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The Crosby – Like a designer’s home

You can’t miss the Crosby Street Hotel, between Spring and Prince Streets in SoHo: a large cat sculpture by Botero stands outside the front entrance. It has panache, it sets the tone. Voilà! The Crosby is artsy without taking itself too seriously. And therein lies its charm.

Movie and drinks

People in the know often find their way to the Crosby Hotel on Sunday night for drinks and a movie. The luxury hotel has one of the most beautiful private screening rooms in the city, featuring bright orange Poltrona Frau leather seats, deep purple walls. It is incredibly stylish. 


Before the movie, friends meet at the bar, a beautiful space, colourful and trendy, adorned with art like the rest of the hotel. The cocktails are great, bites delicious and the atmosphere bubbly. Hotel guests and New Yorkers sit side by side, it is hip and relaxing.


During the day, legends of the film world have been spotted there—Todd Haynes amongst them, sitting quietly, in a meeting. The Crosby attracts creative people. They feel at home here. And so it should be; the place is curated with intelligence and flair.


5.Two Bedroom Crosby Suite 1

Two-bedroom Crosby Suite © Simon Brown

Art of living 

Kit Kemp is the design director and part owner, so this is personal to her. There is no other hotel where the art and antique collection feels as omnipresent. You will find artwork in the spacious lobby, in the elevators, in all the bedrooms and event rooms, and in the bathrooms too! You’ll see playful dog art (the hotel is dog-friendly) and more abstract conceptual pieces like the kinetic clock downstairs. The art collection is intricately linked to the feeling of ease and luxury that instantly comes over you. 


One of the most interesting spaces in the hotel is the Drawing Room. A gigantic portrait of a dog named Simone hangs over the fireplace next to a beautiful inlaid Indian cupboard and African sculptures. The modern sofas are deep and set around a table which looks like an ethnic art piece. The room opens onto the sculpture garden, a green paradise. 


Sans titre-48

Crosby Street Hotel Screening Room © Simon Brown

Custom design

The idea of custom design is key for Kit Kemp. No two bedrooms or suites are identical in the hotel. Each expresses a unique sense of luxury, with gorgeous fabrics and furniture selected from around the world. The design choices are as beautiful as they are diverse, as contrasting as they are harmonious. 


The building benefits from a perfect location in a hip neighbourhood. The floor-to-ceiling windows open on amazing views: roof gardens and other urban treasures. The top floors especially benefit from superb light and incredible vistas. This is where the hotel suites are located, each perfectly curated. Stay here, and feel like you are in a designer’s home.


Text: Barbara Stehle

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