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Boarini Milanesi: the $7 million handbag that is making waves

Italian designer Boarini Milanesi has created a USD 7 million handbag—the most expensive in the world—as an urgent call to protect our oceans from the ever-increasing threat of plastic waste. The cause is close to the heart of co-founder Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi, who describes his happiest moments of childhood as summers spent navigating the waters between Greece and Turkey with his late father.


Together with brand co-founder and designer Carolina Boarini, Milanesi conceived of a unique way to raise awareness in defence of the marine environment. Three bags, the only ones in existence, honour the memory of a father who would dive into the sea to retrieve plastic rubbish, as well as the Boarini Milanesi vision of minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices.


Made of semi-lustrous alligator in an aquatic hue, the Parva Mea model bag is embellished with gemstones channelling the different facets of water. Ten white-gold butterflies encase blue sapphires that mirror the ocean’s depths, Paraiba tourmalines that symbolize the uncontaminated Caribbean seas, and diamonds that recall the lucidity of raindrops. The handbags each come with a certificate of authenticity and serial number. Reservations for purchase are currently open. Of the proceeds, USD 950,000 will be donated to fund marine cleaning and advocacy efforts.




Text: Jennifer laoun-Rubenstein

Photos: © Francesco Rucci

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