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Casa Kimball: sublime residence in the Dominican Republic

A mythical modern luxury house atop a cliff. An absolute beauty where Caribbean magic happens. The northern part of the Dominican Republic hides one of the true gems of luxury living: Casa Kimball. Out of her portfolio of amazing properties, Lauren Berger Collection selected this villa for Luxe Magazine. The house took us beyond our expectations.


Located in a gated community on the pristine north coast of the Dominican Republic, Casa Kimball stands on a cliff out of reach of common mortals. From the brand new Samana Airport, the western roads along the coast offer breathtaking vistas. Landscapes are largely untouched in this part of the island. The fine sandy beaches succeed one another all the way up to Cabrera, where the house is located.


Experiencing modern sublime

The absolutely sublime Casa Kimball overlooks the Atlantic, its beauty matching the regal expanse of the ocean. Three acres of luxuriant tropical vegetation tamed by an army of gardeners surround it. In front of the villa, an elegant infinity pool bridges the gap between sea and sky. A Jacuzzi completes the whole, at the edge of the cliff. From there nobody can see you, but you can see the world. Island living has never been made so luxurious, exclusive and delightful.



The large modern villa once belonged to one of the founders of Google. Rangr Studio conceived it for aesthetic pleasures, leisurely living and bringing people together. The architecture studio worked to create beautiful modernist lines and vast yet light geometrical volumes, then dressed them in wonderful organic materials. The three parts of the villa are oriented to capture the splendor of the outdoors. Casa Kimball combines impeccable perspective lines, elegant materials and sophisticated details.



The house is very cool for such a tropical location. The many French doors invite the wind in and a system of interweaved stones creates architectural screens against the sun. All of the design elements, inside and out, embrace a tropical climate esthetic: local woods and stones, four-poster beds draped in linen. The breeze coming up the hill from the ocean eases the heat of the day and makes the nights lovely in all of the eight rooms with their en suite modern bathrooms. All of the suites open on terraces with stunning views of the Caribbean’s luxuriant vegetation and waters.

Invitation to relaxation

A full trilingual staff makes sure all desires are fulfilled. A concierge is at the guests’ disposal to organize pick up from the airport and facilitate all activities and outings. Anything can be accommodated at home: spa services, Yoga instruction, dance classes, swimming lessons for the children. Your desires will prevail. Kindness and efficiency are always the staff’s philosophy.


When it comes to food, Casa Kimball’s chef prepares the most delicious meals based on local produce and fish. The comfortable bar lounge is typically where it all starts. The bar is the place for appetizers, coffees and drinks. Fresh juices are morning delights; cocktail hour is on a vacation schedule and the barman takes all personal music requests.


Food and drinks can be served anywhere, by the pool, in the lounge or in your room, but the attractive dining room displays an impressive custom designed table for 20. It’s just the spot for fabulous parties! The wooden ceilings and the large pivoting glass doors made of Brazilian hardwood create an elegant framework for the room, which is open on three sides. The dining room offers stunning 270-degree views of the ocean and the pool. An outdoor bar joins the pool and the indoor entertainment and media center. Sip your drink on one of its high stools while enjoying the wonders of the day!

Contemplative places

During the day, the poolside allows for full sun exposure. Nearby, the house’s breezeways offer cooling shade. The three-edged infinity pool, 156 feet long, is stunning and features a particularly enchanting detail: an elegant rectangular platform, detached from the edge and jutting out into the water, serves as a tanning island within the pool. Two long reclining chairs just fit. At night, the sleek plane of the pool becomes luminescent, very inviting for nocturnal swims and volleyball parties.



The hot bubbling Jacuzzi, below the dramatic end of the pool, is right above the cliff facing the open view of the sea. This is a particularly attractive place from which to watch the sunset. Many places at Casa Kimball compete with each other for the title of best spot for contemplation. The roof terrace, a simple minimalist platform, offers a mythical modernist lookout over the Atlantic. With its low edges, the terrace is just barely separated from the expansive open view. Its spareness inspires peace.



The cliff path to one of the three private beaches also leads to a hidden terrace carved out of the rocks. This is the house’s most private terrace. The sun seems to salute you alone on its way up or down. The ideal place to meditate, it is also a testimony to the philosophy embodied by the house: always getting you closer to the magic of the world.


There is something to be treasured about a villa that can offer such heightened connections to the elements. Casa Kimball succeeds in preserving moments where architecture and the world merge to manifest essential beauty and peace.


Text: Barbara Stehle

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