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Landry Design Group : a spectacular transformation in L.A.

What was once a traditional Mediterranean-style hillside home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, has been stripped down to the studs and completely reimagined as a striking modern family residence by Canadian architect Richard Landry—founder of Landry Design Group (LDG) and part of Architectural Digest’s AD100 list for many years. The 12,000 square-foot living area was transformed over a two-year period with the collaboration of industry giants Zaha Hadid Architects, Magni Kalman Design (MKD), and Robert E. Truskowski Landscape Architects and Planners.



Presenting brand new ideas in a city renowned for its jaw-dropping homes is second nature to Landry. He believes that innate artistic expression, the refusal to reproduce others’ designs, and an openness to explore both traditional and contemporary concepts is what pushes him to remain avant-garde in the industry.


To take full advantage of the gorgeous Californian landscape and weather, LDG opened up the floor plan significantly. Walls were removed and sliding doors have been inserted throughout for a melding of interior and exterior spaces. Multiple terraces provide sweeping views of the city. A glass-encased infinity pool sits at the rear of the estate, surrounded by Truskowski’s magnificent landscape architecture extending over the almost one-acre property.


Innate artistic expression […] and an openness to explore both traditional and contemporary concepts is what pushes Landry to remain avant-garde in the industry.


The remodel presents softness and fluidity in contrast to the straight lines characteristic of contemporary designs. Curvilinearity is a hallmark of Zaha Hadid’s aesthetic, put into sharp focus by a majestic three-storey feature wall, visible from the front entrance. Lights and shadows dance upon its wavelike surface, gracefully tracing the curve of the main staircase. Qualifying Hadid as one of his favourite architects, Landry describes the sculptural element as “a piece of art,” adding to the homeowners’ substantial collection, which includes works by Anish Kapoor and Enrico Castellani.


All systems, finishes, and built-ins have been entirely replaced. MKD has done an impressive job of tying the project together with unexpected and luxurious interior design elements in every room: Zaha Hadid coffee tables can be found under the living room’s coffered ceilings. In the bathroom, Lalique faucets and a bathtub made of solid quartz catch the eye.


Although it may seem strange to consider a family dynamic in a world-class home, Landry is resolute in his idea that the two are not mutually exclusive: “Kids can learn to respect art, good architecture, good spaces, and still have fun and run around.” Nevertheless, Landry admits that the careful use of durable surfaces and easily washable fabrics, along with designated family areas—including a cinema room, are helpful in maintaining an environment where both adults and children can thrive. Everyone has their own spaces: adults can retreat to the cocktail lounge or the spa, while younger members enjoy time in the playroom.


As a whole, the project is a testament to the camaraderie between the three teams involved. Describing the experience, Landry states: “We all approach the project as a team, where we respect each other’s vision, and we want to work together […] to strengthen that vision. […] It’s all about giving our client the best we can give.”


Text: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Cover: © Roger Davies/OTTO

Portrait: © Erhard Pfeiffer

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