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Leméac: a timeless bistro

With its friendly atmosphere and classic elegance, Leméac makes a good first impression. A mainstay on Montreal’s stunning Laurier Ouest for the last 20 years, the restaurant was quick to become a hot spot. It attracts a mix of locals, artists, businesspeople, families, friends and lovers who come for classic French fare served and prepared by seasoned professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. Sit down for a delicious experience, elevated by the owners’ all-around good taste.


© Andrée Allard

An authentic and family-friendly ambiance

The visionary restaurateur Émile Saine bought Leméac’s prime location back in 2001. Driven by a passion for quality aesthetics, Saine hired architect Luc Laporte to create a bistro with enduring charm. The two worked tirelessly for over 22 months to create this unique establishment. With a four-season patio, bar and cellar artfully crafted from precious wood, iron and stone, Leméac came to life thanks to the immense talent and fervour of its two site managers. The result? A chic and tasteful Parisian bistro. Émile’s son Maxime, now Leméac’s co-owner, was 17 years old at the time. He helped out with the renovations, but it wasn’t until he spent time working in each position at the restaurant that he discovered his own love of the food service industry. “We’re always on the floor.” The father-son team has a palpable bond, and it’s clear that they care about their team, diners and the food. “Love for the job, consistency and timelessness: that’s the recipe for Leméac’s success.”


© Jimmy Hamelin

You can’t mess with success

When it comes to fine dining, the ingredients and talent are just as important as the floors and tables. With Chef Olivier Belzile leading the teams of kitchen staff, maître d’s and servers, Leméac wins over hundreds of foodies every day. In addition to the set menus and specials, the restaurant offers tartares, steak frites, confits, foies gras and dozens of other brilliantly executed classic dishes. The menu’s breadth and quality are equalled only by the wine list and ambiance. And there are plenty of options for vegetarians, dessert lovers and kids alike. Whether you’re sitting down to brunch, lunch or dinner, you’ll be sure to have a good time. Leméac’s brilliance welcomes, delights and brings together its patrons in an exquisitely elegant and effortlessly charming setting. It’s an experience that is sure to appeal to bistro lovers everywhere.


© Nicolas Bérat

Always coming back for more

Leméac’s popularity has made it one of the cornerstones of Montreal’s food scene. In a city with countless options for fine dining, the daily gastronomic ballet orchestrated by Émile and Maxime has proven their establishment a standout. Whether you’re in the dining room, at the bar or on the patio, the restaurant is a magical backdrop for a meal that engages all five senses. It’s no wonder that diners keep coming back for the signature Leméac experience.


Text: Alexandra Pastena

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