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PY1 Nights – Seven immersive worlds to discover this summer

Seven fantastic worlds await you this summer in the Old Port of Montréal! Prepare yourself for mind-blowing visuals, local electronic music and unforgettable shared moments.


If you have been to the Clock Tower Pier in the Old Port of Montréal recently, you probably noticed that a strange metal pyramid has appeared. This is the immersive space in which Through the Echoes will be held. This new multimedia show was created by Lune Rouge Entertainment, a Montréal company founded by Guy Laliberté.


Every Friday and Saturday night, the venue will also be the site of the most anticipated parties of the summer. PY1 Nights will catapult you in one of the seven wild and wonderful worlds imagined by Lune Rouge Entertainment.


Lasers, 360-degree projections, special effects, spectacular lighting and theatrical moments: these themed evenings will be a feast for the eyes. In total, more than 70 artists from the local scene will be there each night to get you dancing and to immerse you in the unique visual and musical atmosphere of each of these worlds. To get the full experience, attendees are invited to dress up in accessories and costumes fit for the occasion.


Here is a preview of these seven worlds:

  • Eye Wonder: travel through time and space to witness the birth of the universe
  • Candy World: a wacky world of candy and sweets
  • Astral Plane: a mystical ritual, an odyssey across the limitless universe
  • Underworld: a ravaged planet, a radioactive disaster, an underground world
  • Sci-Matic: a world of scientific codes, programmable futures and minimalistic geometry
  • POP: a world of drawings and colour, a celebration of urban art
  • Taboo: a sensual exploration of human desire


Montréal from June 1.

Through the Echoes: Tickets $28.50–$51.

PY1 Nights: Tickets $20–$25. Buy your tickets in advance. The website also has advice on what to wear to complete your immersive experience.


Text: Diane Stehle

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