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Brivia Group – Injecting vitality into downtown Montréal

Innova Condos, C3 Cavendish, and YUL—the largest residential project in downtown Montréal—and now also Stanbrooke: Brivia Group has an impressive portfolio of large-scale real estate projects in the city under its belt. This investment and development company helps revitalize the neighbourhood and promote the city on an international stage. Interview with Kheng Ly, Brivia Group’s President and CEO.

Brivia Group is a key player in the development of the Montréal real estate market. What types of projects interest you and how do they distinguish themselves?

Our portfolio includes mostly residential projects, but we also develop commercial projects. Above all, they meet the market’s needs. They are located in strategic areas and stand out by their quality in all aspects, including architectural, construction, material, technology and energy consumption.

The YUL real estate project seems to be quite advanced. Please tell us about these townhouses.

Boasting 2,400 square feet of naturally lit space, the 17 YUL townhouses represent the peak of quality in terms of living conditions. Each unit includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms and two powder rooms. On the ground floor, the Italian kitchen by Scavolini reflects the refinement of this living space. The rooftop terrace is equipped with a complete outdoor kitchen and a lounge area overlooking the city and a private garden. Plus our townhouse residents have access to the communal areas of both highrises.

What are the distinguishing features of the Stanbrooke project?

Located on Stanley Street, this high-end residential highrise building has 19 floors. Chic, elegant and modern, it will house 178 apartments, including studios, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 apartments and 5 1/2 penthouse-like apartments on the 18th floor, as well as a fitness room, a rooftop terrace, a lounge and an indoor parking lot. The unique architectural concept is the work of Montréal company Marco Manini Architecte. It was developed at the American headquarters of the international design and consulting firm Humphreys & Partners Architects. The first residents are expected to be able to move in in July 2018, and work is expected to be completed by September 2018.

Who is it intended for?

Stanbrooke is intended for a wide range of clients: particularly young professionals working downtown and students attending nearby universities, but, in short, anyone who would appreciate a pied-à-terre in downtown Montréal.

YUL Condominiums, one of the largest residential projects in downtown Montréal, has just won the Énergir award for better use of natural gas at the 35th Domus Awards gala. Is environmental responsibility important to you?

For sure. In addition to its contemporary architectural style, innovative design, cutting-edge technological components and high-quality materials, YUL also sets itself apart by its choices concerning energy efficiency, which are admittedly less visible to the naked eye but are just as important to us and to our residents. We innovate and design projects that take sustainable development principles into account. The use of natural gas is aligned with a vision of the future that offers our residents an environmentally sound living space with a focus on comfort.

How do you see Montréal in 10 years, from an economic and social standpoint?

Montréal is a city of the future, whether in technological, economic or social terms. We only need to think of the buzz felt nowadays around artificial intelligence. The city is trying to strengthen its position as one of the world leaders in the sector. The Ville de Montréal and several groups have also deployed efforts to encourage social cohesion and coexistence. Montréal strongly encourages the social inclusion of all people, regardless of whether they’ve grown up here or abroad. I’m living proof! If the past is an indication of the future, then I’m very optimistic for the future.

It’s been said that Montréal ranks among the best cities for millenials. What do you think?

I absolutely agree. What makes Montréal great is all its inhabitants, the people of Montréal—they are the soul of the city. The joie de vivre that defines Montréal is very attractive to millenials. Despite its 375 years, Montréal is still a very young city that sets itself apart internationally through its creativity, innovation, technology, openmindedness and cultural diversity. These are all factors that engage young people today.


Text: Diane Stehle

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