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Ensō yoga – A yoga centre unlike any other

Since it was founded in 2012, ensō yoga has become a must for Montréal’s hot yoga enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the city, this vast 12,000 square foot studio offers a wide variety of classes in a spacious, modern and welcoming environment where every aspect has been carefully considered with a view to fostering concentration and well-being.


As soon as you step inside ensō yoga, you are enveloped in a modern yet warm, spacious yet friendly atmosphere. “I designed the centre’s layout myself,” says André Riley, who co-founded the space with Emily Webster. “We wanted to create an inspiring environment that is easily accessible, where people feel they are welcome. People are often intimidated by traditional yoga centres, or have little affinity for their spiritual aspect. At ensō yoga, we encourage people to connect their mind to movement, while focusing on how their body is working, concentrating and relaxing their muscles,” he adds.

Impeccable cleanliness

The mainly female clientele particularly appreciates the studio’s exemplary cleanliness, which is an asset given that classes take place in rooms heated to 38°C. The centre spares no effort in this respect: the floors and showers are washed after each class, so clients can confidently walk barefoot from the reception area to the practice rooms. Everything has been designed to make coming here an easy and pleasant experience. The locker rooms are equipped with lockers and digital locks (no more padlocks!), elastics and hair dryers, showers with shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as a lounging area with complementary Wi-Fi. All that seriously lightens your load!

Classes for all tastes and levels

The centre offers six different classes, ranging from traditional hot yoga (ensō hot flow) to hot pilates and hot barre. All levels are welcome, including beginners. “Heat helps muscles relax, so even if you’re not very flexible, your muscles will loosen up more easily. Postures can also be modified to suit your level,” specifies the owner. The most popular class is ensō hot barre, a combination of pilates and ballet, whose exercises are designed to chisel and sculpt your muscles while improving stability and posture. As for rates, the centre offers several options and packages, including a monthly pass and individual classes, all of which can be purchased online or at the studio. Try it today and discover the many benefits of hot yoga!


Text: Marie-Claude Ethier


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