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Baccarat Hotel New York: a new incarnation of legendary excellence

Walk past Van Cleef & Arpels and Mikimoto, turn onto 53rd Street, and, across from the iconic Museum of Modern Art, you will find the Baccarat Hotel New York. The entrance is framed by a prismatic glass wall and a modernist dark awning. From the red carpet lit by crystal chandeliers, a doorman will usher you onto a private elevator. Enter a world of exalted luxury, reserved for a very few. Welcome to Baccarat, where every moment is magical, every sight a delight.

A new edge to Baccarat

Created by the legendary French crystal company, the first ever Baccarat Hotel rises in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, at the epicentre of New York City culture and luxury. The hotel’s contemporary spaces exude impeccable taste and elegance. Parisian designers Gilles & Boissier have created a fusion of sensibilities, with the sophistication of Paris and the boldness of New York City.


Baccarat was built by artisans seeking to achieve perfection never seen before. It became what it is today by crafting exceptional works treasured by the world’s most powerful. At the Baccarat Hotel, each carefully curated piece brings this history into the present.

Baccarat signature colours

Baccarat is famous for its formidable chandeliers, and the hotel showcases this wonderfully with exquisite lighting in every salon and suite, accented with Baccarat crystal and the fiery crimson shade of Baccarat red. The limpid crystals are akin to diamonds—nothing compares to their purity— while the ruby ones offer a much deeper, sensual luminosity.


White, red and black are central to the hotel’s colour palette. Gorgeous spherical bouquets of red roses and red accent pieces spark up a joyful touch amidst the elegant white leathers, lunar veined marble floors and creamy draperies. The bar and the art gallery are a daring marriage of red, white and black. The rhythm is faster, the space, dynamic.


Grand Salon, Petit Salon

Alluding to a suite of reception rooms in a French chateau, the Grand Salon and Petit Salon are Baccarat Hotel New York’s dining and lounge areas. With their high ceilings, sparkling crystal and dazzling vitrines, both sumptuous salons are perfect for a relaxing pause or social gathering.


The Petit Salon is intimate and dimmed, with wooden panels and a golden ceiling. It is ideal for a private conversation or a good read. The contemporary Grand Salon feels airy and chic, with Jouffre silk-covered walls. This is where the afternoon teas, lunches and dinners are served.


The Baccarat has many delicious bites and small plates. The menu is filled with delicacies like truffles and caviar, and a wonderful array of seafood and meats. Pastry chef Rosario Wakabayashi’s delightful desserts are fantastic. The service is impeccable and discreet.


The Bar and the art

Most hip New Yorkers have sat at the Baccarat bar for a late-night drink. Weekdays and weekends alike, The Bar and its terrace attract a chic crowd, who come for the cocktails and the cool atmosphere.


The Baccarat has an extensive and sophisticated art collection. Art lovers are sure to enjoy the works of many renowned artists, which are displayed throughout the hotel spaces. The bar walls in particular are replete with framed works. The collection is more than just paintings: Baccarat crystal glasses, with their iconic, famously architectural designs, are used in The Bar, salons and rooms.


The rooms and suites

If you are looking for a luxurious personal escape, the Baccarat is the hotel for you. All rooms feature crystal and have a sensual elegance, with four-poster king-sized beds, white plush covers and luxurious linens. The pièce de résistance is the Baccarat Suite, an 1800-square-foot space with a bedroom, living room, powder room and grand foyer. The suite offers multiple possibilities, from private retreats to in-room cocktail parties.


The designers have created a splendid interior with custom furniture and detailed décor embracing contemporary French esthetics. Black and white rococo-inspired motifs, classical proportions and modern furnishings come together flawlessly. A world of texture unfolds, from the softest cashmere and velour to sleek lacquer and white leathers.


Spa and pool

The lower level of the Baccarat houses the Spa de La Mer, a glorious swimming pool and fitness centre, all of which is welcoming and beautifully designed, inspired by luxurious European seaside retreats.


After your treatment, extend your experience by enjoying a peaceful moment under the lush canopied day beds along the pool. You will never want to leave this dreamy retreat, reminiscent of antique Roman baths and the French Riviera.



Text: Barbara Stehle
Photos: © Baccarat Hotel New York

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