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Chantal Malek: bold strokes

Drawing frequent comparisons to Jean-Paul Riopelle, Chantal Malek has a unique style defined by the signature visual language in her paintings. In all her work, the artist expresses herself through luminous shading, vibrant colours and spontaneous movementtransporting us to her world where colour, textures and abstract landscapes collide. After exhibiting in various galleries across Quebec for several years, the renowned painter and entrepreneur settled in Saint-Sauveur. Galerie Céleste, which she opened more than 20 years ago, now has a storefront on the town’s main street. This welcoming space hosts a range of artwork from an eclectic stable of artists.


Completing a canvas, fulfilling a vision

In a constantly evolving digital world, Chantal Malek’s famous palette knife strokes reveal the rejuvenating power of abstract art. Her canvases depict abstract seabed and forest landscapes that encourage viewers’ imaginations to run wild. The unique movement in her work allows art lovers to invent their own story while contemplating her paintings.


Galerie Céleste

Chantal Malek has shown her work for 30 years in Canada and abroad, with her paintings criss-crossing Quebec before being permanently exhibited at Galerie Céleste in Saint-Sauveur since 2010. At more than 1,500 square feet, this gallery is on par with renowned exhibitions in Europe and North America. The space is aptly named (céleste means heavenly in French), as the serene beauty of the setting creates an unforgettable experience for art lovers travelling to meet the artist.



Owner Chantal Malek has both a masterful command of the palette knife and an entrepreneurial talent and has combined the two for several decades. “It’s a joy to create but also to manage my own gallery. Every day is fun. My secret is a structured creative process.” For Chantal Malek, nothing is more satisfying than meeting visitors and future buyers. “I like to see how people feel when buying my work!”


Art beyond borders

In recent years, Chantal Malek has been featured on the cover of several art magazines. Her works are sought after by collectors who appreciate abstract and semi-figurative art. From England to Lebanon and the Americas, demand for her work is constantly growing within the highly prized circle of the art market. The artist exhibits every year at the Les Plumes gallery in Beirut, Lebanon, and at Anna’s Art Gallery in the Caribbean—a source of pride for the humble Quebec artist.


Now that she has made her mark on the international scene and carved out a prime position for herself in the artistic community, with an established gallery to her name, Chantal Malek takes a tranquil view of the future. She plans on exhibiting again in New York in 2022, discovering emerging artists and enjoying fabulous encounters at the gallery—a dream for the artist who longs only to “continue to talk about art and to feast my eyes on works of art!”



Galerie Céleste

285 Principale Street, Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R0, Canada

Telephone : 450-227-0333


Text: Pascale-Lou Angelillo

Photos: © Angeliki Argyrakos and from the artist

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