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When you entrust Nordsouth Intérieurs with decorating your house you are allowing yourself to inhabit an environment that is a perfect combination of imagination, elegance and glamour. That’s the gift that the owners of a condominium in the seaside resort of Boca Raton, a haven of peace barely an hour outside Miami, gave themselves.


“My clients had had a look at some of what I had accomplished in other places on the pages of Luxe. They wanted to meet me to discuss decorating their oceanfront apartment,” explained Stéphane Fréchette who, with Robert Sauvé, founded Nordsouth intérieurs in Montréal in 1989. Both are internationally famous designers who have worked on numerous major projects in Canada, the United States and Europe.


“It didn’t take my clients and me long to see that we were on the same wavelength. I’m not ‘trendy.’ My challenge is to find my clients’ style, whatever it is. For this project they were seduced, as am I, by noble materials: wood, leather, stone, glass, marble. They were interested in everything I suggested and they trusted me entirely. That is a privilege,” Mr. Fréchette added.


The designer felt that, “the space lent itself completely to what the Cavalli Visionnaire collection has to offer.” This unique, modern brand has quickly conquered the international luxury design market. It’s a collection that adapts admirably to the requirements of “bespoke” design and allows designers to find unique solutions.


Ipe Cavalli was created in 1959 and has evolved over the years, but it has always concentrated on its signature  quality: luxury. Not at any price: the furniture and lighting in the Visionnaire collection are designed for comfort and innovation using leading-edge technology. The result: sophisticated, elegant interiors. Like the apartment we are discovering today: sophisticated with a touch of simplicity, just like its owners.


This apartment has an unbeatable view of the Atlantic Ocean. “That’s what inspired me to go with a sparse style,” Stéphane Fréchette explained. A number of works of art decorate the light-filled space, some of them provided by the designer. “My resolutely eclectic taste allowed me to retain some of my clients’ furniture, and it fit right in with the furnishings and lighting from the Visionnaire collection.”


As is often the case, Stéphane Fréchette immediately chose monochrome colours and pale tones. All the floors are white, taupe or griege marble. “I like floors that unite the entire living space because they make it seem larger,” he stated. The woollen rugs were made to order in India. All the doors in the apartment, whether lacquered wood or  stainless steel, were custom-made in Italy. The living room and dining room have walls panelled in carved quartz and share an open space. A large bookcase with a gigantic Buddha in its centre takes up one whole wall and creates a family atmosphere. The superb sofa and two greige armchairs are separated by a low marble table with polished stainless steel legs, the nec plus ultra of  metallic finishes. The dining room table has a marble top resting on Murano glass legs and is definitely one of the showpieces of the apartment.



The lamps, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and torchieres scattered throughout the apartment are also from the Visionnaire collection. Several are made from stainless steel links and Swarovski crystals, giving them an unrivalled touch of art deco elegance.



In the bedroom a magnificent braided headboard made from wide bands of white leather unites the two single beds. The bedside tables hold lamps bearing the Visionnaire crest (a large oval). The second bedroom, which has been transformed into an office, has the same sparse style as the master bedroom.


The apartment has three bathrooms: a spectacular powder-room with stainless steel walls, the lady of the house’s bathroom with white glass walls and a bathtub (Italian, of course!) under a magnificent stained glass window, and the gentleman of the house’s bathroom with walnut cabinets.



Each individual room and piece of furniture would make a good subject for an article. Stéphane Fréchette’s clients are so satisfied that they have hired him to decorate their main residence. That says it all.


Stéphane Fréchette and Robert Sauvé are the founders of Nordsouth Intérieurs, which offers interior design services for the commercial and residential sector, furniture, lighting, accessories and an art gallery. For several years they have also had locations in Florida and Mexico. They are presenting the Ipe Cavalli Visionnaire Collection in Montréal in an exclusive gallery space in Union Square.


Montréal :
8128, boulevard Décarie Montréal (Québec)  H4P 2S8
514 288-1292


Miami :
16600 N.W. 54th Avenue suite 6, Miami Gardens, Floride USA 33014
305 621-0110 ou 305 205-5958


Puerto Vallarta :
Avalon #806 Gardenia 248. Col Amapas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48399
011-521-322-110-1022 ou 305 205-5958


Text: Renée Senneville
Photos: Kevin Lawson

September 3 was the date of the seventh Notte in Bianco benefit organised by the Guzzo family for the Guzzo Environment-Cancer Research Chair at the Université de Montréal. For the occasion, Maria and Vincent Guzzo, owners of the Guzzo movie theatres, welcomed 400 guests into their home. LUXE spoke to Maria Guzzo.

Where did you get the idea to create the Environment-Cancer Research Chair?

We were approached by an internationally famous researcher, Jack Siemiatycki. My husband’s parents beat cancer and I’ve always had it in my head that I should do something to fight this terrible illness. But I wanted to concentrate on prevention. The foundation was born in 2007. Its goal is to amass a maximum of scientific evidence to clearly show the impact of our environment, especially the milieu we live in and our lifestyle, on the risk of developing any type of cancer.

