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Le Parloir – Private Cellars: a private club for wine lovers

To the delight of Montreal’s epicureans and the “epicurious,” Le Parloir–Private Cellars officially opened its doors at 424 Guy St. on October 1st. This new concept, located in the centre of trendy Griffintown, invites members to store, share and consume their own wine in the luxury of reserved cellars.


Open exclusively to members, Le Parloir is a unique place to meet with friends or colleagues and foster relationships around a common interest in wine. “The concept behind Le Parloir–Private Cellars was inspired by my vinicultural travels and by the idea of creating a community centred on the love of wine. Members will be able to deepen their knowledge and passion of wine, while also developing lasting relationships,” says Sandrine Balthazard, founder of Le Parloir and Vice-President, Marketing at Vins Balthazard.



People from various backgrounds and their guests will be able to rub shoulders and enjoy private conversation. “You don’t need to be a great wine connoisseur to come explore this concept,” added Ms. Balthazard. “The cellars were even designed to hold other alcoholic beverages, like Scotch and whisky.”

100- to 600-bottle cellars

The location is a 4,200 square foot former industrial building converted by talented designer Amlyne Phillips and fitted with the latest technology for a modern, intimate controlled-temperature environment. “Membership starts with a 100-bottle cellar, and goes up by segments of 100. We also offer corporate memberships for businesses,” says the young entrepreneur.

Private rooms for exclusive gatherings

Le Parloir opens its doors to members at six in the morning and closes only at two the next morning. The premises are highly secure; members must provide a digital fingerprint in order to enter.



What’s more, members have access to three fully equipped private rooms for hosting friendly gatherings, professional meetings or wine tasting events. A kitchen is also available if they wish to hire a catering service.


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