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Arthur Erickson’s iconic Montiverdi House #8

West Coast Modern, Vancouver’s premier real estate agency specializing in design-led architectural homes, recently listed Arthur Erickson’s Montiverdi House #8 for sale. Situated in the sought-after Caulfeild neighbourhood of West Vancouver, this ground-oriented home offers a rare opportunity for buyers to own a piece of Montiverdi Estates, a distinctive residential park designed by the late renowned architect Arthur Erickson. With its unique integration into the natural surroundings and landscape architecture by the late Cornelia Oberlander, Montiverdi House #8 is a rare architectural gem in British Columbia.


Montiverdi Estates: A Residential Playground Within Nature

Montiverdi Estates, conceived by Arthur Erickson, exemplifies a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. The 1979 innovative residential development in West Vancouver comprises 20 homes that seamlessly merge with the natural setting. Each residence is modelled after Erickson’s iconic Smith House and features a green roof, reminiscent of Erickson’s design for the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. Cornelia Oberlander, celebrated for her contributions to landscape architecture, oversaw the neighbourhood’s landscaping, ensuring that a wildflower meadow was preserved at the community’s heart and maintaining the park-like ambiance without defined property lines.


Montiverdi House #8: A Rare Ground-Oriented Home

Even among the distinguished residences within Montiverdi Estates, Montiverdi House #8 stands out as a unique offering. Unlike the other homes perched on timber stilts along the mountainside, this 2,010-square-foot property boasts a level parcel, granting convenient access to the outdoors from all major living areas. The residence sits on an expansive 8,210-square-foot lot, featuring a sizable yard specially designed to accommodate a swimming pool, if desired. Its exceptional design and prime location make the home an exquisite choice for discerning buyers seeking both architectural excellence and a serene living environment.


The Legacies of Arthur Erickson and Cornelia Oberlander

Arthur Erickson (1924–2009), a renowned Canadian architect, left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape from Eastern Canada to his native West Coast. Erickson’s ability to blend function with aesthetic sensitivity garnered widespread recognition. Erickson’s notable works include Simon Fraser University, Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto and the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Montiverdi Estates is a luxurious “hometown” addition to the Vancouver native’s illustrious portfolio. Throughout his career, Arthur Erickson demonstrated a commitment to pushing architectural boundaries, creating spaces that harmonized with their environments while embracing innovative design concepts. His architectural achievements continue to inspire and shape the field, leaving a lasting legacy in Canada and beyond.


Cornelia Hahn Oberlander (1921–2021), one of the first women to receive a degree in landscape architecture from Harvard, played a pivotal role in shaping the outdoor spaces of the Montiverdi Estates. Born in Germany, she escaped the Nazis with her mother and sister by fleeing to England, the US and finally settling in Canada. Her namesake firm, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander Landscape Architects, was founded in 1953, when she moved to Vancouver. Her landscape designs have adorned prominent locations such as the Vancouver Public Library, the National Gallery of Canada and the atrium of the New York Times Building. Additionally, she conceived the idea of the natural log seating found on Vancouver’s beaches. Oberlander’s collaboration with Erickson cultivated a symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature.

Opportunity Knocks: Prospective Buyers Welcome

As the first ground-oriented home to hit the market in over a decade within Montiverdi Estates, Montiverdi House #8 is a rare and sought-after opportunity for homebuyers. With its rich architectural heritage, stunning design and connection to nature, Montiverdi House #8 offers a truly exceptional living experience.


The house is listed by West Coast Modern, Vancouver’s premier real estate agency specializing in the sale of design-led architectural homes. From mid-century classics to contemporary new builds, they showcase one-of-a-kind architectural properties, creating captivating storytelling experiences for each property they represent. With a devoted clientele that appreciates design excellence, West Coast Modern attracts buyers from around the world who understand the intrinsic value of well-crafted living spaces. West Coast Modern invites prospective buyers to contact them to arrange a private tour of this extraordinary property.



Writer: Lesley Bishin

Photos: © Dan Kirchner


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