Everyone has to wear white to Notte in Bianco. Where did you get this idea?

We love to go to the Hamptons, near New York, and one day we were invited to a party organised by Puff Daddy, the American singer and producer. Everyone had to come dressed in white. We were very taken with the idea and we copied it. White is also a symbol of purity and serenity, and that matches the spirit of our event.

Do some of your guests have trouble finding the right thing to wear?

No, because I become a consulting stylist for the occasion and give them the right addresses!

You organise the evening. How long do you spend on preparing for the event?

My husband and I created this event together, but I do all the organising. Since 80% of our guests come back each year, I have to start thinking about next year’s event even before this year’s is finished. The hardest thing is finding a concept, because even if I sometimes get ideas from my husband (laughing), usually I have to come up with everything myself. This evening really is one woman’s vision! Happily, I can count on help from my partners for the evening, like UB Media, Moët & Chandon, the SAQ, Buonanotte and Christian Dior.

Can we call this 7th edition another success?

Yes, indeed! We raised around $300,000 with a silent auction of portraits of personalities from Québec, including Vincenzo Guzzo (laughing), Jean Chrétien, Sugar Sammy, Julie du Page, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Éric Salvail, Ginette Reno, Fabienne Larouche, Marie-Mai, Alain Lefèvre, Maxim Roy, Gilbert Sicotte and Antoine Bertrand. All the profits will go to the Jewish General Hospital and the Montreal Children’s Hospital, besides supporting research at the Université de Montréal. It was a magical evening. This year, Jean Chrétien, the former Prime Minister of Canada, delighted us by being our Honourary Patron. During the evening, Ginette Reno and Taylor Dane gave stunning musical performances. I think that this 7th edition was an even bigger success than the others.

So you’ll be back next year?

Yes! I want to keep this tradition going for a long time yet. Then I’ll hand the reins to my daughter, I hope… She’s only three, but she helped me prepare the gift bags for the guests and she’s my main fashion inspiration! So there’ll be someone to take over from me!



Text: Diane Stehle

Photos: Egide Photo

Versace. Hermès. Vuitton. Bulgari. All these names remind aficionados of ultra-prestigious brands that exclusiveness has a price. The world of automobiles is no different. LUXE presents its choice of super-performance vehicles.

1st place: Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

The Veneno Roadster, launched by Lamborghini to celebrate its 50th anniversary, takes the top spot for extravagance. For $4.6 million you can get behind the wheel of one of the nine examples assembled by the manufacturer in 2014. Another possibility: the new Huracán LP 610-4.


Under the hood: 750 HP
Top speed: 355 km/hr.
0-100 km/hr.: 2.9 seconds

2nd place : Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Just as powerful but not quite as rare, the Bugatti Veyron drew our attention. Since its launch in 2009, the brand that Volkswagen’s Ferdinand Piech breathed new life into has assembled about 40 of these fabulous cars. The price varies depending on the model from $1.7 up to $2 million US for the 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. Other possibility: none. Bugatti does nothing by halves.


Under the hood: 1001 HP
Top speed: 407 km/hr.
0-100 km/hr.: 2.5 seconds


3rd place : Ferrari LaFerrari

The mythic brand with the prancing horse invites us to spare a glance for Ferrari and its LaFerrari model in particular. After it was launched at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show, the Italian maker’s 499 cars, 120 of which were produced for the American market, all found takers for a price of around $1.7 million. By combining an 800-HP V12 engine with an 163-HP electric engine, Ferrari wanted to demonstrate the potential of hybrid technology in terms of performance. Other possibility: why not the new Ferrari 458 Speciale A, unveiled this year at the 2014 Paris Mondial de l’automobile?


Under the hood: 963 HP
Top speed: 350 km/hr.
0-100 km/hr.: under 3 seconds


4th place : Mclaren P1

Each year for over 60 years, Pebble Beach, California, has been home to one of the most crowded society events for lovers of high-end classic cars: the Concours d’Elegance. For McLaren, it was the perfect spot to  unveil a vehicle that was the complete opposite: the P1. According to this company from the United Kingdom, the 375 cars that left the assembly plant were all sold in a few months. The crowning glory, if we have to choose, is a technology that makes it the first hybrid supercar in the world. Note that McLaren was only asking about $1 million US. Other possibility: about a quarter of the price will give you the new 650S.


Under the hood: 903 HP
Top speed: 350 km/hr.
0-100 km/hr.: 2.8 seconds

5th position : Porsche 918 Spydre

Why 918? That’s the number of owners who will be lucky enough to drive a Porsche 918 Spyder. As with the LaFerrari and McLaren P1, the builder’s engineers chose a hybrid engine. The difference is that they added to the 609-HP V8 two electric engines with a total power of 285 HP. One is over the front axle, the other over the rear axle. Despite a starting price of $845,000 US, the order book is full. Other possibility: certainly a 911, all models taken together.


Under the hood: 893 HP
Top speed: 345 km/hr.
0-100 km/hr.: 2.6 seconds



Text: Jean-Pierre Bouchard