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Perched in the air – Amidst the silence and the sky


The word skyscraper is forever associated with Utopian cities and their effort to conquer space. The architecture of New York brings to mind this futuristic vision. It evokes science fiction tales, the images of men travelling in flying devices, slaloming between towers, finding pathways in the sky. This landscape of the future dreamt by early modern men, has become part of our contemporary reality. Manhattan incarnates the modern city made of high-rises and fast streets.


Lauren Berger Collection has selected the perfect apartment for a full New York experience. This apartment is on one of the highest floors of a superb high-rise. In a prime location, the building offers exclusive amenities, including a private leisure lounge with a beautiful rooftop patio and a fitness center.


In the midst of Midtown, the beautiful two-bedroom apartment is perched in the air, dominating the city. Its spectacular space spans 1250 sq ft designed to provide the experience of pure luxury. If you have ever dreamed of living in a futuristic building and waking up with a breathtaking view of Times Square, this is the place for you. The experience is memorable and can never be reproduced elsewhere.


The spirit of New York

Times Square is a symbol of New York’s life. The neighborhood bustles with energy. It embodies the entrepreneurial, daring spirit of the city. Corporate headquarters and the fashion district partake in the dynamism of Times Square. At night, the area activity converges to the theater district, one of the cultural Mecca of the world. The city most famous plays and musicals are performed on Broadway to the audience’s delight. Tourists and residents alike gather in front of the theatres waiting under the shining lights. Before and after the play, they will fill up the restaurants, bars and comedy clubs. The streets of Times Square will be fully alive until the end of the night.

The view and the silence

The architecture of New York presents itself in the most unique way viewed from the air. This is true for most cities. We know this instinctively, looking for the perfect elevated spot to enjoy the vista in every metropolis we visit. From high up, we see better; we can fully appreciate the urban density and witness its pace. New York, more than any other city, offers the possibility of being looked at from above. The Empire State Building and the World Trade Center embody the desire New Yorkers have to rise above the ground and occupy observatory points.


Living in a well located high-rise, you will experience New York in the most privileged way. Your view will be private and will rival the best the city has to offer. Lauren Berger Collection’s two-bedroom is located in a soaring 60-story high-rise, a magnificent contemporary building. Every room in the apartment benefits from a mesmerizing view of the Manhattan skyline. The living room and the bedrooms have the most enchanting perspectives, of course.


What is always remarkable in these apartments in the sky is how quiet they are. All the noises of the busy urban traffic are edited out. The view alone remains. It is magical to be able to enjoy it privately in the sound of silence. The bedrooms face the spectacle of Times Square and, to the west, the Hudson River. Falling asleep with the illuminated city at your feet—isn’t that a dream?

Transparency and light

Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the space in natural light. There are no external walls, only transparent partitions with the exterior world. You feel suspended in the clear sky. Nothing around but a peaceful light. The two spacious bedrooms are located at each end of the apartment with their adjacent luxurious bathrooms. The living room and the kitchen are central and equipped with the latest appliances and audio-visual devices.



Dressed in white, cream and blue, the apartment’s decoration and furnishing are perfectly in harmony with the concept of living in the sky. The colors are soft, luminous and fresh. Light reflects off the whites, travels and brushes softly the plush textures of bed covers and sofas. All the wooden surfaces of the cabinets and floors are sleek and smooth. Their deep caramel brown brings an earthy component to the design. The entire apartment is simply beautiful: a world of glass, marble and wood. All the details are exquisitely crafted to create a unique experience of New York City.



Text: Barbara Stehle

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