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Batimat – A Luxurious Spa at Home

Batimat has offered plumbing fittings and accessories from the most prestigious local and international brands since 1977. Last year, Batimat installed a brand-new showroom at its location in the chic Town of Mount Royal. Always on the lookout for ways to improve its product offering, Batimat also teamed up with renowned residential spa supplier Effegibi a few months ago. The new showroom’s model spas, from Batimat’s newest partner, create a compelling immersive experience for clients.


Batimat is always looking for innovations, exclusive lines and new ways to showcase its products, as anyone seeking plumbing product excellence already knows. That’s why in 2018, the company decided to create a new showroom that would serve as both an innovative product display area and a one-of-a-kind meeting space.


Visitors can let their imagination run wild and be inspired by the products on display. Batimat’s experienced advisers are on hand to listen to the client’s needs while providing helpful advice and suggestions.


A successful partnership

This spring, Batimat teamed up with Effegibi, an Italian manufacturer of Finnish spas and saunas known for its innovative spirit and superior-quality products. Over the years, Effegibi has revolutionized the sauna industry by introducing this wellness element into private residences, transforming the sauna into a designer furniture item.


Equipped with all the features of a complete wellness centre and perfectly blending functionality, esthetics and technology, the residential Effegibi spa from Batimat is the best of all worlds. Easy to install, the residential spa integrates the benefits of sauna and Turkish bath into one extraordinary solution.


In addition to its sleek, modern design, the residential spa comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology and superior-quality materials, such as Canadian hemlock, laminated Slimtech™ stoneware, and 15-mm-thick tempered glass.


An immersive experience

Eager to let clients experience this new product firsthand, Batimat has installed an Effegibi residential spa right in its new showroom. The company worked with a designer to create an immersive model residential spa to help clients better understand its benefits while enjoying the elegant design.


Batimat’s partnership with Effegibi has also expanded the Mount Royal distributor’s product offering, highlighting its dedication to quality, design and wellness. Batimat’s new showroom lets clients imagine themselves in their own residential spa, transforming an occasional treat into an everyday luxury.


The grand opening of the new showroom will take place this summer. For more information on Batimat products and updates, visit


Text: Diane Stehle

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