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Three new places to discover in Montreal

Looking for fresh new places to satisfy your desire for an excellent drink or a tasty bite? LUXE presents three of its favourite Montreal finds.


After bringing his family’s restaurant, Cafe Gentile, to Westmount four years ago, Anthony Gentile has opened a delicious new project next door. Gentile Pizza Parlour serves New York-style pizza as a response to Montreal’s oversaturated Neapolitan-style scene.


Sixteen-inch pies, good for 2–3 people, are created by pizzaiolo Daniel Krystal from a light and crispy dough that is prepared over four days. A custom Italian electric deck oven works its magic in the 1980s-inspired space, designed by Zébulon Perron.


Every detail has been thoroughly researched, and the ingredients are ultra-fresh. Heartier appetites will enjoy the Brooklyn-style square Sicilian pie, while foodies looking for a more upscale alternative will take pleasure in a selection of individual artisanal pies—served exclusively for in-house dining.


Pies range from $27–$36. Pick-up is recommended for perfectly timed, ready-to-savour perfection. Delivery options are available through DoorDash and Uber Eats, or by calling 514-544-PIES.


© Kevin Mackinnon


To walk through the doors of Caffettiera is to immerse yourself in the Italy of the 1990s: proud, influential, and buzzing with energy. Owner Andreas Vecchio replicates this vibrant mood with ambient music and a display of playful artefacts that reflect the decade. The space—designed by Ménard Dworkind—is unapologetically nostalgic. The coffee is authentic Italian through and through. 


Orders are placed while standing at the bar, in true Italian fashion. Espresso beans are prepared by master roaster Flavio Didonato in Ardea, Rome. The hum of a Vittorio Arduini lever machine enriches the soundscape as espressi and cappucini are brewed and poured. 


The coffee is outstanding on its own, but that should not discourage anyone from pairing it with a freshly made colazione, pastry, or sandwich made in the morning, in limited quantities. Sandwiches are modeled after characters in a typical Italian coffee bar, adding to the stage-like atmosphere.


Patrons can also treat themselves to a glass of low-intervention wine from Bacchus76 or choose a drink from a list of signatureaperitivi curated by Maison Cloakroom’s Jason Lawson. Caffettiera is truly a place to hang your hat anytime of day.


© Ménard Dworkind architecture & design


Experience Café Holt in a whole new way. The Montreal staple has been reborn and relocated to the second floor of the new Holt Renfrew Ogilvy building. The completely redesigned interior by French architecture and design firm Laplace is striking. Warm tones predominate throughout the space, while plush upholstery enhances the elegance of art deco-inspired furniture and brass fixtures.


Chef Yacir Nakhaly is the artist behind the food. His menu is currently made available to take out and enjoy in the comfort of home. Favouring local and sustainable ingredients, Nakhaly presents dishes to suit all tastes and appetites, with options suitable for vegan and vegetarian diners. 


Offerings range from $9–$19 for starters, and from $19–$21 for main courses. Meals can be as simple or as decadent as desired: order the soup of the day followed by a classic Holt cheeseburger, or indulge in crusted bay scallops, as a prelude to the burrata ravioli with smoked butter and sage. Let yourself be surprised as you rediscover Café Holt.




Text: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Cover: © Ménard Dworkind architecture & design

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