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Batimat: the height of luxury plumbing in Quebec

Batimat’s Montreal showroom is a place of pleasure and discovery, housing the world’s finest fixtures and furnishings for extraordinary bathroom design. Cultivating expertise since 1977, Batimat stands out as the only full-service outlet of its kind in the province. LUXE sits down with General Manager Magali Tocco to talk about enhancing a home’s most intimate spaces and what it takes to be a leader in the field.

What are the latest trends in luxury bathroom renovation?

There is a shift toward classic, organic shapes with timeless allure, punctuated with a colour that reflects the spirit of the client. The home spa experience is in high demand, especially as people are becoming more aware of the importance of wellness. Steam, built-in rain shower heads, light therapy, chromotherapy, and heated towel racks are all elements that integrate sumptuous pampering into the home.

Tell us about some of your most extravagant client requests.

At Batimat, extravagance is our everyday. Our solution-driven approach transforms our clients’ dreams into reality, whether that means consulting on a private airplane project, sourcing a toilet seat in a novelty shape, overseeing the custom design and fabrication of a focal piece, or installing side-by-side showers to accommodate the preference of each family member. We once worked with a client who requested a lavish, one-of-a-kind bathtub for the sole purpose of respecting the project’s aesthetic—he prefers taking showers!

What are the different considerations for bathrooms in luxury homes versus condominiums?

Condominium projects are typically smaller—often no more than two bathrooms—but they often present technical constraints; concrete floors, for example, often dictate the placement of drains for sinks and stand-alone bathtubs. Luxury homes can have up to 17 or 18 bathrooms, so the scope of work is much larger, but there is much more freedom in the design and in the choice of products.

How would you collaborate with a client seeking your expertise for a project outside of Quebec?

Many of our clients own real estate abroad, in addition to their homes in the province. Batimat has worked on projects in Mexico and Barbados, as well as in Florida, Vermont, and Massachusetts. We are pleased to collaborate with our clients’ designers in navigating foreign building codes and customs clearance. Our team is available to travel for such projects upon request. 

How does Batimat choose its exclusive collections?

I travel extensively to explore and discover and stay ahead of the trends. When meeting potential suppliers for new high-end plumbing component lines, quality, innovation and the company’s values are always considered. We keep our finger on the pulse by listening to the insight and desires of clients who might have encountered something truly unique.


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How has Batimat positioned itself as a leader in luxury plumbing in Quebec?

Batimat’s success begins with celebrating our team, ensuring their wellbeing, and supporting their professional growth. We nurture our view that each person has something to contribute by offering continuing education opportunities, as well as benefits such as resting areas and gym access. A team that is well cared for is motivated to excel and provide extraordinary knowledge and service to our clients. Experience, innovation, and exclusive products from suppliers who share our values, housed in a spectacular showroom, contribute to our reputation as the leader in Quebec’s luxury plumbing sector. My vision has always been to differentiate ourselves; Batimat’s leading positioning is meant to be an ongoing endeavour.



Writer: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Cover photo: © Angeliki Argyrakos

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