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WeWork: Work it!

Founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, WeWork is a workspace sharing network that spans the globe. Designed for the individual freelancer right up to companies with over 500 employees, WeWork takes the stress and guesswork out of running an office. Joining WeWork is much more than accessing a beautiful, functional office space; it’s about creating and joining a community that celebrates life and personal fulfillment.

Welcome to WeWork

WeWork is an international community that serves as a collaborative platform for a vast range of business models including entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as enterprise level established companies. Office spaces are designed to warmly welcome employees from the moment they step through the elevator doors.


Each floor is designed with glass walls, a communal kitchen (stocked with micro-roasted coffee, tea,craft beer and fruit-infused water) as well as spacious unique common areas featuring lamps, desks, chairs, lockable filing cabinets and more. Meeting rooms as well as phone booths for private conversations are also readily available on every floor.


From Sydney to Tokyo, New York to Vancouver, each space is staffed by office managers who are dedicated to making the WeWork experience as exciting and enjoyable as possible! Want to organize a networking event or set up a conference room for a product analysis meeting? The on-site staff is there to help with every foreseeable detail.

It’s all about community

From decision-makers, fashion designers and artists to freelancers, technological entrepreneurs and business owners, the WeWork model attracts those with a vision and the drive to take their enterprise to the next level. Becoming a WeWork member means businesses can focus less on the functional details of an office (leases, furniture, computers, office supplies and adequate space) and devote themselves fully to the pleasure of expanding the quality of their enterprise.


Belonging to the WeWork community comes with all sorts of additional benefits. Members can opt-in to buying items such as computer software at a discounted rate. Each floor’s various common spaces promote conversation, information gathering sharing and networking opportunities. More formal member-driven networking opportunities, wellness activities, wine- tastings, panel discussions and so much more are also available on a daily basis. The sheer variety of members’expertise and personalities of the members in each office drives the dynamic energy of the community’s shared experience.


Members are also connected worldwide through a digital app that enables them to source project partners and business solutions rapidly. Whether it’s legal advice regarding a patent or the search for a qualified project manager, a WeWork survey revealed that seven out of ten members used the application to answer their business needs.


What’s next?

WeWork opened its first location in Canada in Montreal’s iconic Place Ville Marie office tower in the heart of downtown in March 2016. A second Montreal location haswas opened, as well as a location in downtown Toronto and, most recently, in the Burrard station in Vancouver. A second location for Toronto and Vancouver are slated to open at the end of this year and at the beginning of 2018. WeWork sites are chosen based on their city-centrality, in neighbourhoods that feature a high concentration of creative and technological communities. Members also have access to all other workspaces throughout the world when they are travelling.


Driven by demand and the dynamism of the a community-modelled workplace, WeWork will continue to expand its offering all over the globe. Learning opportunities, such aslike courses to increase enhance skill- sets (such as coding) are also on the horizon. As a complementary offering to WeWork, WeLive is also in the works: Private private apartments that have communal access to amenities such as a chef’s kitchen, a yoga studio and a screening room.


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Text: Shauna Hardy

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