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Located in the heart of Griffintown, Le Richmond has become an essential gastronomic destination for anyone who loves reinvented refined Italian cuisine. Its two visionary owners, Paul Soucie and Luc Laroche, are in the process of adding a unique deluxe grocery store.


As soon as we cross the threshold, Le Richmond welcomes us into a sumptuous theatrical décor that uses period materials in contemporary ways and hints at the extraordinary experienceto come. On top of its exquisite food, the restaurant provides every visitor with the type of experience only available in chic boutique hotels. Unmatched customer service, urbane ambiance, Louis XV chairs and U-shaped central bar: the owners have designed even the smallest details to transform a simple meal into a magical moment.


Paul Soucie and Luc Laroche have been friends since they were four years old. After being co-owners of the legendary Misto restaurant on Mont-Royal Avenue, they melded their respective talents in 2013 to found Le Richmond. Paul, the executive chef, has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant business. He oversees the menu and management of the kitchens, and Luc, the CFO and marketing manager, looks after designing the space and developing the Groupe Richmond’s brand.


“Le Richmond’s menu is inspired by northern Italian cuisine. We focus on fresh ingredients and local seasonal products. We also privately import specialty products from small producers in Italy,” Paul Soucie explained. “Seafood, filet mignon with foie gras and black truffles, and prime rib aged for forty days are some of our specialties, along with dishes designed for sharing,” he added. The desserts, concocted by our pastry chef, are worth stopping in for: classics reinvented with the addition of unexpected ingredients like fennel and squash. “The Maple Brunches we serve on Sundays in March are also very popular,” the co-owner said in conclusion.

A true SME serving major projects

A former industrial space above the restaurant houses the corporate offices of a veritable business. Le Richmond presently has a team of fifteen employees who organize prestigious events every year, including the most sought-after glamour evening of Grand Prix weekend, sponsored by Luxury Retreats.


Last year the luxury travel agent, which is associated with top-of-the-line champagne brand Dom Pérignon, had an Amazon on a magnificent white horse to bid its select guest list welcome. Inside the restaurant, an immense ice sculpture holding a mountain of seafood reigned over the middle of the room, while waitresses dressed for the occasion by a renowned stylist bustled around serving guests.


“To improve access to the restaurant, we set up a 200-vehicle parking lot just for the occasion,” recalls Luc Laroche, to show the lengths to which his team’s energy will take them. This year’s soirée, given how enthusiastic the organizers are, should have everybody talking.


Italian market opening soon

Their innate sense of innovation and branding has led Le Richmond’s owners to add a high-end grocery store. The 6,000-square foot market beside the restaurant is scheduled to open in late May and will offer fine produce, cheese, deli meats and take-out meals. “Clients will be able to savour antipasti and sip a glass of wine in the bistro, buy groceries or purchase ready-to-serve meals.” A drive-through will allow them to buy take-out meals without getting out of their vehicles.


Businesses will not be forgotten, a phase 3 is on its way: the Le Richmond version of a catering company, complementing the other corporate services already available at the restaurant. For cocktail parties or other events, Le Richmond already hosts groups in its magnificent mezzanine for a select apéritif followed by a three- or four-course meal.


It looks like it’s going to be a good spring for the company, which will have over one hundred employees once the market opens. Considering its owners’ talents, this new project is sure to be a success!


Le Richmond
377, rue Richmond
514 508-8749


Text: Diane Stehle

Jennifer, how did you get into the world of beauty? What has been your journey?

I’ve been working in the industry for over twenty years. I’m a trainedestheticianand I started out teaching esthetics at the trade school level.I wanted to change the world (laughing), especially the perception of esthetics in Québec. I wanted to give it more class by improving the level of education and knowledge and including a holistic dimension. I worked very hard to try to modernize the curriculum and bring it to a higher, more complete level.

How did you develop MAX LED technologies?

After my time as a teacher, I decided to start my own business in 2003, with my husband. I’ve always been passionate about the potential benefits of light. I was convinced that you could care for and treat skin, and especially skin problems, with different spectra and wavelengths of light. My own skin is very reactive and sensitive, so I love to deal with problems like rosacea and acne and treat severe burn victims. These cases touch me deeply and I have a strong desire to help people suffering from this type of problem. On a trip to Germany I was lucky enough to meet a photodermatologist who used a laser composed of several wavelengths of light to treat different anomalies. We talked a lot …


When I got home, I started thinking about a device, a technology, that would use all the benefits of the sun without the harmful effects, with all the colour spectra of the rainbow. My husband, who is an engineer, said, “Tell me exactly what you want and I’ll design it.” That’s where MAX LED technologies came from!

