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Câble&Son: Smart Home Experts

In recent years, home automation has become the standard in most modern spaces. Whether to meet the needs of individuals or professionals, the applications are numerous. Among them, the field of lighting brings added benefits. We met Philippe Dunberry, Vice President of Client Relationships Development, and Patrick Craig, International Development & Special Projects at Câble&Son to discuss all things home automation. Founded in 2002, today, the company is a leader in integrated residential and commercial technology solutions.

What are some of the services you offer?

We offer high-end intelligent services and solutions for the residential and commercial sectors. This covers lighting control, as well as, motorized window dressings, temperature, safety systems, atmosphere creation, and the maintenance of all the aforementioned technologies.

Briefly, can you describe what you mean by smart solutions?

Smart solutions are about facilitating everyday operations through automated technology.

What are the benefits of integrating intelligent lighting solutions?

Lighting is becoming increasingly important in a property. This system allows you to centralize everything in one place to make life easier for residents. For example, if the main room has six different lighting systems—a fixture above the dining table, four recessed ceiling lights, and a floor lamp—all these zones can be controlled by one single dimmer. To create a scene, simply press a single button instead of manipulating six different switches.

How does home intelligence change our living environment?

It helps you transform your home into a personalized space that suits your lifestyle. By adapting your property to your needs, you improve your comfort and well-being.

What are some examples of applications? 

Imagine you want to take a bath. You click one single switch in order to dim the lights, close your blinds, and turn on soft music. And, this can be repeated in as many settings and as often as you would like, since you’re the one programming it. Another example: you’re on vacation. When you press the “Start” button near your front door, the door will lock and the blinds will automatically lower a few seconds later. Then, when you’re not there, the house will continue lighting up, making it seem as though you’re still home, keeping thieves away. Certain pre-configured lighting arrangements will be set to light up even in your absence. The best part of it all is that you can control everything remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. At Câble&Son, we also offer a concierge service and system maintenance that supports the overall management of your smart home.

Apart from lighting, what else can a smart home do?

Today, homes are smart enough to adapt their behavior to outside temperatures. For example, imagine it is winter and it is minus 20 degrees. You are not at home, but there is sun outside. Your automated system will open the blinds to let the light in and warm the room, rather than raise the temperature, which will allow you to save on heating. In the summer, the opposite may occur. Home automation is used remotely to centralize the management of almost all appliances and systems in your home or other buildings, and that includes everything indoor and outdoor. So you can configure everything according to your preferences: programming the garden sprinklers, and creating your very own home scent. There is no limit to our applications … only your imagination!


Philippe Dunberry, Vice President of Client Relationships Development, and Patrick Craig, International Development & Special Projects at Câble&Son © Sophie Doyon Photographe


Text: Diane Stehle

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