. Yves Saint-Pierre, a world-renowned lapidary artist along with François Ruel, a specialist in 3D modelling, both assist me here.

Tell us about your collections.

A year ago, our first watch, Dahlia, was selected at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. That honor officially marked the birth of BEAUREGARD.


Dahlia is a high-end jewelry dial made of hand-polished stones from our workshop and animated by a high-art watchmaking movement with a central Flying Tourbillon. I didn’t hold back in the creation and realization of this collection; I refused to choose between high-end timepieces and high-end jewelry.


Meanwhile, Lili was born from the desire to offer the splendor of the Dahlia collection in a more accessible and delicate way. It is a small cocktail watch equipped with a Swiss quartz movement and high-end jewel dial embellished with hand-made petals.


Currently, we are working on a round version of the Lili collection that should be released in the coming months, as well as, a men’s collection that will be launched in the spring of 2022.

What are the distinguishing features of BEAUREGARD watches?

BEAUREGARD is the epitome of my passion for fine stones and mechanical complexity, for beautiful objects, and human genius. The dial is the canvas on which I give free rein to my imagination and the most distinctive elements of my creations. Considerable technical work is necessary to ensure that we always meet the standards of high-art watchmaking. It’s imperative for me that my watches are recognizable at first glance and inspire strong emotions.

You were the first Canadian to win the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix just a year ago. How did that feel for you?

I was very honored to be selected alongside prestigious brands such as Van Cleef and Arpels, Copard, and Bvlgari. The distinction was a very nice recognition of our work, especially since the Dahlia was the first model we ever presented and we were still such a young brand.

Your logo is “Geneva Montreal.” Why is that important to you?

I am so proud and in love with my city. Of course, it would be simpler for me to settle in Switzerland, but family is here and I am very attached to Montreal. Beyond the emotional aspects, all of the high-end jewelry work, as well as the creation of each piece, is done in Montreal. I had to mention both for these reasons.

How do you envision the future?

I am a business person and so it’s important for me to achieve commercial success, but watchmaking remains, above all, a passion. Therefore, I see the future as a great adventure with beautiful encounters and shared passions.


Writer: Diane Stehle

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