You’ve won various awards and received prestigious nominations. Can you tell us about them?

I’ll never forget our first trade show in Orlando, Florida, in 2003, where we won two awards: Most informative booth and Most innovative booth (IECSC). Then, in 2004, we won the Québec Entrepreneurship Competition – Grand prize in the Technological and Technical Innovations category. Then in 2005, at the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Paris, we won the H. Pierantoni Prize for Best Innovation. In 2012, I was nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award and, in 2013, for the F100 Best Women Entrepreneurs in Canada.


Since then we’ve had an excellent reputation internationally, including in the United States, where I spend a lot of time. We’re now in over forty countries around the world, and soon we’ll be in eighty.

So your business is really “Made in Québec”? How many employees do you have?

Totally! We have fifteen employees and three divisions: Sisu Innovations (MAX LED), Bella Clinique and JB Skin Consultations.

Tell me about the technology and its benefits. It’s not a laser?

No, it isn’t a laser. I absolutely wanted to develop something that was 100% safe for all ages and skin types (especially reactive and problem skin), all ethnic groups and all phototypes, from very pale to very dark. The technology isn’t ionizing, so it’s very safe and non mutagenic. MAX LED was the first technology to provide multiple spectra to treat the skin in depth. Visible results include increased skin vitality, skin that looks healthier and younger, soothing general redness and acne, and decreases in fine lines wrinkles and photoaging.

How many treatments does it take to see results? Do they last?

Often, you see results after just one treatment. The skin is already clearer, more even and more beautiful. For me the first treatment is always the “discovery” treatment where I see what state the skin is in. One effect of our treatment is to stimulate production of natural collagen, so the beneficial effects can last up to nine months. For optimal effects, we six treatments for scientifically proven cumulative benefits and then single treatments when needed. For acne, for example, the ideal is twelve treatments.

What’s different about MAX LED technologies?

It’s a holistic approach to beauty. Because of my experience in integral esthetics, I see the skin as a whole. It’s a vital organ, the largest of all, and I am very concerned first for the person. Skin reflects what is going on inside a person. That’s why I ask lots of questions about my clients’ lifestyles, like their diet, their recreational activities, their moods, etc. It’s of prime importance for me to take all this into account and to care for them as a whole.


How did you become the “Skin Guru” to the Hollywood stars?

During my travels and speaking engagements, I met a dermatologist from Beverly Hills and “the rest is history”, as they say! After I explained what makes our technology different, I left him a machine for a two-week trial. He called me three days later to say that he wanted to buy it right away! My clientele includes internationally famous celebrities, VIPs and politicians. That being said, I also have a very diversified clientele.

What is your greatest success?

Apart from professional recognition and the awards we’ve won over the years, it’s the final results and their quality that I’m most proud of. The stories of my clients, especially those who had major problems and that I managed to treat, touch me deeply. When a client tells me that I’ve changed her life in a drastically positive way, I’m very proud and, especially, very honoured. For example, I treat women who’ve been treated for breast cancer and whose skin is damaged. The results after treatments with MAX LED technologies are extraordinary, and even physicians are surprised by the quality of the skin.

What does beauty mean to you?

For me, beauty is a whole. It is the reflection of a number of factors and is far more than just physical. True beauty reflects a state of grace, wellness and peace.

With your expertise, what advice would you give women?

To be authentic, to be themselves, to not compare themselves to anyone else. We need to show solidarity and to avoid judging and criticizing ourselves and others. To find solutions and to act instead of complaining. Most of all, to follow their passions, to dare and to achieve their dreams.

Jennifer, you speak all over the world. I want to emphasize the extent of your work, your leadership and your contribution to the world of beauty and du wellness. It’s high time for Québec to discover you and make you a prophet in your own country!

Thank you. I have exceptional clients in Québec. I’ve also been lucky that journalists, beauty editors and celebrities from here speak well of me and of our treatments. Also, I’ll be speaking for the first time in Montréal at Esthétique Spa International this September.


The first time and very certainly not the last. A huge thanks to Jennifer for this interview, and keep up the good work!


Text: Nadia Sofia Segato

Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia,the Middle East: painter Sylvain Tremblay has exhibited his work on almost every continent. Since 2012, although based in Dubai,where he teaches the history of modern art at the Canadian University, he lives and works between Beijing and Montréal. Meet an internationally successful Québec artist.


His paintings of tapered, almost sculptural silhouettes on a bright background are immediately recognizable. “I play with relief to suggest that the person is stepping out from the environment of the painting. The mirror effect caused by the varnish makes the spectator into an integral part of the picture,” Sylvain Tremblay said.


