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Arsenal Contemporary: Opening a new art space

After its success in Montreal and Toronto, the largest private Art Center in Canada opens now in the US. Arsenal Contemporary New York is located right across of the New Museum and steps away from the new location of the International Center for Photography.


A newcomer on the NY art scene, Arsenal plans to introduce its Montreal’s artists in residence among its varied curatorial programs. The Arsenal presents emerging and established artists across disciplines. British artist, Ed Fornieles’s video and sculptural installation, inaugurates the space. Fornieles presents The Finiliar, a playful essay on big data and their real time representation. The project features cute globular creatures who each act out the real time fluctuations of a global monetary values with matching emotional behavior. Currency personification and our relationship to it is the subject at stake here. It is enough to put your brain in over drive thinking of the consequences of sentimental attachement to the life of a financial entity, incarnated by a cute pet you would want to rescue…


Arsenal Contemporary New York

214 Bowery, New York

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