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SIRCO: private investigation and protection services

Founded in 1992, SIRCO is now a leading fraud, drug and corruption investigator and top provider of private protection services. The company is very active in Canada while also being involved in major complex cases across the globe. We interviewed Claude Sarrazin, Founding President of SIRCO.

What is SIRCO’s mission?

In a word, to solve problems! (laughs) More seriously, SIRCO offers services related to fraud investigation, problems in the workplace, cybercrime and a number of other situations. We also offer personal and property protection services, ad hoc consultation services, and prevention services designed to reduce risk and losses.

Who are your services for?

Our services are aimed at SMEs, multinational companies, retail businesses, and government agencies. We are present in Canada and around the world, especially in Europe and the Persian Gulf.

How many people work in the company and what kind of experts do you have?

The company employs 120 people from varied backgrounds. Some of our experts come from a police background, others from the computer industry, and others from the surveillance sector. The multidisciplinary nature of our team creates cohesion and helps us find complete solutions.

Can you give us some examples of your achievements?

Because of the nature of our activities, we are bound by professional secrecy. But I can tell you that currently the cannabis legislation is keeping us very busy. More generally, we have recently been involved with organizations that had corruption and collusion problems. We have conducted tailing for thousands of cases related to absenteeism or theft, for example. We also regularly conduct investigations and audits related to cybercrime. As a result of many of our cases, we are also directly or indirectly quoted in the media on a regular basis.

The internet and computer technology now take up a lot of space in our lives. Does cyber security occupy an important place in your activities as a result?

Yes, and we are experiencing a lot of growth in this area of our activities. More and more people are rightly concerned about the security of their data. We tend to feel safe when we surf the web or use other electronic applications, when in fact that is not the case. Currently, one of the major issues for businesses has to do with the security of confidential data, including e-mails, telephone conversations, etc.

SIRCO is present everywhere in the world and participates in large-scale projects. How do you explain your business’s success?

I’m still very much active in the field. I focus on operations and delegate the administrative side of the company. In addition, I’m a member of various international boards in the new technology sector. As a result, I’m involved in issues related to technology and information security. This link between my involvement on the ground and my overall knowledge of the environment puts me in a position to help organizations. Additionally, I’m involved with social groups, including crime prevention groups such as the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime. Nothing beats being in the field, raising awareness among young people.


Text: Diane Stehle

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