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A chilling thriller

Faye has devoted her life to Jack, she sacrificed everything for him. But when Jack—a chronic philanderer—leaves her for a young colleague, love gives way to hate. Faye’s revenge will be sweet and ruthless: he took everything, she’ll leave him with nothing. The first in a two-part series, La Cage dorée is a chilling thriller that resonates with the grim reality of the #MeToo era. For the first time, Camilla Läckberg ventures outside of Fjällbacka to explore the dark side of humanity in Stockholm’s high society and show the dangers of underestimating a woman…


La Cage dorée by Camilla Läckberg   ̶ Éd. Actes Sud


Today’s woman

A career woman’s life is thrown off track by an unexpected pregnancy and its challenging aftermath, a troubled doctor abandons her family on her daughter’s birthday, a young mother struggles to find a way to explain the death of her husband to their child. In this book, Lesley Trites explores the dilemmas faced by modern women juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, work and love. Insightful and profound, this is a book about women who are just like us.


A Three-Tiered Pastel Dream: Stories by Lesley Trites   ̶ Véhicule Press


A tragedy of bad manners

The latest from the author who brought us The Sisters Brothers has plenty to reel us in. This surprisingly funny and perfectly executed tragedy of manners tells the story of Frances, a financially ruined socialite, and her son, Malcolm. Together, they leave New York to start afresh in a friend’s apartment in Paris. Hilarity ensues in the company of a parade of colourful characters: a bashful private investigator, a psychic who can’t see her own impending misfortunes, an independently wealthy idler, a doctor who shows up with libations in hand… This novel is a must read chock-full of black humour and clever dialogue.


French Exit by Patrick deWitt   ̶ House of Anansi Press




Rethink your plate

No more excuses for not hosting a vegan dinner party—this book has everything you need to make it happen! Authors Élise Desaulniers, executive officer of SPCA Montréal, and Patricia Martin invited a dozen figures from different cultural communities to share their favourite vegan recipes. Contributors include Toqué! chef Anto Vargas, Café Dei Campi owners Nicola Vardaro and Isabelle Deschamps, and Mariève Savaria, a market gardener. Peruvian, Vietnamese, Italian, Moroccan Jewish and Abenaki, each tradition serves up a complete vegan menu: drinks, appetizers, main dishes, sides, and of course, dessert.


Tables véganes, menus d’ici et d’ailleurs by Élise Desaulniers and Patricia Martin   ̶ Éd. Trécarré


Good things brewing!

There’s nothing better than a nice, cold beer on a hot summer’s day. Crafting beer from grains and locally grown aromatics is an almost universal trend in the brewing world these days. Some go so far as to grow, malt and brew with their own ingredients. Others aim for more of farmhouse flavour, a mix of malts and specific fermentations associated with farmhouse brewing. Martin Thibault explains how to tell these specific traits apart and leads us on a discovery of some of the most exciting examples and inspiring traditions from near—Quebec and New England—and far—Bhutan, Peru and Norway.

Le goût de la bière fermière by Martin Thibault in collaboration with David Lévesque Gendron   ̶ Éd. Druide



Beautiful books

150 exceptional world heritage sites

From the Taj Mahal to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, and the Pyramids of Giza to the Great Wall of China, this stunning book takes you to all four corners of the earth. It features breathtaking monuments, historic cities, architectural masterpieces, incredible national parks and natural areas and incomparable archeological sites. Chosen for their remarkable beauty, their historical or artistic significance and the unique tourism experience they have to offer, the 150 places described in this book, brought to life with exquisite photography, are sure to dazzle and delight.


Le meilleur du patrimoine mondial by Collectif Ulysse   ̶ Éd. Guide de voyage Ulysse


What a wonderful world

This book will take you to new destinations from the very first page. From Captain Cook’s New Zealand routes, Frida Kahlo’s Mexico, or the vineyards of California, each itinerary offers unforgettable experiences and amazing discoveries. Designed in collaboration with custom adventure travel tour experts, every itinerary provides a day-by-day account of the suggested activities and is organized according to the best months for the trip. This book makes a beautiful gift for a friend—or for yourself!


Les 50 plus beaux itinéraires autour du monde by Collectif Ulysse   ̶ Éd. Guide de voyage Ulysse



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