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Latest favourite wines of Philippe Lapeyrie

Philippe Lapeyrie is the head sommelier at the most prestigious wine competition in North America, Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada. He also teaches wine service at the École hôtelière de la Capitale in Quebec City, in addition to being a radio and television commentator and présenter at many conferences. In his guide, Le Lapeyrie 2017, Lapeyrie presents his latest favourites. Here are a few examples.



1- Louis Moreau Chablis Premier Cru Vaulignot, 2015, $30.35, SAQ code: 00480285

When we talk about fine white wines, the Burgundy region is hard to ignore, especially Chablis. This great Chablis—tense, pure and mineral—will make your mouth water. You’ll finish the bottle before you know it!






2- Domaine Vacheron Sancerre, 2015, $36.25, SAQ code: 10523892

Sauvignon Blanc is undoubtedly one of the most popular grape varieties for white wine. The most popular examples often come from Sancerre in France. Domaine Vacheron is a well-known estate producing fresh, appetizing wines that pair perfectly with fish and seafood.








3- E. Guigal Condrieu, 2014, $71.00, SAQ code: 12585894

The E. Guigal estate is a major producer in the Rhône Valley renowned for its Côte-Rôtie and Hermitage wines. This Condrieu is another of its fine wines, with apricot, peach and floral notes. A medium-bodied wine that will delight everyone at the table!




4- Domaine Marcel Deiss Riesling, 2014, $32.50, SAQ code: 11777392

Domaine Marcel Deiss is undeniably one of the best producers in Alsace and makes wonderful wines. This Riesling is no exception. Rich, fruity, lively—a wine to be enjoyed with fine food!







1- Gaja Dragomis, 2011, $86.75, SAQ code: 11212501

Angelo Gaja, undoubtedly one of the best producers in the world, makes exquisite Barolo wines, produced from the Nebbiolo grape variety. These Italian wines are pale, fresh and delicate, with well-defined tannins.







2- Castelgiocondo Brunello-di-Montalcino, 2011, $48.35, SAQ code: 10875185

Brunello wines are fine wines from Tuscany made from the Sangiovese grape variety. These powerful, structured wines will keep for many years in the cellar. They complement grilled meat and wild game perfectly. If you like light wines, abstain!




3- Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet- Sauvignon, 2013, $35.00, SAQ code: 00255513

American Cabernet Sauvignons are well respected and, once you taste a few good ones, it’s easy to understand why. This aromatic, powerful and expressive wine can be counted among the good ones! If you feel like spoiling yourself even more, try the Reserve—it’s absolutely wonderful!







4- Frédéric Magnien Gevrey Chambertin VieillesVignes, 2014, $66.75, SAQ code: 12042574

Pinot Noirs are fine, delicate and refined. Whenconditions are good in a region with the right experience, soil and climate combination, the taste is divine. Burgundy satisfies all these criteria, which is why it produces the best Pinot Noir wines in the world.






Photo: © Julien Faugère

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