Inspired by Antoni Tàpies, the artist includes various elements like cement,metal, sand or electricalcables.“I work with materials that represent my location. Since I spend several months of the year in Dubai, I use a lot of sand and black pigments that refer to the desert and to oil,” he explained.


The painter is also allows influenced by the culture of the countries he visits. Thus in 2010, after two years in China, he became enamoured of calligraphy and briefly abandoned painting figures for abstract art. Sylvain even took a course with a renowned master to learn this ancestral technique. It had a direct effect on his work. “Chinese who practice calligraphy repeat the same gesture a multitude of times. When the gesture becomes automatic, thought becomes part of the gesture. I used to start a figure and then add colour. Now, I start with the general movement and then add the figure.”

From Illustration to Painting

Sylvain has always had a passion for painting. When he was seven his grandmother, to whom he was very close and who had obviously seen him as a worthy inheritor of her artistic sensibility, left him her paint brushes, tubes of paint and books about painting. The little boy already dreamed of becoming a great painter, and like his grandmother he taught himself from books. He had his first exhibit at 16, in a bank. Next he studied graphic design. “I didn’t think you could make a living from painting,” he explained. For a number of years he worked as an illustrator but spent all his spare time on his passion. Then his dream caught up with him in 2002. A company contacted him and asked him to create a 3D jigsaw puzzle. Several thousand copies were sold. A few months later, Rogers Telecommunications asked him to design a character for the brand 7Up. This was also an immediate success, and at 34 Sylvain finally had the means to devote himself entirely to painting.


He was very rapidly noticed in a number of international competitions, including the sixth Contemporary Art Fair in Zurich, in 2004, where he won first prize. In 2005 he participated in the second Beijing International Art Biennale and exhibited his paintings in well-known galleries in Canada, Europe and the United States. It was the start of an international career.

A Peripatetic Painter

Although deeply attached to Québec, Sylvain has always loved to travel. In 2010, while visiting Shanghai for the Universal Exposition where he was exhibiting a painting, he was immediately seduced by the country’s energy. “There was a renewal in art history going on, and I wanted a front-row seat.” That’s all he needed to want to move there. The adventure lasted two years. Shortly after he returned to Montréal in 2012, the Canadian University in Dubai invited him to the city for three months to produce a painting. This collaboration is still going on. “I give one theory course and one practical course two days a week. I’ve gone from 6 to 240 students and I’ve had to train 4 professors! It’s really very inspiring.”


The rest of the time, Sylvain does research in his workshop and participates in live painting projects such as the 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Art Hub in Abu Dhabi and the launch of the new Ferrari California T. Most important of all, last May he created the event by painting a giant portrait of Sheikh Zayed. It’s an oversized project as befits a country where the maddest, most oversized initiatives come true.


This summer, his Arabian adventure will be over, but the painter is already dreaming of another destination and of many other projects. To be continued.


Text: Diane Stehle

From June 1 to 7, the Ferreira Café is offering you a week of glamorous gastronomic and musical festivities. Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars!

June 1: 6th Ferreira Garden Party

The Ferreira Café continues its summer tradition by holding its not-to-be-missed Garden Party for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.


For a sixth consecutive year, epicures will assemble in the Portuguese restaurant’s alley, transformed for the occasion into a luxurious garden. On the menu: Signature morsels, raw food bar and mixed grill, accompanied by the lively rhythms of a talented D.J.


The owner of the Ferreira Café, Carlos Ferreira, is pleased to continue his support for a cause that is dear to his heart, sick children. This year’s target is $100,000. Come one, come all!


June 1, 2015, at 7:00 p.m.
Ticket: $275 (tax receipt for $200)

June 2: Soirée Wine Night

A bottle of wine at 50% off the regular price to accompany an unusual culinary experience straight from Portugal: this is what you can get at the Ferreira Café every Tuesday evening. It’s a wonderful opportunity to discover well-known wines at a modest price!

June 3: Champagne and Seafood Night

Overload your taste buds with seafood delights straight from Portugal and take advantage of a special price for bottles of champagne.

June 4 to 7: Formula PEEL

Peel Street is revving up! Discover Ferreira’s private lounge or eat in the restaurant. You’ll have a front-row seat for all the energy and magic of the Grand Prix!


Reservations required.


For information or to make a reservation: 514 848-0988
Reservations for 20 or more: Cristina Garcia 514 848-0988 


Ferreira Café
1446 Peel Street, Montréal