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Flyjin and Jatoba: Innovative Japanese-Inspired Restaurants

When restaurant specialists partnered with personalities from Montréal nightlife, they created two ultra trendy restaurants that are rapidly making a place for themselves in the hearts of gourmets. Welcome Flyjin and Jatoba!

Flyjin: two restaurants in one

A dynamic team, a very talented chef, a chic, mysterious location and a hellish atmosphere: these are the ingredients one needs to set the standard for gastronomy and entertainment in Montréal. Nicolas Urli (Restaurant Hà, Jatoba), Alexandre Brosseau (Le Sous-Bois), Marco Benatar (Jatoba), Alexandre Besnard and Patrick Hétu (A5 Management) understood the concept perfectly when they created Flyjin two years ago.


Nestled in a basement in the heart of Old Montréal, this magnificent Asian venue is designed with a unique two-for-one concept: on the one hand you have a restaurant-bar with Asian influences, on the other a festive night club with excellent DJs. The stroke of genius is that neither one sacrifices anything to the other. The menu, from famous chef Antonio Park, melds creativity and originality into subtle flavours. On the stroke of midnight, furniture, lighting, music and even staff undergo a metamorphosis, giving way to a dance floor to welcome night owls. Suddenly we understand why Flyjin’s motto is: Things are not what they seem…



Those who, like Guy Laliberté or Hugh Grant, like to celebrate in an incomparable atmosphere, certainly won’t be missing any of the special events. The next ones are during the Grand Prix on June 5, 6 and 7. Reservations are a must!


1184 Phillips Place, Montréal
514 871-1184


Jatoba: an incomparable gastronomic experience

After the success of Flyjin, the business partners decided to maintain their momentum by opening Jatoba this past January. Located in the former Phillips Lounge in the heart of downtown, this establishment is dedicated to a culinary experience with a Japanese influence. Whether for a business lunch or a late supper with friends, chef Olivier Vigneault imagines extraordinarily refined dishes. This young man, who used to be the co-owner of Yuzu in Québec City, executive chef at Marabout and Miso and chef at Kaizen and Park, is once again proving that he has amazing talent. The menu includes dumplings, albacore or beef tataki, black cod, seafood and other reinvented dishes.


Comfortably installed on the patio under the skyscrapers or seated in the huge dining room with its warm and sophisticated décor, you’ll experience a moment of pure pleasure.



Flyjin and Jatoba both have multifunctional rooms that are large enough for groups at corporate or other special events.


417 St Pierre Street, Montréal
514 564-8881


Text: Diane Stehle

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