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Nespresso and Toqué!: a successful collaboration

Nespresso is innovating once again. For the first time, the connection between haute cuisine and the exceptional coffee brand results in a new experience for your taste buds that is the Exclusive Selectionrange of two coffees. It was tailor-made for customers of the greatest restaurants in the world.


These two distinctive coffees—Exclusive Selection Nepal Lamjung and Exclusive Selection Kilimanjaro Peaberry—come from unexplored soil: the Himalayan hills in Nepal and the remote slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. They are hidden gems with an exceptional taste for an all-new coffee experience.


For the Toqué! restaurant, the sensory experience that comes with coffee-tasting at the end of the meal has reached another level. “The close collaboration Nespresso has with its farmers and their common effort in ensuring sustainable development and respecting the environment are perfectly in line with the philosophy of Toqué! Sourcing products from quality soil has always been one of my priorities. Nespresso, with its Grands Crus and exceptional quality—from the coffee cherry to the cup—allows me to offer an exceptional coffee that perfectly completes the Toqué! gourmet experience,”says Chef Normand Laprise, owner of Toqué! restaurant and new Nespresso Culinary Ambassador.

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