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An exhilarating portrait of a family

Leïla Slimani’s extraordinary second volume of Pays des autres is grounded in an independent Morocco struggling to forge its own path. Set during a period of upheaval, torn between tradition and freedom, the novel tells the story of the Belhaj family as it rises through the social ranks. After working hard on arid land, the family finds itself at the helm of a prosperous farm. But when they intermingle with the local bourgeoisie, differences between French and Moroccan cultures come to light.


Regardez-nous danser by Leïla Slimani – Éd. Gallimard


From a cry to a dream of rebirth

This astonishing novel finds Ada in London, where she is in search of her true origins. The child of a Greek father and Turkish mother, Ada unknowingly carries the weight of her family history, born of a forbidden love during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, when the island was torn in two. In a surge of violence, her parents’ love was irredeemably condemned. Elif Shafak transports readers to a place where dreams and pain are intertwined, where words can be spoken freely and generations can live together.


The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak – Pub. Bloomsbury USA




A healthy lifestyle in a spirit of togetherness

Vanessa Perrone’s cookbook is a celebration of the Mediterranean diet, bringing together her Italian roots and nutritional expertise. Home cooks can redefine their relationship with food by trying out healthy and delicious recipes crafted by Perrone, who adapts recipes from her culinary heritage to everyday living. Wow your guests with recipes like blood orange fennel salad and couscous with caramelized shallots, pistachios and raisins.


Méditerranéenne : Recettes et inspirations ensoleillées by Vanessa Perrone – Éd. Cardinal


Rediscovering authentic flavours

Bérénice Leconte’s latest cookbook features mouth-watering recipes, without compromising on traditional baking flavour. Through vegan gastronomy, Leconte demonstrates how to use fundamental cooking techniques and basic ingredients. From her extravagant opera cake to the most rustic pain au chocolat, this vegan cookbook doesn’t skimp on excitement.


Pâtisserie vegan by Bérénice Leconte – Éd. La Plage



Beautiful books

Over 70 years of self-portraits

After decades of research, Pascal Bonafoux has assembled an in-depth album of Picasso’s self-portraits. With work that veers off the path of Picasso’s more well-known style, this new compilation of 170 sketches and paintings is an exciting discovery for modern art lovers.


Picasso par Picasso by Pascal Bonafoux – Éd. Seuil


From pastels to immersive murals

This catalogue provides an overview of Nicolas Party’s work. Created for the artist’s first exhibition in Canada, L’heure mauve (Mauve Twilight). The book is a collection of colourful pastels, imposing murals and majestic sculptures from the exhibition. With a foreword by the director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, it also contains an essay about Party’s work, photos of his creative process and original lyrics by Pierre Lapointe.


L’heure mauve by Bénédicte Ramade and Pierre Lapointe – Éd. 5 continents


Reality magnified

This incredible book showcases how designers use optical illusions for aesthetic or functional purposes. It uncovers real-world examples from trompe-l’œil to anamorphosis in architecture, art, design and furniture making. Prepare to be inspired and surprised—if you can imagine it, it’s possible!


Illusion in Design by Paul Gunther and Gay Giordano – Pub. Rizolli


A stunning journey through the land of fire and ice

Immerse yourself in these photographs to discover Iceland through the lens of talented photographer Feifei Bui Paoluzzo. With wild island vistas, she transposes organic matter into sparkling images that bring the reader beyond the role of spectator, inviting them to be witnesses. Ochre mountains, volcanic rocks and geysers: get ready to delve into the landscape’s Viking spirit and Icelandic lore. Learn about the beginning of the Earth through petrified lava flows and witness a blurred horizon through the northern lights.


Islande by Feifei Cui Paoluzzo – Éd. Favre


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