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Lauren Berger Collection: the woman behind the luxury brand

LUXE magazine readers are familiar with Lauren Berger Collection, as Ms. Berger has been active in the real estate and hospitality business for a few decades. Her superb properties have been reviewed by LUXE magazine and expert travel guides, and the consensus is unanimous: luxury in the hands of Lauren Berger is an exquisite experience. LUXE magazine met with her for a conversation about herself, her business and her inspirations.

The memorable Lauren Berger

Meeting Ms. Berger is always a pleasure and a promise of fun. Her reputation as New York’s queen of hospitality sums up her undeniable business acumen, but does not begin to describe how lovely a person she is. She is charming, and her presence has star quality: her hair up like Katherine Hepburn, with the petite body of Audrey and her natural refinement. Energetic and warm, Berger would win over the most difficult person. She has a sense of decorum and a sense of humour. It is not uncommon to see her make a spectacular entry with a Bentley, smiling as she dismisses the driver and offers to chauffeur you herself for a bit and take you to one of her favourite places while you converse. By the end of the ride, you will feel the same way about her as everybody else who has ever met her: she is as close as it gets to family.


The philosophy

Lauren Berger has built a professional career on her love for people and caring for them. She puts the same dedication into her luxury hospitality business as she puts into taking care of her family. Being an industry leader takes more than business sense; it takes a deep human quality. Berger feels her greatest business assets are loyalty, honesty and a great sense of responsibility. She feels very strongly about the philosophy at the core of her business approach. Berger speaks of her parents as her primary source of inspiration and is following in their footsteps when it comes to hard work and devotion. She saw them fare through the ups and downs of life, insisting on keeping a beautiful home and comfort in their lifestyle, a source of joy and pride. Lauren has always remembered the fun that luxury brings even when it is made of simple things.Thanks to her education and life experience, Berger runs her business with efficiency, but also with kindness and generosity. This applies to the way she delivers her services to her cherished guests, and the way she treats her partners. She also loves to extend invitations to her guests who cannot afford luxury, simply because she knows the joy it will bring.


“Hospitality has given me the opportunity to be charitable.”

From the hostess to hospitality

Lauren Berger Collection finds its origin in a series of personal events and commitments. Lauren Berger and her husband, oral surgeon Sidney Berger, led quite an exciting life. He was busy with his practice and research, and they travelled a lot and enjoyed having visitors. Lauren quickly developed a reputation as a great hostess. Their places in New York City and on the French Riviera always attracted interesting people, mixing family and royalty. Fine food and wines with friends in a beautiful setting always made for the best of times. Soon, Berger extended her hospitality to her wider circle and began organizing all the details for her husband’s international patients. Her skills had turned into a business, and she was acquiring high-end properties to host guests.


“There is no limitation in what we do: scheduling services, organizing events, ordering from around the world.”

Today, the queen of hospitality manages over 200 luxurious rental properties all over the world. Lauren Berger brings her professionalism and legendary sense of care to each project. LBC has in place a wonderful team of ambassadors who can take the reins and ensure that all a guest’s wishes are addressed. You will find the same standards of hospitality in each of the residences LBC has chosen. The services reflect the gestures Lauren Berger herself would have extended to her intimate circle.

The destinations

In the last nine years, the collection has greatly expanded. Lauren Berger Collection can find you a home on any continent and any island. The geographical coverage is impressive, as it remains committed to offering the same luxury standards wherever you go. The property catalogue rivals an architectural digest. Casa Kimball in the Dominican Republic is a stunner with spectacular design and fantastic views. The Chalet des Sens in Megève is another unique destination LBC offers. Exceptional properties are lined up, with multiple choices for destinations like Saint Barts, Turks and Caicos and Bali, each more beautiful than the last and offering the promise of an idyllic getaway.


Lauren herself resides in New York City and in Westchester. She loves the excitement of the Big Apple and all it has to offer, but cherishes the quiet natural setting of her home in Westchester. The Hamptons is high on her list for a summer retreat out by the sea. But if you want to travel, Lauren herself would advise you to go to France or Italy. There is no sweeter vacation in her memory. Especially the South of France, where she discovered her vocation in hospitality.

Conde Nast Traveler specialist

The impeccable collection of luxury rental properties has been the work of a lifetime. Conde Nast Traveler has recognized Berger’s talent and attention to detail in naming her a top travel specialist. The collection offers superb accommodations all over the world. Decorated with taste, each is unique and meets the high standards all seasoned luxury travellers are looking for. Berger’s interest in design and architecture leaves its imprint on the collection. Her love for warm and relaxing atmospheres finds its expression in each home, individually interpreting the style of international modernity and luxury design.


“I love nothing more than architecture and design. To me it means peace and harmony. i must bring that feeling to my guests so they never feel anywhere but home.”

Berger’s specialty is to respond to all the traveller’s needs and surpass their expectations. LBC’s locations all have prime access to all concierge services and a full staff for organizing special events.

The partners

“We hire so many people in the luxury service industry. It is essential that we trust them completely,” confides Lauren Berger. A firm like LBC cannot function without the certainty that the jet will be arriving on time, that the food will be outstanding, etc.


“Finding good partners means finding people you trust.”

With time and experience, business associations have been created in the property rental industry. LBC is also associated with local agents and businesses internationally. So everywhere you go, Lauren Berger will know where to refer you. A massage? A chauffeur? The best florist or restaurant on the island? Sometimes it is all about a person, sometimes it is all about a place, sometimes it is all about a specialty trade. Lauren Berger’s address book is hard to get into and easy to drop out from. It’s tough, but excellence is maintained.


A number of important associations are in the making: LBC is joining forces with key strategic figures in the luxury business. It seems that the air transportation industry will be at the centre of the new development. LBC will be proudly announce new partners in the spring. For now, Berger is enthusiastic. She speaks of Samia El, Luxe’s President and Editor in Chief, in the warmest terms. The magazine and LBC will find much to share in the future. They have big projects, she tells me. Stay tuned!



Text : Barbara Stehle

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