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A cry for air and love

In the dead of winter, two families spend too much time together in a 100-year-old house. And so, the attention turns to the outdoors, as if for the first time. Outside, nature speaks with a new language, a woman picking milkweed saves the lives of soldiers, a superhero aboard his tractor tames fears… Outside, anything is possible again. An invaluable book where existence waltzes with death, reminding us what it means “to be alive.”


Femme forêt by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette – Éd. Marchand de feuilles


A jewel of knowledge

In 2018 Paris, young Senegalese writer Diégane Latyr Faye discovers a mythical book written in 1938, Le labyrinthe de l’inhumain. He embarks in search of the mysterious T.C. Elimane, who disappeared following the scandal that erupted at the publication of his book. He confronts the great tragedies of colonialism or the Holocaust. From Senegal to France, by way of Argentina, what truth awaits him at the heart of this labyrinth? This book from a young author, just 31 years old, received the Prix Goncourt 2021.


La plus secrète mémoire des hommes by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr – Éd. Philippe Rey




A culinary tale

Everything brings Lara Fabian back to the table. For her, meals symbolize family, friends, comfort, joy, and gratitude. The singer weaves together significant moments of her life with the recipes that are related to them: childhood memories, family stories, career paths, confidences, and photos from her personal archives meld with recipes that bring providence and stories, hitherto untold.


Je passe à table by Lara Fabian – Éd. Libre Expression


Make your own bread

Businesswoman Josée Fiset has been passionate about baking, and bread, in particular, for almost 30 years! The cofounder of Première Moisson, who lives and breathes bread, shares all her secrets. With her simple illustrated explanations, this book makes homemade bread accessible to everyone, with 150 no-knead recipes.


Le Pain d’une vie! Faire son pain maison… by Josée Fiset – Éd. Pratico-Pratiques



Vegetarian eating       

The McCartney family revisits the pioneering plant-based cookbook published in 1989 by Linda McCartney and offers recipes adapted to contemporary tastes and trends: pancakes, chili no carne, pad Thai, vegetarian burgers, minestrone, cookies, and more. The origin of each dish and its health benefits are explained. Personal anecdotes and memories are woven throughout.


Linda McCartney’s family kitchen by Linda McCartney – Little, Brown And Company Press



Beautiful books

In osmosis with the landscape

Once there was a landscape – a forest, a city, a lake, a river. Into each one a house was born from the shared dreams of an architect, a team and a client. Here are 16 living spaces designed by Pierre Thibault that blend naturally into the landscape, 16 places that speak to the encompassing approach of Atelier Pierre Thibault.


Maisons paysage by Pierre Thibault, Denys Arcand – Éd. La Presse


Zooming in on Italy

Aerial, immersive views of Italy, its landscapes and cities. More than 400 photographs of churches and domes, forests made up of turrets and steeples, street corner parks, shaded archways, snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites and the Apennines, rolling Tuscan hills, and more.


Splendide Italie by Alberto Bertolazzi, Marcello Bertinetti, Antonio Attini – Éd. National Geographic

Escape and meditate

Embark on a getaway close to home, a short jaunt or miles away to unplug and take time for oneself. Panoramic photographs of 80 retreat spaces perfect for meditation—landscapes, abbeys or heritage sites like the Brocéliande Forest, the Abbey of Montserrat, Shikoku Island in Japan or the Cîteaux Abbey. For journeyers in search of authenticity.


Partir & méditer : 80 lieux pour se ressourcer by Hugues Demeude, Manon Liduena, Marie-Emilie Michel – Éd. EPA


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