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My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser 2: not Your Typical Charity Event

When Linda Smith first heard about the Miriam Foundation over 15 years ago, she knew right away she had to get involved by raising both funds and awareness for the cause. Before long, she introduced Andrew Hops to the organization—together they’ve worked on many events, including the charity’s annual Golf Tournament, and they’ve created My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser. This year, the pair put together part two of this event.

How My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser began

There are a few events that the Miriam Foundation puts on every year, including the Art for Autism and the Golf Tournament. But Smith and Hops knew they could do more to grab people’s attention and raise even more funds. With that in mind, they created My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser – the party was an instant success. “The Miriam Foundation is such a great cause. Even though I don’t have kids who use their facilities, I truly believe the work they do is incredible. It’s really all about the kids and their families,” Hops explains. “They do such great work and they really need our support.”

My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser is a Big Fat Success

Last year, Smith and Hops launched the first annual My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser at Estiatorio Milos. The idea was to throw a fun, casual party, where people could just have a good time. And it worked! With over 200 people in attendance, the event raised $70,000 for the Miriam Foundation. The event this year offers the same experience: a delicious meal à la Milos, music that will make you jump off your chair and an eclectic crowd ideal for mingling and laughing. It’s the perfect recipe to make My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser 2 a blowout event. “We’ve got dancers and drummers. It’s not your typical charity event,” Hops explains. With art being auctioned off and raffle prizes that will let winners dine at Milos restaurants around the globe, My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser 2 is more than just a cocktail party – it’s a great way to let loose, get together with close friends and raise money for a meaningful cause.

What the Miriam Foundation does

The Miriam Foundation provides continued financial support for children and adults with ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and IDs (Intellectual Disability). Raising funds allows them to operate community residences and offer training and educational programs for parents and professionals alike. “One in sixty-six children is diagnosed with some sort of autism in Canada,” Smith says. “These events promote awareness and generate public support for issues that are pervasive in our world today.”


The care and dedication that Linda Smith and Andrew Hops have put into creating this event has made it the talk of the town. Everyone who is anyone knows that the annual My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser is an event that is not to be missed.


Text: Alecs Kakon

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