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Montreal: a city brimming with excitement and hospitality

Revered for its stunning urban landscapes and friendly locals, Montreal is a world-class destination for business travel and tourism alike. An attractive metropolis bubbling with culture, it also boasts a thriving hotel and restaurant industry. Amid the hustle and bustle, Montreal is more than a destination—it’s an experience. LUXE met with Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal, to paint a portrait of a city that never stops!

Tourists driven by desire

Thanks to its international visibility, Montreal is a hub for business and entertainment.


At the crossroads of Europe and North America, Montreal is a multifaceted city featuring the best of both worlds. Tourists are keen to experience everything it has to offer. According to Lalumière, “People get just as excited about the city’s festivities as they do professional functions.” Known for its visibility and first-rate reputation, Montreal will play host to 250 business events and several major conventions this summer.


Won over by the “Endless Moments to Share” ad campaigns, Montreal attracts a cosmopolitan clientele from France, the United States and emerging nations who come to do business, have fun and enjoy the city’s simple pleasures. In addition to popular events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Cirque du Soleil and a host of internationally renowned music festivals, the city’s must-see attractions include the Notre-Dame Basilica with its AURA light show and immersive experiences at the Centre PHI and Galeries du Palais’s OASIS.


New permanent installations will also complement artist pop-ups across Montreal, such as the giant ring in the downtown core. It’s forward-thinking art for a forward-thinking city.


In addition to all the can’t-miss events, Montreal is also known for its urban hiking. Start with a stroll through Old Montreal and take in the historic architecture and little restaurants tucked away in Art Deco buildings. Catch a sunset from Saint Joseph’s Oratory before spending the day at Parc Jean-Drapeau with the city skyline as your backdrop. That’s part of the Montreal experience too. Bike paths are also a draw for cyclists, with Montreal ranked as one of the world’s top 10 bike-friendly cities.


The city also prides itself on being young and family-friendly. Tourisme Montréal compiles all of the city’s commercial offerings and tailors its tourism product to ensure optimal appeal. “Toronto is Canada’s downtown, but Montreal is Canada’s playground,” notes Lalumière.



© MU, Ville-Marie, ElMac Gene Pendon (2017) – Photo Olivier Bousquet

© Susan Moss

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© Eva Blue – Tourisme Montréal

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Top-notch hotels and restaurants

The hospitality industry plays a key role in Montreal’s popularity.


A selection of modern, luxury hotels share the spotlight in Old Montreal and the city’s business district, with incredible rooftop terraces overlooking the city and pools that meet the highest standards. There are reputable hotels like the Ritz-Carlton and Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, and more modern establishments like the Monville and the Four Seasons. But there are some incredible new options too, like Humaniti, Montreal’s first Smart Vertical Community™. Known for its bold architecture, it offers residents a place to live, work and play in a luxurious environment that promotes well-being.


© Humaniti Montreal Hotel / Hôtel Humaniti Montréal


“And Montreal is second only to New York when it comes to restaurants per square kilometer.” In addition to its remarkable options for accommodation, Montreal’s dining scene represents 57 different types of cuisine. There’s a range of colourful flavours to choose from. At the elegant Greek tavern Milos, enjoy perfectly prepared seafood and fish while rubbing elbows with Montreal’s A-listers. Get the best that Portugal has to offer at Ferreira, or treat yourself to an authentic Parisian experience at the chic Leméac. If you’re in the mood for fine dining, the Italian restaurant Beatrice is just steps from the Museum of Fine Arts. And if you’re looking for a more casual (but just as delicious) experience, look no further than Joe Beef.


Montreal is a global city—alive and vibrant, brimming with inspiring cultures whose history is showcased through various initiatives.


© Jimmy Hamelin

A city in perfect harmony

A perennial tourist attraction, Montreal is known around the world for its hospitality.


Montreal is a city of business, fine dining, culture and sports that welcomes visitors with open arms. But it’s no secret that tourism can bring challenges, and city officials are working hard to ensure the harmonious cohabitation of visitors and residents. Soon, the city will implement a sustainable destination policy, which will encourage the local population to coexist peacefully with its visitors. In addition, an app will be launched to help everyone understand their CO2emissions, which they can offset directly on the Tourisme Montréal or airport websites.


Montreal is a multidimensional city. It’s a city that says bonjour—inviting and welcoming visitors at every turn, always striving to be an exceptional, harmonious and business-oriented metropolis.


© Geneviève Giguère

© MU, Ville-Marie, ElMac Gene Pendon (2017) – Photo Eva Blue – Tourisme Montréal


Writer: Alexandra Wegliszewski

Cover: © Loïc Romer – Tourisme Montréal

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