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Sol Medical Spa: the business of feeling good

In just five years, Solange Gomes turned a new career into a budding empire. After studying medical aesthetics at the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics and at Académie Idéale, Gomes transformed Sol Medical Spa from a home practice into a popular full-scale clinic at Le Centre du Design in Montreal’s trendy Griffintown neighbourhood.


The Brazil native’s prior decade of experience in fashion management has made her sensitive to the challenges women face in maintaining a healthy self-esteem and positive body image. Her desire to help others feel good about themselves is paramount, and her mission is clear: To provide affordable aesthetic treatment to anyone who wants to have a healthier body, mind and soul.” 


At the age of 17, Gomes immigrated to Montreal for love, in what she describes as a “fairy-tale moment”. She approaches everything with that same passion, surrounding herself with a team who loves what they do in a bright, open environment that exudes comfort.


Growing up, Gomes absorbed a culture of self-care ingrained since childhood. It is not unusual for adolescent girls in Brazil to incorporate weekly body treatments into their routine. Gomes asserts that this practice instills a sense of responsibility for one’s well-being that carries into adulthood. She aims to impart that same love of self to her North American clients.


Women from all walks of life have been loyal to Gomes since the early days, insisting their lives have been transformed. Of her success Gomes states, “My clients come back because my methods work.”


Whether the goal is losing inches, reducing the appearance of cellulite, firming or simply maintaining one’s body, Gomes and her team offer treatments that “make women feel beautiful and happy”.


 Sol Medical Spa’s array of treatments includes dermaplaning, microneedling and light therapy. The most requested service is Brazilian sculpting lymphatic drainage: a procedure that sculpts, melts, drains and tightens, uniting South American and North American methods, with results visible in as little as one session.


An impressive combination of non-invasive tools and techniques is used: lipo cavitation breaks down fat, while ultrasonic vacuum and radio frequency help boost elasticity. Manual massage using wooden rollers and hands consolidates the benefits of this service. In addition to enhancing outer appearance, Sol’s method improves circulation and reduces water retention. Gomes asserts that by adding a weekly visit to a consistent routine of exercise and proper diet, “there is no way you cannot lose inches.”


Gomes has ambitious plans for the company. By spring of 2022, two new clinics will open in Ottawa and Toronto, followed by a second-floor addition to the Montreal Spa to accommodate men. Her long-term vision includes full-service wellness centres delivering procedures such as Botox®, fillers and IPL hair removal in every Canadian city; personalized training for entrepreneurs starting their own medical aesthetics business; an interactive mobile app; and a charity cryptocurrency project.


Says Gomes, “I want to be the catalyst for change in the industry by training and developing people to be their best. I will provide the tools that they need, and encourage my employees’ hopes, dreams, ambitions and opportunities so that we can help our clients feel good about themselves.”



Text: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Photo: © Binaux Lenoir

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